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Although there are more than enough varieties of cannabis strains available today for users, cannabis enthusiasts often turn to other products to get a unique, stronger, or longer-lasting high. Some of the popular types of marijuana products out there include Tinctures, Edibles, and a range of products known as Concentrates- including products such as Hash, Shatter, and Wax, but one of the most interesting of them all is Rosin.

Rosin is a type of cannabis concentrate that can easily be extracted from weed by applying heat and pressure. Making Rosin is so easy that even the average cannabis customer can make Rosin right at home. All you need is a hair straightener, some parchment paper, and some of your favorite cannabis buds- although you can also use a Rosin press for much higher quality extracts.

There are many good reasons to try Rosin. Much like other cannabis concentrates, it contains extra-high THC levels, meaning that you only need to use a small dab to get a powerful, hard-hitting high. It’s also particularly useful as you can easily scoop up a dab to use in a joint, bowl, vape, or even a Dab Rig. Not only can it give you a sensational recreational high, but medical users can benefit from its potent therapeutic qualities. Here’s a guide on what Rosin is, how to make it, and why medical marijuana patients should use it.

What Are Marijuana Concentrates?

Before delving into what makes Rosin unique from other marijuana products, it helps to know exactly what marijuana concentrates are. Also known as cannabis concentrates, extracts, or dabs, these are products that have been extracted from weed by using various extraction processes to separate the potent, THC-packed trichomes from the rest of the plant.

There are many types of marijuana concentrates available and they’re made using various extraction processes. For instance, Hash is a hard, brick-like concentrate that’s made by separating the dried trichomes (or Kief) from weed before compressing it into a block. Shatter is an amber, glass-like concentrate that’s made by blasting weed with a solvent such as butane. Other examples include Wax, Budder, and Live Resin, but there are many more.

Although it’s easy for cannabis lovers to find strong strains of weed, most strains of weed contain around 15-25% THC. These can still give you a phenomenal high, but some experienced users prefer to buy more potent products. Marijuana concentrates are a great solution of this as they often contain 60-90% THC, and even higher in some cases.

Marijuana concentrates are an excellent choice for users who want hard-hitting effects. Even a small amount of a concentrate such as Shatter, Wax, or Rosin can give you an exceptional high with much stronger levels of THC than you’d find in your average strain of weed. What’s more, concentrates can be used in a variety of ways, including smoking, vaping, and even a special method known as dabbing.

What Is Rosin

What Is Rosin?

While cannabis users often opt for marijuana concentrates like Hash and Shatter, Rosin is another great type of cannabis extract that shouldn’t be overlooked. Rosin can vary in its consistency- some extracts are runny and oil-like whereas you can also get Rosin that’s slightly more stable. Whichever way, it’s a top-notch product for users who want high levels of THC.

What’s unique about Rosin is that it’s one of the easiest marijuana concentrates to make. Some users even make Rosin at home. The extraction process involves wrapping weed using a parchment paper (and sometimes a Rosin Bag) before applying a high level of heat and pressure. This causes Rosin to seep out of the weed, ready for collection.

Some users make Rosin simply by using a hair straightener, but you can also get high-quality Rosin Presses that are designed specifically for producing high-quality Rosin extracts. That way, you can end up with some incredibly impressive products that are sure to give you an excellent high even if you only use a small amount.

Like many other concentrates, you can use Rosin in various ways. It can be mixed with weed for smoking purposes, but vaping often gives you a stronger and more satisfying high. It can also be dabbed for even stronger effects. The great thing about using Rosin is that it’s so easy to separate into small dabs and scoop up when you need to use it, making it a favorite for many cannabis users.

How To Make Rosin

Want to try making Rosin at home? There’s no reason you can’t. Some marijuana concentrates, such as Shatter and Live Resin, involve complicated extraction processes and dangerous ingredients such as butane and, as such, you should not try to make these at home. In contrast, making Rosin requires little more than weed, parchment paper, and something to apply heat and pressure.

The simplest way to make Rosin is by using a hair straightener. Preheat the straightener to a low heat setting and fold some dense buds of weed between a piece of parchment paper. Apply the wrapped weed to the plates of the hair straightener and press down firmly for around 3-7 seconds until you hear a sizzle. You’ll soon notice Rosin seeping out of the edges of the paper. You might want to press a few more times to extract more.

While using a hair straightener is a useful option, users who want to make the best Rosin might want to invest in a Home Rosin Press. These tools are fairly portable and affordable and will give you incredible Rosin extracts. The process of using them is more or less the same, but they come with accurate heat and timing options to give you excellent Rosin. Simply place your wrapped weed on the plates, apply heat and pressure, and enjoy the results.

You can also make Rosin from Hash or Kief. This usually involves using Rosin Bags- small micron bags that are ideal for extracting Rosin. Place your Hash or Kief in the Rosin Bag, wrap some parchment paper around it, and apply heat and pressure for enough time to extract Rosin from your weed.

How To Use Rosin In A Joint Or Bowl

How To Use Rosin In A Joint Or Bowl

One of the easiest ways to use Rosin is by mixing it into a joint. You’ll need to add some weed along with the Rosin to ensure that it burns smoothly and evenly, but this is a fairly quick and easy way to get a potent high.

