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Buy Weed Online: Grade AAAAA Strains

Looking for Quality When You Buy Weed Online

We’ll say it over and over again, not all weed is made alike. And we’re not just referring to the forms and types of cannabis you’re getting into. As you dabble into different buds, concentrates, extracts and everything in between, take a step back and check that you have the highest quality cannabis when you buy weed online. This starts with looking at where it falls on the grading scale. At Buy My Weed Online, we have a vast collection of strains that offer a range of potency levels and hold specific properties. Explore our premium quality cannabis products below and our helpful guide on how cannabis quality is graded and what to look for when you buy weed online.

What’s the Grading Scale for Cannabis?

When you buy weed online, you will notice that a product may be graded with a certain amount of A’s. But what do these A’s even mean? The amount of A’s given to a certain strain of cannabis reflects a combination of factors the weed holds including quality and potency effects. Because there has to be a system in place for quality control, a grading scale was developed to ensure users are getting quality weed. The grading scale goes from “A” to “AAAAA” – the higher the grade the more guarantee that your weed has been cultivated using only the best standards and methods. This means it’s been checked for structural integrity and pureness in its strains (as in, no mold is seen growing on the plant and it does not have poor structure). Theoretically, when a strain has been graded with a greater amount of A’s, it means it is more potent because of its purity and ability to uphold its properties.

Characteristics and Qualities Buy My Weed Online Checks For

At Buy My Weed, we understand that customers shouldn’t been responsible for assessing the quality of the product they buy—that’s our job. We work closely with our growers to ensure that the end product our customers are getting is only the best. Some characteristics and qualities we look out for in our plants when we work with our producers include a pungent aroma, no mold or defect, a sticky feel that indicates a higher trichome presence and a glassy appearance indicative that there is an abundance of trichomes within the plant. We also test our weed out first-hand to make sure there a powdery, white ash that results from smoking it and that there are no harsh effects experienced in the throat when smoked or vaporized.

Buy Weed Online the Way You Prefer

Buy My Weed has a range of strains available. From Grade AA for more subtle effects of weed to Grade AAAAA-level potency, we’ve got it all. Browse our selection of top-quality cannabis products and experience weed the way you prefer.

When you buy weed online with Buy My Weed Online, you know you’re getting only the best strains that have been checked for quality and integrity during the entire cultivation and production process.