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What is Grade A Weed?

On the AAAAA marijuana rating scale, a single A is the lowest ranking, and thus something which nearly everyone will tell you to avoid. Since the common belief is that Grade A often involves such low quality buds which aren’t even worth your spare change.

However, that is not true. While certainly on the low, low, low, end of the spectrum, A grade weed is still better than no weed at all, and can certainly get you feeling a bit better than what you were feeling.

Grade A weed is generally cheaper than all other grades and differs from them in looks as well as quality. Consisting of stems and smaller, brown colored buds, the weed can often be used to relax for a short while or experience a short lived high. But at the same time, it often comes with severe side effects like headaches and dizziness.

Often, dispensaries look to sell off used cannabis buds by labeling them A grade. What this means is that while the bud looks intact, it has in fact been used to create a tincture or extract, and is now totally empty. And while you may be able to burn it, there will be no effect.

As a result, we too would recommend that you not purchase such low quality weed, since it is a totally unrealistic representation of what high quality weed looks and feels like. Even if you have budget constraints, it is always better to save up and purchase from the AA or AAA grade, or order from a place (like us!) which is offering discounts.

Our Top Selling A Weed Strains

Due to their low quality and prices, many online weed dispensaries simply refuse to stock Grade A weed, or try to sell off empty flower corpses disguised as grade A weed. As a result, finding good quality weed in this category is a tough task indeed.

The weed itself tends to be brownish in color, with smaller buds and stems, with a weaker smell and low THC levels. While you can smoke grade A weed, many people will advise you not to, since the high is short lived and not intense. Additionally, many online dispensaries might sell you an empty corpse or a bad flower, which simply cannot be smoked at all.

At BMWO however, we have strict quality standards, and all of our flowers are carefully graded and curated. Our grade A weed features two different strains, both of which have been highly rated by our customers. And while their quality isn’t very good, they still provide people with the light buzz they need to relax after a busy day. Out top selling grade A weed strains are:

  • King’s Kush
  • Ortega

A vs. AA Weed

Out of all the grades in the AAAA scale, these two are the most confusing ones. More so since both of them are on the cheaper and lower end of the scale, with few differences in their looks and smell.

Both AA and A grade weed tend to be brown in color, have almost no colorful trichomes to be spotted, and have weak and less pungent smells. But in terms of THC, grade AA clearly has greater levels and hence proves to be more potent than grade A, and will often provide you with a nice high which can last for hours on end and truly help you relax and recharge.

On the other hand, grade A clearly has lower amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes, and can last for significantly lower amounts of time. But the fact does remain that grade A is significantly cheaper than AA, and more suited to be used just before bed, since it will give you that nice buzz you need to relax after a long day and fall asleep.

The Best Cheap Weed in Canada

If you are looking for some cheap weed due to financial restraints, or for any other reason, the cheapest choice which you can make is grade A quality weed. The lowest grade on the AAAA scale, grade A weed is the cheapest there is in the market, but unfortunately, is also the lowest quality.

Consisting of smaller, brown colored buds, with stems attached and sparse amounts of trichome crystals, grade A weed burns to produce a very light aroma. The THC and CBD levels of this weed are very low, and hence the high is short lived. But many people do search for this quality weed to smoke at nights, and which will help them fall asleep.

Due to its low quality, not many dispensaries have grade A weed available. Many dispensaries also try to sell flower corpses (flowers which have been used to make concentrates) or bad flowers in this category, both of which do not burn at all and are totally useless.

However, at Buy My Weed Online, we understand that different people have different needs, and store all grades and kinds of weed. Our grade A category features two different strains, both of which have been very highly rated by many satisfied customers. Simply go through our reviews sections before deciding which low priced, good quality strain you want to purchase.