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They say that curiosity killed the cat. But not if you are the cat looking to understand if it is possible to push the limits of enjoying a psychedelic trip. Many of us understand the standard way of taking shrooms, i.e. ingestion. 

What if we decided to smoke them? Just like we do with weed or a tobacco cigarette? Will it be a better trip than when taken as edibles? Will there be aggravated side effects? Enough of the questions. Let us get into the answers.

This article is an in-depth research into what it can be like to smoke shrooms. We expound the experience so you get to understand what you are into before you can think of rolling a psychedelic joint or blunt.

But first things first. Can you smoke magic mushrooms? Of course, you can. Now, what is the experience like?

How to Smoke Shrooms

The stems of magic mushrooms are already round. You may be tempted to dry them before lighting them up. But that will be crazier than smoking them in the first place. So which is the best way to smoke your shrooms?

Many people prefer rolling their shrooms with some other substance. This can be either mixed with weed or tobacco. This way, the joint is easier to light up and can be smoked smoothly and evenly. You do not want to smoke something that goes off with every hit, right?

It is not a common practice to smoke shrooms though. It is a new experience with no governing rules. That means there are not many tips that you can use to craft the best vehicle for the trip of a lifetime. Whichever way you choose to smoke magic mushrooms depends on your imagination or anecdotal experience.

Mixing Weed with Magic Mushrooms

It is highly likely that some of those smoking magic mushrooms do smoke weed over smokables like tobacco. All in all, smoking weed while munching on a shroom or sipping a psilocybin infused drink sounds like a challenge you may want to try with your stoner friends.

What will it be like to mix these two? We all know that marijuana induces psychoactive effects. On the other hand, psychedelic mushrooms or magic mushrooms give the user intense hallucinations more like taking a trip to a distant planet yet to be discovered by humanity. One thing that is common with these two effects is the mind alteration caused.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in marijuana acts on receptors found along the central nervous system to induce a cannabis high. As for your magic mushrooms, they contain a compound known as psilocybin. Once ingested, psilocybin is converted into psilocin. The compound functions by suppressing parts of the brain meant for self-awareness which alters how you perceive things around you.

What if you mixed these two effects? When mixed, drug interactions, that is between THC and psilocybin may offer more synergistic effects or aggravate the side effects of each. In the first instance, the two compounds complement each other for a more intensive psychotropic effect. On the other hand, the compounds may compete for excretion sites. That means that they remain in the bloodstream for long.

You should, however, note that this is yet to be individually experimented scientifically. Drug interactions and the synergistic effects of THC alongside other compounds are both under scientific microscopes.

What If You Smoked Mushrooms Alone?

First, let’s see how you could probably ace smoking shrooms without mixing them up with anything else.

The most probable method will be drying them up before grinding, just like you’d do with tobacco or weed. You can then roll in a wrap before lighting them up.

You can then inhale the resulting smoke into your lungs. The next question is how best the effects of smoking shrooms alone can be equated to when mixing them with other substances.

Well, it may not have been studied scientifically, but smoking shrooms lowers the intake of the psilocybin compound. Typically, ingestion of the compound gets all of it in the stomach where it is converted to its active form, psilocin.

Smoked shrooms lose the psilocybin compound as it converts into psilocin even before it gets into the body. Also, your lungs may not receive the compound the same way it is absorbed along the mucous membranes of the alimentary canal. The concentration of enzymes required for the process to happen may be lower in the lungs than in the digestive system.

So will smoking give a more potent trip? Most of the anecdotal evidence found online indicates a mild or less than the average trip. Some shroom smokers term it as a waste of time as it lowers the effects tremendously.

The Dangers of Smoking Your Magic Mushrooms

The act of smoking itself comes with side effects and dangers. For instance, smoke of any kind is a foreign substance in your lungs. This may induce instant coughing as the body tries to get rid of it. Also, in the long term, the carbon in smoke may build up in the lungs leading to deteriorating lung health.

But specifically talking about smoking mushrooms, here are the takeaways. Magic mushrooms are made from fungi. Inhaling these, over the long term, may put you at higher risk of developing certain lung conditions. Also, it can induce allergic reactions for anyone with a mold allergy.

Then there is the possibility of taking too much psilocybin, especially for those with shallow tolerance levels. Bad trips can often characterize this. Typical characteristics of when such happens include scary hallucinations and panic.

Smoking Shrooms vs Ingesting them

Is there one that is better than the other? Definitely yes. Ingesting mushrooms is hands down the better option of  the two. You get to enjoy maximum effects while not placing your lungs in the way of risk. The experience is even better when you get the psilocybin over your preferred meal or get it infused in your favorite drink.

If you would, however, crave so much going down the smoking road, be sure to have your friends close by just in the case of extreme uncertainties as this has not been scientifically tested.

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