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While nearly everyone loves Christmas, the holiday season can get quite stressful. 

Especially if you are out buying gifts at the last minute for your friends and family. 

Finding the right gift for a loved one with a traditional hobby, such as cooking, painting or crafting can be difficult, but it is nothing compared to finding someone who has a niche interest – like cannabis.

So what do you get someone who loves weed more than anything else? How do you decide if something is as good as people say it is? And most importantly, how do you do so if you’re not a cannabis expert or user?

Worry not, for we are just about to answer all these questions. 

You see, because of legalization, today there are much better and more thoughtful options available than the poorly made glass bongs and cheap papers you used to buy from gas stations.

So if you too are looking for the best stoner gifts for this holiday season, you are in the right place. 

Here are this season’s hottest cannabis accessories that make the perfect stoner gifts!

1.Grind Master Cap with Dabber

A premium quality grinder is something which every weed lover needs in his cannabis kit. Available in 7 different colors, Grind Master is a 4 piece herb grinder and is perfect for nearly all kinds of situations.

With a high quality aluminum metal grinder and a separate cap for catching kief, the product was made to last. And it’s small 1 ⅝’ size makes it the perfect portable grinder to be taken on trips and vacations as well.

2. Black Raw Single Wide Rolling Papers

While there are many different ways to smoke cannabis, the classic, and also the most fun, way is by rolling a joint. As a result, this is perhaps the best gift you could ever give someone. 

And a 100 leaf pack of these classic, black colored, natural and unrefined is something nearly every weed enthusiast would love. Why, because they’re taste free, not too thick or too thin, effective, a nice color, and best of all, available under $10.

3. Raw Classic Single Wide Rolling Papers

If you are looking for the best, 100% natural rolling papers in the market, you won’t find better quality than Raws Classic Single Wide Rolling Papers.

Gum flavored, these brown hued papers are made with a natural vegan blend of unbleached fibers, and hence always offer a smoother burn than many you would find at this price. Once again, available for under $10, this pack of rolling papers can serve as the perfect Christmas gift for all regular smokers.

4. Hawaiian Skunk Rolling Papers

However, if you know that the person you’ll be gifting to likes skunky, high THC indica dominant strains, you might do better with Hawaiian Skunk rolling papers.

These extra thin, high quality rolling papers have a sweet, hawaiian taste, and burn quite slowly and evenly.

5. Airistech Herbva Nokiva – Portable Vaporizer

If you don’t feel like gifting rolling papers, or if your loved one prefers a vaporizer, believe us, you won’t find better quality and design at this price in the entire market.

Compact and discreet, this jet black colored has a ceramic chamber to vaporize your weed at a consistent temperature for as long as you want. The vape features a battery powered OLED display, which keeps the user informed of the current temperature, the desired temperature, the battery level, and even the mode at which you are smoking. With a 2200mAh battery, two different mouthpieces, and even a carrying pouch, the Herbva Nokiva – Portable Vaporizer is nothing short of the perfect stoner gift for Christmas 2020. And for just $75 too.

5. LINX Blaze

If you’re in the market for something more premium, the Blaze Concentrate Vaporizer by LINX Vapor is the accessory for you. 

This compact, stainless steel vaporizer has been built to last, and is perhaps the strongest one available in the market right now. 

With 4 different power settings, Blaze was the first vape to contain an in-laid heating full quartz atomizer with an extra large ceramic plate atomizer. As a result, the vaporizer produces unrivalled vapor, and brings out an incredible flavor, enough to fulfill a weed lover’s wildest dreams.

6.  Linx Gaia Loose Leaf Vaporizer

If you are in the market to spend some serious cash, and perhaps give the perfect gift to a loved one, you will not find a better designed or more dependable vape than the Linx Gaia Loose Leaf Vaporizer.

A bit more expensive than most vapes, the Linx Gaia is an example of perfect craftsmanship. With a magnetic cap and tool, and a vertically brushed metal casing, the vape is perhaps the most elegant product in the market. 

With a 22mAH battery, and an all quartz heating chamber which uses 100% air instead of synthetic materials, Gaia provides a full and healthy flavor, and a vapor like none other. In fact, this is such a premium and high quality product, that it is simply impossible not to fall in love with.

7. V12 Ceramic Twisty Glass Blunt

Different people have different likes, and if you are friends with someone who prefers glass blunts, why not gift them a new one this Christmas. 

The V12 Ceramic Twisty Glass Blunt is a rather new and innovative design, and can easily pack up to 1.5 grams of your favorite weed. It’s twisty screw controls make using the blunt quite easy, and efficient to clean as well. It also comes with a cleaning brush, and an extra silicone band as well, and all of this for just $20.

8. Mini Glass Bong

If you believe in traditions, this might just be the perfect gift you could ever give. A high quality, 3.15 inch glass bong is a useful addition to any weed lovers kit, even if they already have a couple of their own. Not only is a new bond much cleaner, but it can also improve the high.

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