Cannabliss Organics

Cannabliss Organics provides natural, organic cannabis skincare products that “help you be your best self”. As a sustainable, organic, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free brand, Cananbliss promises to create a positive impact.

Every Cannabliss Organics skincare product is made with all-natural rich hemp oil that contains high amounts of CBD. The brand is committed to helping you enjoy the health and beauty benefits of all-natural CBD! Find out more about Cannabliss on this page!

About Cannabliss Organics

Founded by a husband and wife team with family history in the skincare and beauty industry, Cannabliss is a lifestyle brand based on hemp wellness. They want to get rid of the stigma associated with cannabis and help people live their lives to their full potential with the power of CBD!

Their products feature full-spectrum hemp oil that is rich in CBD, infused in an ancient Korean herb blend! The hemp oil and Korean herbs work together to nurture and heal your skin. As a sustainable brand, Cannabliss is committed to giving back.

Cannabliss Organics products

All Cannabliss skincare creations are 100% natural and organic products guaranteed to nurture your body and soul. Each product is designed to help you be your best, true self. Cannabliss products are:

  • Organic
  • Cruelty-free
  • Non-gmo
  • Paraben-free
  • Eco-friendly

Cannabliss use only the best, organic, and natural ingredients for their effective herbal CBD treatments. Each of their products are made using unique formulas that contain a wide variety of herbs, each offering its own unique benefit.

To ensure their CBD is of the highest quality and potency, Cannabliss Organic only use organically grown Oregon hemp. They extract the CBD using a food grade organic ethanol extraction process that extracts high-grade CBD without damage to the cannabinoids. Remaining true to their promise of sustainability, they also use the entire plant. This means that they obtain the entire cannabinoid profile, which can produce oil containing up to 87% CBD!

Cannabliss Organics quality

Cannabliss Organics ensures that their skincare products are of the highest quality and rich in cannabidiol (CBD). All their hemp is obtained from a local, trusted farm in Oregon, USA that is certified as organic and 100% non-GMO by the USDA. The hemp is minimally processed and the CBD is extracted using state-of-the-art extraction methods. Cannabliss Organics use third party lab testing to ensure consistency, potency and quality.

Each one of their skincare formulas are crafted in small batches. This helps them yield much higher percentages of herbal material per ounce. They individually test each batch to ensure that this concentration and consistency is at the highest mark. This means that each Cannabliss product is highly enriched with individual, organic flavours and highly potent CBD!