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If you like bath and body products, then you likely enjoy using specialized products for home spa treatments. Many people like to try new products in the shower or bath. For instance, if you enjoy aromatherapy, then you might use bath bombs with essential oils in them. CBD is used in everything from pet treats to beverages to candies, and today, you can even find CBD in personal care products, such as soap. 

Myths About CBD Soap

A common misconception about CBD soap is that it can make you get high. But this is misinformation because many soap companies use only pure CBD in their products. And CBD is not psychoactive, so it will not give you a high. Even if the product is full-spectrum, there will be less than 0.03 percent THC in it. Plus, since you are only placing the soap on your skin, it will not enter your bloodstream and affect you that way. 

Why Choose CBD Soap?

Some people believe that CBD soap may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this, when you add CBD to soap, it might help you maintain healthier skin. It might also help your wellbeing. When you add CBD oil to a cleansing bar, then it may even help with acne because it can reduce the activity of your sebaceous glands. When the activity in these glands is reduced, your skin might not be as likely to break out. 

Other people believe that using CBD soap has potential anti-ageing effects. This can be of particular interest to those who are older. Some research has suggested that facial soap with CBD oil may help reduce the noticeable effects of ageing. That might include dull skin, a ruddy complexion, and wrinkles. The antioxidant properties of CBD might also help with reducing free radical damage. That is the same reason you should eat fresh vegetables and fruits. 

Many people find that CBD soap is very hydrating for inflamed, dry, or itchy skin. Often, eczema and psoriasis can cause serious dryness or itchiness. Both conditions are tied to your immune system. 

Some of the research suggests that CBD might help inhibit the inflammatory responses of your body and reducing the pain caused by eczema or psoriasis. This means that soaps that have CBD oil in them might help manage the symptoms of certain skin conditions. This is especially true if they are a result of inflammation. 

Often, the other ingredients used in CBD soap are natural, which means they can be better for you. You will want to check the ingredients list of any soap you purchase, of course, but usually, CBD soap is good for sensitive skin. It might also help to calm your skin. 

Making Your Own CBD Soap

Making Your Own CBD Soap

One of the easiest methods of making your own CBD soap is to use a melt and pour method. It simply involves melting your base and adding the other ingredients. This method is often used for making glycerin soap.

First, you will look for a soap base. You can get many types, from glycerin to goat’s milk to shea butter. You can also experiment with combining soap bases. Many soap bases come as squares that can be cut or broken apart. Then, you will melt your base in your microwave or a double boiler until it has melted. It is important to use low heat or to microwave it for only short periods of time. That will keep the soap from becoming burnt.

Many bases have instructions on how much fragrance, dye, or oil you should add to it. Follow the directions regarding the right amount of oil for the soap. The brand you are using and the amount of soap you want to make will determine how much CBD oil you should add. It might just be a few drops, or you could add the entire bottle for an extremely strong soap.

You can then mix your CBD oil into the melted soap with the fragrance and dye. Then, you can pour this mixture into any shape of mould you like. Once the soap has hardened for a few hours, you can use it. 

Liquid Soap

You can also use natural ingredients for making liquid soap. You will need:

  • One Small Bottle of CBD Oil
  • Water
  • 40 Soapberries
  • One Part Lavender
  • One Part Rosemary 
  • A Stalk of Aloe Vera 
  • One Part Mint
  • Several Drops of Your Favourite Essential Oil
  • Optional: Honey and Lemon for Scent

First, combine the water and aloe vera leaf in your blender and puree the mixture. Then, add the soapberries in a bowl with your lemon peel and herbs. Add the aloe vera puree to the bowl and then mix in the honey, essential oils, and CBD oil

Allow this mixture to sit overnight so the flavours can combine well. Then, add this mixture to a pot and put it on the stove. Allow it to come to a boil and stir it frequently, so you do not burn it. Now, take it off of the heat and allow it to cool before putting it in your clean and sanitized jars. Store it in your fridge to keep it fresh. It should be used within 30 days for the best results.

Getting the Best CBD Soap

Getting the Best CBD Soap

Make sure that your CBD soap supplier gets its oil from reliable and reputable suppliers. They should test their products to ensure that you are getting only pure CBD without any additives. Remember that because the lather is on your skin for just a couple of minutes, only a small amount will be absorbed.

Closing Thoughts

With more research done nearly every day about CBD and its potential advantages, many people are looking for ways of using it in their daily routines. It is easy to use CBD soap because you will use it just like any other type of soap. Just lather up, rinse, and, if you want, repeat.

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