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While cannabis is known for its ability to deliver an enjoyable, euphoric high that can be great for recreational purposes, it also has a wealth of medical benefits. Some people use cannabis to alleviate mental issues such as anxiety and depression whereas others find it helps them relax and sleep better. However, one of the most common uses of cannabis is for back pain.

Many strains of marijuana deliver a powerful physical high that can relieve your entire body. While this is great for recreational uses who want to mellow out, it’s even better for those suffering from back pain or other forms of chronic pain as it offers an instant way to relieve symptoms without the harsh side effects of pain medications. So which strain should you buy? Here are the best cannabis strains for back pain.

1. Black Diamond

Black Diamond is a go-to strain for marijuana users who want soothing effects and relief for all kinds of physical symptoms. This indica-dominant hybrid cross is also known as Black Diamond OG or Black Diamond OG Kush as it’s a descendant of the iconic OG Kush strain. With a rich taste and powerful effects, it’s an excellent choice for many reasons.

Naturally, this is one of the best strains for back pain as it will send soothing waves throughout your entire body. Within minutes, you’ll go from feeling physically tense to relaxed and pain-free. Not only that, but it can also help relieve nausea, reduce stress, and even help you sleep better as it calms your mind and body.

You might want to avoid this strain during the daytime if you’re planning to be productive. Its calming effects aren’t great for motivation and it may make you want to drift off. However, when you need a strain to help you relieve pain and relax in the evening, it’s the ideal choice. Plus, the smooth wine-like taste makes it a treat to smoke or vape.

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Black Diamond

2. Grape Ape

Grape Ape is another one of the absolute best cannabis strains for back pain. Smoking this strain is an exceptionally relaxing experience- the taste alone will put you in a good mood but the high it offers is even better. Plus, with a 90:10 indica to sativa ratio, you can rely on this strain to deliver soothing physical effects.

As soon as you take a hit of Grape Ape, you’ll feel more carefree and relaxed. It clears your mind of stress and worries and it can also be great for counteracting anxiety or depression. However, the body high is even more notable- Grape Ape will take away even severe symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation, muscle aches, and migraines.

You should bear in mind that it’s also easy to fall asleep on this strain. But when you want something that’ll take your back pain away and give you some much-needed rest, these effects are more than welcome. Plus, with hints of grapes, cherries, and berries, it’s one of the best-tasting strains out there.

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3. Afghani

When it comes to relaxing, pain-relieving strains, Afghani is always a top choice. This strain is legendary for its heavy indica effects, helping all kinds of people with a range of physical and mental symptoms while also being great for recreational relaxation. It’s gained a reputation as one of the most popular strains for both medical and recreational users.

Afghani is rich in THC and, as you might expect, it’s quite a hard-hitting strain. When you’re suffering from nagging back pain, a few hits will give you a rush of euphoria followed by soothing physical waves. It’ll also relieve any stress, anxiety, or headaches. You’ll soon forget you had any problems as it leaves you in a calm and blissful state.

This strain is perfect for kicking back on the couch and watching some TV or listening to music- especially as it’ll boost your senses while it soothes your body. However, you might not stay up for long. This strain can also make you sleepy, as well as hitting you with the munchies.

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4. Death Bubba

Death Bubba is another strain that’s ideal for occasions when you need to take away any nagging pain or aches. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid that crosses two great strains- Bubba Kush and Death Star. The great thing about this strain is it’ll give you a nice burst of stimulating sativa effects along with the typical relaxing indica body high.

When you first smoke Death Bubba, you’ll be treated to a stimulating and euphoric mental rush. It’ll lift your mood, enhance your senses, and heighten your creativity, making all kinds of activities more enjoyable. The physical effects will soon set in, swiftly relieving any pain or tension in your body.

As well as being a top strain for relieving chronic pain, Death Bubba can also help with stress, anxiety, appetite loss, and insomnia. It’s also a solid strain for recreational users who want something relaxing yet mentally uplifting. Some beginner users may find it a little overwhelming, but veterans and those who want strong relief for their symptoms will love it.

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Death Bubba

5. Snowball

While not as well known as some of the other strains on this list, Snowball is another one of the best strains for relieving back pain as well as other forms of pain, inflammation, and physical tension. It’s a rare hybrid strain with trichome-laden buds and an alluring fuel-twinged citrus aroma.

The effects of Snowball initially boost your mood and give you a surge of happiness. This will soon give way to absent-minded bliss as your mind wanders off and your body is treated to relaxing tingles. This makes it excellent for reducing pain as well as taking away any stress or anxiety on your mind.

Naturally, this strain is also great for those who want to sleep better or even recreational users who want to mellow out. On top of relieving chronic pain, it’s also a great strain for taking away aches, cramps, muscle spasms, and general physical tension.

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When you need fast-acting relief for nagging back pain, these strains are perfect for the job. They’ll soothe your pain while also providing various other benefits, such as reduced stress and improved sleep. If none of them suit your needs, you can also check out strains like Rockstar, Blue Rhino, Do-Si-Do. You can also find plenty more at BuyMyWeedOnline.

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