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There are a seemingly endless number of ways for people to ingest marijuana. Smoking and vaping remain popular marijuana consumption methods. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, though, new options come on the market. 

Cannabis concentrates are an increasingly popular way for people to get their cannabis fix. Shatter, budder, oils, and even topicals are all part of the marijuana concentrate family. 

Live resin is also part of this family and boasts some unique properties that make it appealing to marijuana users and growers. 

What Exactly Is Live Resin?

Live resin comes from a frozen marijuana flower. Once extracted, it is dark yellow in colour with a consistency that is somewhere between a sauce and a wax. 

Live resin differs from other marijuana concentrates in one very important way: It is from frozen cannabis flowers. By extracting the live resin from a frozen harvested bud, the terpenes are protected from drying out, oxidation, and heat that can often degrade them. By protecting the terpenes, users can consume a product with more natural flavours and stronger aromas, therefore having an overall more enjoyable experience. 

How to Take Live Resin

Live resin and other cannabis concentrates can be ingested in many different ways. Popular ways to use live resin include:

  • Dabbing. Dabbing is becoming a more popular marijuana option in general. Those who use dab rigs enjoy near-immediate effects, a benefit for those who smoke outside in the cold months or just want a quick high. 
  • Topping off. This involves users adding live resin to the top of another product to enhance its flavour and effects. Users can sprinkle live resin on top of a live cannabis flower in a bowl, add it to a joint, and more. 
  • Vaping. Vaping as a whole is becoming more and more popular with marijuana users. To use your vape to take live resin, users will need a live resin cartridge attached to their vape pen. This is one of the easiest ways to consume live resin, which is why it is so popular among users. 

How Live Resin Is Extracted

How Live Resin Is Extracted

Extracting live resin is a complicated and dangerous process. To extract the live resin, growers must first freeze the plant. Many operations do this through flash freezing. The live resin is then extracted from the plant while it is still frozen. 

This extraction method using frozen cannabis flowers is what makes live resin different from other concentrates. It is also what protects and preserves the product’s terpene profile, offering users such an enjoyable experience. 

Terpenes are formed inside the marijuana plant’s trichomes, which often look like crystals that coat cannabis buds. The terpenes found within these are responsible for that specific type of marijuana’s aroma, flavour and even influences the effects users get. 

Live Resin Extraction Tips

Although many at-home growers may want to extract their own live resin, it is actually a dangerous process as it involves BHO. So, it is best to leave this work to professionals to avoid injuries or damage to your property. 

For professional live resin extraction operations, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you get the best live resin product possible. 

  • Use only top-quality whole plants. Start the extraction process immediately after harvesting the flower; don’t pull an old one out of storage. Using an old or dried out flower will impact the quality of the live resin. 
  • If you are unable to extract the live resin immediately after flash freezing the flower, store the bud in a freezer at least -23 degrees Celsius (although lower is better). 
  • Be sure to extract the live resin as quickly as possible. To get a quality product, the resin should be extracted within 36 hours of freezing it, but immediately is better. 

How to Store Live Resin at Home

How to Store Live Resin at Home

Once you’ve purchased live resin, you want to make sure you store it correctly. Not doing so can cause the product to degrade, losing its potency, flavour, and signature aroma. Since a small amount of live resin can go a long way, many users find themselves needing to store it for use at a later date.

When it comes to storing live resin, there are four things to keep in mind:

  1. It must be kept dry. Moisture can impact the live resin’s consistency and even break it down. 
  2. It must be kept cool. Heat can cause the live resin to begin to break down. Instead, keep it somewhere cool, like in the refrigerator. 
  3. It should be kept in the dark. Exposure to light can break down the live resin. Keep it in a dark place away from sunlight to preserve it. 
  4. It should be kept in an airtight container. Exposure to air can allow moisture in, which is not a good thing. Find a quality, airtight container to store your live resin in and seal it back up immediately after each use. 

When it comes to choosing what type of container to store your live resin, silicone and glass are the best options, with silicone containers offering the additional perk of being easier to scrape live resin out of. 

Live Resin: A Summary

Live resin is a unique type of cannabis concentrate that offers users powerful flavours and aromas, thanks to its extraction process. The extraction process preserves the terpenes in the flower, which are responsible for much of the bud’s flavour profile.

Although some users may be tempted to extract live resin themselves at home, it is a dangerous process and is best left to professionals. For those who are prepared and have been trained in live resin extraction, keep in mind the importance of using a fresh marijuana flower for the process and the importance of doing extracting the product quickly. 

Live resin is a potent product, making it last users for quite a while. When storing live resin at home, remember to keep it in a dry, cool, and dark place as well as in an airtight storage container. 

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