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Buy AAAA-Grade Weed Online

Where can you find grade-AAAA weed in Canada? Look no further than Buy My Weed Online. We offer a wide assortment of this top tier cannabis in a variety of forms including flower, oils, edibles, and more. You’ll see our products exclusively marked with the AAAA grade next to the cannabis names. Read on to find out more about this grade of weed.

What’s the Difference?

Cannabis is typically rated on a scale ranging from A – AAAAA weed in Canada. The fewer number of A’s indicates a lower quality or less potent strain.
For instance, Grade A weed is often considered ditch weed because it is made up of both bud and stems and has weaker impact. Weed that is graded AA is considered a decent quality cannabis. You can typically identify this weed by its appearance which will be slightly greener and thinner, with a fair amount of stems. Then there’s AAA-grade weed which is a popular starting standard for many marijuana dispensaries. It will look more robust and colorful and have more trichome crystals which make it a stronger crop for producing great effects.
At an even higher quality, there is AAAA weed. Canada residents who choose this level cannabis are getting a top-shelf product. It is strong in odor and vibrant in color and has many trichome crystals present. These crystals are packed with cannabinoids like CBD and THC which make this level of weed extremely potent and effective for users.

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