3 Delicious Marijuana-Infused Popsicle Recipes for Summer

Summer is a great time of the year to simply kick back, relax, and get high. But while smoking a joint can do the trick, you might want to make the experience even more enjoyable with some tasty marijuana edibles. Marijuana can be infused into all kinds of foods and while most people stick to … Read more

medical marijuana job protection

Demanding Job Protection for Those Who Legally Smoke Medical Marijuana

Update October 2019: Since this post was originally written, recreational marijuana has become legal throughout Canada. While the use of cannabis recreationally can be restricted depending on the employer, there are laws in place that protect job security for medical marijuana users.  When it comes to medical marijuana legislation in the United States, Washington DC … Read more

marijuana treatment for depression

Does Medical Marijuana Treat Depression?

Feeling blue? If so, medical marijuana treatment for depression might be right for you! The compounds found in cannabis (known as cannabinoids) have shown to work harmoniously with the endocannabinoids present in our minds that are responsible for our emotions and behavior. Long-term stress, that is often a major trigger for depression, reduces the production … Read more

medical cannabis

Will Medical Cannabis Soon Be Covered By Insurance in Canada?

Update: 2019 was a major year for Canada in terms of marijuana laws and policies. Since this initial article was written in 2015, there have been several updates in regards to medical marijuana policies in Canada. The majority of health insurance companies do offer coverage for medical marijuana now, including one of the world’s largest … Read more

new to medical marijuana

New to Medical Marijuana?

Tips for First-Time Medical Marijuana Users If you’re new to medical marijuana you can obviously see that the world of weed is a wide one. Not only is it easy to become overwhelmed with all the different strains to choose from, if you’re a beginner it’s also hard to know exactly what strain to pick. … Read more

buy weed online

Welcome – Buy Weed Online Here… Soon (We Promise)

We want to extend a warm welcome as we prepare to launch Buy My Weed Online. We believe all Canadian citizens should have access to the best medicine available and are proud to offer a place to safely and legally purchase medical marijuana online.