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The truth is, even with weed being legalized, the street market for this awesome product is here to stay. Even in places with large, legal markets for cannabis, street dealers are still thriving.

If you have an MMJ card, you have a choice of where to buy your legal weed. You can either opt for one of many cannabis dispensaries or continue with your local dealer. However, there are many reasons cannabis dispensaries are better than dealers. Here are ten of them.

Dispensaries Offer Certainty

While with dispensaries you are certain that the weed you purchase has CBD and THC content as well as the quantity that it says, with your ever-elusive local dealer, this is not the case. With dealers, you never know what you are going to get. With them, it is a matter of a hit or a miss. Sometimes they might pull a quarter of a gram from your eighth bag. Other times they are just making up strain names.

You might also get ripped off—for instance, if your dealer is the kind to meet up in sketchy places at midnight. You just might end up buying a zip-lock baggie full of trim clippings for $50 if you are not careful. With dispensaries, you avoid all these theatrics because what you see is what you get. You can go into a 420-friendly dispensary and get your stuff at any time, without worrying if the quality is compromised or if you will ever see them again after making a purchase.

Dispensaries Offer Expert Salesmanship

One great thing about your local weed dispensary is that they know their product. In most of them, they will offer their store employees sample products and discounts to try them out. When selling the product to you, they are conveying the various highs and health benefits of the strains based on their firsthand experience. Having used different CBD oils or ingested a variety of edibles, they are in a better position to answer your queries, especially if you are just beginning your journey into highness.

Also, if they are introducing a new strain or product, this salesmanship can be quite helpful. This applies even to veteran weed heads. Moreover, you can rest assured that you can never be duped on the weight of the product you buy. It is common for many of these dispensaries to offer slightly more quantity at the same price. For instance, it is not uncommon for weed dispensaries to exceed 3.5 grams for an eighth. They can sell between 3.7 to 4 grams for the regular price of about $20. With dealers, you will not find such a deal. You could even wind up with less than you paid for.

A Lot of Variety

A Lot of Variety

With the widespread legalization of your favorite strains and other weed products all over the regions, many dispensaries have been cropping up. For this reason, you can be sure to find a shop that best suits you. Some are large enterprises that are run commercially. Others are just small family-run businesses.

The latter are more personable, while the former tend to focus on sales and might charge more for top-notch buds. Also, these large-scale commercial businesses tend to keep whatever product they supply in regular stock. Hence, if you would like to continue using a popular strain you tried before, you can rest assured that these dispensaries will have them in stock. For obvious reasons, such as economies of scale, your local dealer’s variety of products might not be able to match this diversification.

Everyone has their favorite weed product, be it a joint, a gummy, an edible, or an oil, just to name a few. When you visit a dealer, you just have to go with what they have or go home. This is because their product portfolio is limited.

Products From Dispensaries Are Safer for Your Health

In the same way that people who grow illegally do not have any legal incentive to use harmless herbicides and pesticides, they are equally not incentivized to ensure their buds are safe for human consumption. This is the kind of product that ends up in the hands of your local dealer.

On the other hand, you can be sure that your favorite strain obtained from the dispensary is safe for use. This is because their products must pass strict regulations when being grown. These regulations require lab testing procedures that ensure the bud is free of toxins, molds, and contaminants, just to name a few.

Others may reason that is not a big issue since people have been using illegal weed since time immemorial. However, it is important to note that the long-term effects of ingesting these compounds can be slow to develop and insidious. For evidence of the harmful effects that these illegal cannabis products have, witness the spread of lung complications and several fatalities that occurred recently in the US. This was a result of using black market vaping products.

Unlike products obtained in the black market and sold to you by dealers, all products found in your local cannabis dispensary are safe and approved by the relevant health authorities.

Dispensaries Offer Safe Access

Your local cannabis dispensaries offer one of the safest and health-focused environments where you can legally get a dose of your favorite strain. Many users have reported that getting your weed outside this setting can be disappointing, difficult, and even frightening. Once all these negative surroundings and individuals are removed from your daily weed run, you will even develop a better relationship with your preferred CBD-infused product.

Additionally, dispensaries offer their customers an opportunity to be accountable and get an education on the proper use of their products, including their benefits. One of the major goals of cannabis dispensaries is to ensure you get your product legally and safely. Once this is achieved, both providers and users can be able to promote responsible behavior. This concept is eluded if you get your product from your elusive local dealer.

