How to Choose the Best CBD Flavours

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Choosing a flavour of CBD flower is similar to art in that it’s subjective. You might love blueberry, while another person thinks it’s the most disgusting taste in the world. Even with differences among marijuana users, there are some tips for how you can select the best CBD flavour based on your preferences.

Parts of a Cannabis Plant

Before jumping into information about CBD flavours, it might help to better understand the flower part of a marijuana plant.

  •     Seeds – Like any other plant, cannabis starts as seeds. Interestingly, they determine whether the plant is male or female.
  •     Cotyledon Leaves – After germination, these leaves are the first to appear. Typically, they grow in pairs and prove the plant is healthy and thriving.
  •     Roots – The taproot is the main root of a cannabis plant. All roots anchor in the soil and serve as the main stalk or stem. Both water and oxygen travel to the different parts of a marijuana plant through the roots.
  •     Stalk or Stem – This is the main part of the plant, which is what grows straight and tall so it can support all the lateral branches and leaves.
  •     Branches – The branches grow out of the main stalk or stem to give the buds and fan leaves needed support.
  •     Node – The node also grows off the main stalk or stem, or it can grow out of a single branch. Although not all, some buds and fan leaves grow on nodes.
  •     Fan Leaves – These are the large leaves that people associate with a cannabis plant. While they usually get tossed out after trimming, they help to capture the light that plants need to grow.
  •     Sugar Leaves – Unlike fan leaves that don’t have resin, sugar leaves do. Most often, growers save them to make extracts, pre-rolls, and various other marijuana products.
  •     Flowers – Frequently called “buds,” CBD flowers contain terpenes and cannabinoids. Depending on how they’re harvested, they either produce a high or euphoric effect or provide medicinal benefits.
  •     Cola – Also called the “bud site,” the cola is a cluster of buds. 
  •     Bracts and Calyx – The bract is what envelops the female’s reproductive parts. The calyx is a translucent layer over the base of the flowers.
  •     Pistil and Stigma – The pistil contains a flower’s reproductive parts. Stigmas, which are part of the pistil, are hair-like strands that collect pollen from male cannabis plants.
  •     Trichomes – This small covering of crystal resin on the buds secretes resin. Hash products depend on trichomes and powerful sugar-like resin.

Choosing a CBD Flavour

Choosing a CBD Flavour

As you can see, a cannabis plant has many parts, all of them critical to producing healthy flowers. Regardless of the flavour you ultimately select, you always want to start by choosing a superior quality flower. Otherwise, you won’t get the desired effect of flavour.

For this, find out the strain of the hemp. There are three primary strains, including Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid, which is a blend of Sativa and Indica. This is important considering the different options possess unique characteristics. That means each strain has a different effect on the body and possibly flavour.

Here’s a perfect example, hemp strains in the Indica category produce a relaxing and almost sedative effect. So, people use them to rest or sleep. In comparison, Sativa is an energizing strain that boosts energy, focus, and even mood. As for the hybrids, they either relax or stimulate.

Diverse CBD Flavours

Initially, marijuana users had few choices specific to flavour. However, as the cannabis industry continued to grow, so did the demand for variety. To provide the increasing number of cannabis users what they wanted, the list of flavours increased dramatically. 

Trusted sources that make and sell CBD in different flavours focus on specific criteria to ensure the product is safe, of high quality, and transparent. So, they maintain third-party proof of testing getting done in an ISO 17025 compliant laboratory. They also choose hemp made in Canada, if at all possible.

Another criterion is testing the cannabis to make sure that it contains no heavy metals, molds, or pesticides. Simply put, a reputable dispensary or retail shop follows up on certification and manufacturing processes to identify and verify the potency and quality of all ingredients.

Diverse CBD Flavours

The following are some of the options for CBD flavours to give you an idea of the diversity. Keep in mind that these include dried flowers and oil concentrates.

If you visit a reputable and legal dispensary or retail shop, and neither sells the CBD flavour you want, there’s a chance they could create it for you. At a minimum, you can ask. If one place says no, don’t hesitate to ask another one. You can also check out CBD flavours sold online.

  •     Blackberry – If you love fruit, you’ll appreciate this flavoured cannabis.
  •     Cinnamon – Especially when choosing Indica hemp, this further promotes relaxation.
  •     Coconut – Here’s a great tropical CBD flavour worth trying.
  •     Cookies and Cream – This is one of the top choices that people make when buying cannabis.
  •     Green Apple – While not everyone’s cup of tea, if you like a little zing, give this a try.
  •     Lemon – This gives cannabis a unique flavour that a lot of people enjoy.
  •     Lemongrass Ginger – If you like Asian food, there’s a strong chance you’d also like this CBD flavour.
  •     Lime – This CBD flavour, regardless of how you use it, combined with a margarita sounds like a perfect combination.
  •     Mango – When done correctly, this cannabis has the indistinguishable sweet flavour of mango.
  •     Mint – This produces a cool, fresh taste that a lot of people love. You can choose between peppermint, spearmint, and winter mint.
  •     Mint Chocolate – This CBD flavour is hard to beat, making it one of the most popular choices.
  •     Orange – You can’t go wrong here.
  •     Red Raspberry – Like blackberry, this CBD flavour is natural and refreshing.
  •     Skittles – That’s right; if you have a sweet tooth, then a sweet CBD flavour makes sense. This tastes incredibly similar to the candy you buy in a store.
  •     Strawberry – As a fruit lover, you might also consider this flavour.
  •     Strawberry Margarita – Okay, you can skip the fresh lime CBD flavour and accompanied margarita and just go with this.
  •     Vanilla – This flavour also has a calming effect, making it ideal for Indica hemp.
  •     Watermelon – This is perfect for enjoying marijuana during the summer.

Another exciting aspect of CBD flavours is that the best sources can combine them. So, you might go with a blend of lemon and lime, mango and orange, or perhaps red raspberry and blackberry.

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