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When Cannabis Flower isn’t quite strong enough and Edibles are too powerful, many users prefer to use Cannabis Concentrates. These are products that have been extracted from Cannabis Flower using various extraction processes to result in flavorful, high-THC extracts. And when you’re looking for a top-notch product with high THC levels, Budder Weed is one of your best choices.

Budder is one of the many cannabis extracts made from Cannabis Flower. It’s usually fairly soft and buttery in texture, and even a small amount contains high levels of THC. It can be used in many ways and whether you use marijuana for recreational or medical purposes, you might want to give it a try. Here’s a guide to Budder Weed and why it’s awesome.

What Is Budder Weed?

You might know Budder Weed by many names, such as Butter, Batter, Badder, and simply “Budder”. Whichever way, it’s a cannabis extract that contains high levels of THC. Budder is made using a solvent-based cannabis extraction process to extract the trichomes from the rest of the plant matter before purging the solvents to produce a pure and potent extract.

While concentrates such as Shatter and Hash are hard and rigid and concentrates such as Butane Hash Oil and Distillates are closer to liquids, Budder is somewhere in between. It has the same amber color you’d see on Shatter and other concentrates, but it’s softer and much easier to break apart and scoop. It’s often compared to butter or batter due to its texture.

When Budder is made, high heat is applied and the extracts obtained from the Cannabis Flower are whipped to create its unique texture. Not only is it an easy extract to use, but it’s also a powerful extract, often containing THC levels of around 70-85%. Whether you prefer to smoke, vape, or dab, Budder is sure to give you a strong high.

Why Is Budder Weed So Awesome

Why Is Budder Weed So Awesome?

Users who are used to smoking Cannabis Flower or using other concentrates such as Hash might wonder why Budder Weed is worth using. Although there are plenty of great cannabis products out there, you might want to give Budder a try for a few reasons.

For one, Budder is one of the best products out there for users who enjoy potent cannabis extracts. If you enjoy using products such as Shatter and Hash, you’ll likely enjoy the potent effects of Budder too. What’s more, Budder’s buttery consistency makes it very easy to break off a dab using a collection tool and apply it to your joint, bowl, Vaporizer, or Dab Rig.

With extra-high THC levels, those who are used to less potent products will find that Budder gives them a sensational high even with a small amount. You only need to use a fraction of a gram for strong effects and it’s available in various strains so you can choose based on the kind of effects you want.

How To Use Budder Weed

Like many other cannabis products, you can use Budder in various ways. The easiest way to use it is to infuse it into your weed in a joint or bowl, but you can also try vaping it or even dabbing it if you’re looking for a more powerful method of consumption. Here are the best ways to use Budder Weed.

In A Joint – To use Budder in your joint, simply roll a joint as you usually would and mix a small scoop of Budder into your weed. The weed will help burn your Budder and you’ll get extra-strong effects with each hit. Make sure you don’t smoke too much.

In A Pipe/Bong – You can also use Budder in your Pipe or Bong- although you’ll still need to mix it with weed to avoid it damaging the glass. Pack your bowl with weed first then add a dab of Budder on top. When the weed burns, the Budder will burn with it and you’ll get some potent hits.

In A Vaporizer – If you have a Dab Pen or a Concentrate Vaporizer, you can enjoy the effects of Budder via vaping. Simply add a dab to the chamber or coil of your vaporizer, turn your device on, and enjoy the smooth, flavorful draws it gives you.

In A Dab Rig – For even more powerful effects, you can use Budder with a Dab Rig. Heat the nail of your Dab Rig with a blow torch until it’s red hot. You can then use a dab tool to get a small dab of Budder and apply it to the nail. It’ll vaporize instantly and you can take a hit from the mouthpiece. Be careful- dab hits are extra-strong, even for experienced users.

Where To Buy Budder Weed

Where To Buy Budder Weed

The process of extracting Budder is complicated and requires special equipment, so it’s best not to try and make it yourself. Fortunately, buying Budder is easy enough for anyone in Canada. While you might find it in some cannabis stores, buying online will give you the best savings on high-quality Budder.

You can buy Budder online at BuyMyWeedOnline. This is the best way to get high-quality cannabis extracts delivering directly to your address. Various great strains are available, including Cali Bubba Budder, Sherbert Budder, and Pink Kush Budder.

Many other cannabis concentrates are also available to buy online. If you’re looking for a good alternative to Budder, you might want to try Shatter, Hash, or Live Resin. You can also buy other types of cannabis products, such as Cannabis Flower, Edibles, and Tinctures. All of these are available for delivery across the country.


If you want powerful effects in an easy-to-scoop form, then Budder Weed is perfect for you. This potent cannabis extract will give you a stellar high, even if you only use a small amount. You can use it to enhance your joint or bowl or add it to your Vaporizer or Dab Rig for even stronger effects.

The best way to get Budder is to buy it online. You can order various strains of Budder for convenient home delivery in just a few clicks from BuyMyWeedOnline. You can also find all kinds of other cannabis products, including a range of Cannabis Concentrates, Edibles, Tinctures, Vapes, and much more.

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