Dispensaries Have Better Product Selection and Quality

Dispensaries Have Better Product Selection and Quality

The high level of sophistication that is employed when cultivating and breeding cannabis by modern MMJ growers has seen the development of major diversification in the industry. You can now get customized solutions that suit you at your local dispensary. If you use your ganja product for medicinal purposes, this solution is perfect for you. By identifying the right product or strain for your symptoms, you can enjoy its healing properties without experiencing unwanted side effects or other negative outcomes. Also, you will get advice on how to adjust your dosage to get your weed’s full benefits without the risk of overmedicating.

Additionally, thanks to advanced genetic engineering, strains that have higher CBD levels and low THC levels can relieve your symptoms without getting you high, if that is your aim. It has been suggested by experienced users that most strains that dealers sell are more biased to getting you high rather than getting you well if you are sick. At the dispensary, you will get various high-quality options, depending on what you need to use the product for.

Dispensaries Have Great Deals

It is rare that your local dealer ever has a “deal” for you. In their line of work, they pay mid pricing for good quality weed products, say, $40, and sell it to you on the street at a higher price of about $60. However, most cannabis dispensaries offer deals regularly. For instance, one may offer a 20 percent off on their AK47 Shutter strain. Others may offer to throw in a joint when you purchase a $35 eighth of a particular strain. These deals can make your shopping fun and adventurous since you will always be on the lookout for the dispensary with the best deals. As in any other smart shopping venture, a wise stoner should always be on the lookout for the best bang for your buck in a Mary Jane package.

Avoiding Paranoid Dealers

In a setting where weed is illegal, paranoid dealers are rife. This is especially true in rural areas or places that are poverty-stricken. These regions tend to have dealers who combine their weed trade with pills or other harder drugs. For this and other reasons, these dealers live in constant fear of facing long jail terms due to the illegality of their business. They live on the edge, looking at everyone with unfounded suspicion, even if you are a long-time customer.

For others, this condition is so elevated that you may not call them yourself. They call you. You are always walking on eggshells with this kind of dealer, and you have to use his coded drug-lingo that is undecipherable by the police, to the word. The “code” is constantly changing and must be used discreetly. Failure to do so can easily piss them off, throwing more confusion and fear into their already anxious mind. At this point, the chances of you purchasing some Mary Jane are slim, and you might end up being banned.

You will not find such inconveniences and spectacles in a cannabis dispensary. What every stoner wants is to enjoy their bud in the most stress-free way, and clearly, most dealers will not afford you this opportunity.

Products Boost the Economy

Products Boost the Economy

Taxes collected from your local 420 dispensaries not only fund state programs but also contribute to stabilizing the economy. According to reports, the cannabis market ranges between five to eight billion dollars in Canada. After legalizing the product, the government will be collecting an additional $500 to $800 million in taxes from MMJ dispensaries all over the country. Of this revenue, individual states will keep about 75 percent. Also, legalization leads to the creation of legal jobs for growers, trimmers, budtenders, and more.

Other positive impacts are experienced in sectors such as:

  • Tourism – Since most countries still have strict laws that are not 420 friendly, many stoners will want to travel to a friendlier place. Through cannabis dispensaries countrywide, the government can collect more taxes due to this tourism.
  • Less Government Expenditure – Legally selling weed in dispensaries greatly reduces the number of crimes and consequently lessens government expenditure.

Paying exorbitant amounts to your local dealer puts money into his/her personal pocket and does not benefit the community. Refilling your stash via your local CBD dispensary will lead to the construction of schools, hospitals, roads, and other infrastructure.

No Need of a Stash

Once a cannabis dispensary starts operating in your locality, you will be able to get fresh products when you need them. You will not need to build up your stash if the dispensary is convenient for fear of running out of product. Unlike dealers, dispensaries are also reliable. Your dealer’s availability and quality of weed they sell you will no longer dictate the state of your stash. Also, things like freshness, variety, and storage will be a thing of the past. Cannabis dispensaries have enough inventory to keep you well-supplied even when you are holding a big social event.

No Need of a Stash

Final Thoughts

It would be not only untrue but also unfair to suggest that all weed from local dealers is low quality. Some of them get their product from top-notch growers and are very potent. Additionally, you will not get in trouble if you are caught with weed from your dealer. This is just as long as you were not caught making the deal.

However, as the list above suggests, it is strongly advised to stick to products that you get from your preferred cannabis dispensary. At least this way, you know exactly what is in your bud, concentrate, oil, edible, or other weed-infused product. You also know how much it weighs and that you will not get in trouble if the police find you purchasing it.

However, the most important takeaway is that cannabis dispensaries offer you the one thing that your dealer cannot: peace of mind.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of dispensaries over dealers or would just like to get a good cannabis dispensary, visit Buy My Weed Online for more information.

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