Start by rolling a joint of weed as you usually would. However, after adding your weed, add some small dabs or a line of Rosin on top of your weed. Mix it into the weed and finish rolling the joint before lighting and smoking. Your joint will be much stronger thanks to the addition of Rosin.

Similarly, you can also add some Rosin to the bowl of your Bong or Pipe. Once again, you’ll want to mix it with some weed to ensure that it burns without damaging your bowl. Simply add some weed to the bowl, add some Rosin on top, light, and enjoy the powerful THC-packed hits.

How To Use Rosin In A Marijuana Vaporizer

While using Rosin in a joint, Pipe, or a Bong might seem convenient for some users, using Rosin in a Vaporizer is arguably the best option. Using a Vaporizer can give you stronger and purer hits without the burning toxins you’d get from smoking. It’s also quick and easy to vape Rosin as long as you have the right equipment.

To vape Rosin, you’ll need a Marijuana Vaporizer that’s compatible with concentrates. Not all vaporizers are designed for use with concentrates, so make sure you get a compatible device such as the LINX Blaze Concentrate Vaporizer or the Airis 8 Vaporizer.

These devices make it simple to vape Rosin. Simply set your desired temperature settings, turn your device on, apply a dab of Rosin to the coil of your device, and enjoy the smooth hits that it produces. Rosin vape hits will feel smooth, flavorful, and give you an intense high even with just a few hits.

How To Use Rosin In A Dab Rig

For the strongest effects possible, you might want to use Rosin with a Dab Rig. A Dab Rig is a device that’s specifically designed for bringing out the full potential of marijuana concentrates such as Shatter, Wax, Live Resin, and Rosin. It looks similar to a Bong albeit with a dab nail or “banger” made out of a material such as Quartz to withstand high heat.

To use Rosin with a Dab Rig, start by using a butane torch to heat the dab nail. Once it’s hot enough, you can use a dab tool to apply a dab of Rosin to the nail. Your Rosin will vaporize instantly, so make sure you’re ready to take a hit from the mouthpiece.

Dab hits are much stronger than what you’d get from a joint, Bong, Pipe, or even a Vaporizer. You usually won’t have to take too many and even experienced marijuana users sometimes find that one dab hit is enough to give them a powerful high.

How To Use Rosin In A Dab Rig

Why Medical Marijuana Patients Should Use Rosin

Rosin is a good choice for recreational marijuana users who want something stronger than weed. Rosin extracts give you the same effects as the strain of weed they’re extracted from, so you can expect a sensational euphoric high with mentally uplifting and physically relaxing effects. However, Rosin is also useful for those who want to benefit from the therapeutic effects of THC.

Some medical users might want something stronger than weed to deal with their symptoms. In these cases, Rosin is a great choice. Even a small amount can give you strong relief for a range of symptoms, and you can choose the strain of Rosin you want to use based on the kind of effects you want.

Indica Rosin strains are excellent for users trying to tackle physical ailments. They can help relax your body throughout and take away chronic pain, inflammation, headaches, migraines, and physical tension in general. They’re also great for insomnia sufferers as they’ll help you drift into a peaceful night of sleep.

Sativa Rosin strains are useful for users dealing with mood issues. These can help boost your mood and your senses, making everything seem more fun and enjoyable. They can also give you a burst of energy and motivation. This is ideal for counteracting chronic stress, anxiety, and depression, although you’ll want to avoid using too much.

Hybrid Rosin strains are often the best options as they can give you a mix of indica and sativa effects. Although you can get these same kinds of effects simply from smoking weed, the effects you’ll get from Rosin are a little stronger and more profound, making them great for medical users who have developed a tolerance to weed or want something harder-hitting for their symptoms.

Where To Buy Rosin

Although you can make Rosin at home, most users will want to save themselves the hassle and simply buy high-quality Rosin extracts. Fortunately, they’re not hard to find. Although you might not find Rosin in all physical cannabis stores, you can easily buy Rosin online for convenient delivery directly to your address.

Our Top Shelf Rosin is made using high-quality equipment to result in the finest Rosin extracts. Not only will you get high levels of THC, but they also contain high levels of terpenes, meaning your extracts will be smooth and flavorful whether you choose to smoke, vape, or dab them.

Multiple strains are available. Strawberry Banana is an excellent choice for users who want a burst of cerebral stimulation and a boost in their mood before the beautifully soothing physical effects kick in. Zkittlez is an indica-dominant hybrid with a tangy tropical taste and a nice mix of sativa and indica effects. Chemo is known as one of the best medical strains- especially for users who need intense relief for pain, inflammation, and insomnia.

You might want to grab a couple of strains so you can enjoy the powerful effects of Rosin. Whichever you choose, you’re bound to get an excellent high. You can also check out a range of other Marijuana Concentrates if you want to try something different to Rosin.

Where To Buy Rosin


Rosin is a powerful marijuana concentrate made by applying heat and pressure to weed. It’s much easier to make than other concentrates and you can even make it at home using a Hair Straightener or a Home Rosin Press. Rosin is a great choice for users who want a potent high and can also help medical users who need something stronger than weed.

Although you can make Rosin at home, the best way to get high-quality extracts is to buy Rosin online. You can also find a range of other Marijuana Concentrates as well as Edibles, Tinctures, Topicals, and much more all available for convenient home delivery from BuyMyWeedOnline.

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