5 Best Strains For Athletes

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Many people think that medical marijuana can only be used to relax and fall asleep. In fact, when people hear the words medicinal or recreational marijuana, many assume that it is only for people who suffer from mental health conditions or for stoners.

Luckily this stereotype is coming to an end. With legalization, more and more research is being done into the many benefits of cannabis, and today, more people than ever are using it for medicinal and recreational purposes.

And while it is true that cannabis is extremely effective at treating mental and emotional conditions, such as ADHD, PTSD, chronic stress and anxiety, it also has so many more benefits.

For instance, research has proven that medicinal cannabis serves as an extremely effective pain reliever, and does wonders for inflammation as well. But that’s not all, since today, we know for a fact that cannabis is a proven treatment against diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, insomnia, and even cancer. It has even helped normal, regular people deal with ordinary stress, demotivation and depression.

As a result, today cannabis is used by a large, and diverse group of people, which includes everyone from downright stoners, to blue and white collar professionals, students, and even athletes.

Cannabis For Athletes

Before we get into this, we must give a small disclaimer. While research has shown medicinal cannabis to be good for athletes and sportsmen and sportswomen of many kinds, the drug is actually prohibited in many sports. However, that is just for official leagues and cups, and unless you are competing in them, nothing can stop you from consuming your favorite strain and enjoying the many benefits.

But what are these benefits? After all, how can this intoxicating and sedative material help athletes improve their performance?

It’s simple really. The cannabis flower contains active compounds called Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These compounds react with the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors, and are effectively able to improve the users’ concentration levels, performance, motivation, mood and recovery. Athletes have also used cannabis to overcome anxiety, relieve pain, or get a good night’s sleep before an important match.

Many professional athletes from the top sports, including baseball, soccer, football, hockey, and even mixed martial arts have vouched for cannabis’s effectiveness.

So if you are an aspiring athlete looking for the best cannabis strains, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be looking at 5 of the best medicinal strains for athletes.

So let’s begin.

1. Sour Diesel

Don’t be fooled by its name, because this sativa dominant flower is perhaps the best strain out there for athletes and medicinal users. Containing over 90% sativa content, Sour Diesel boasts a high THC concentration of 26%, combined with over 2% CBD content and 4% CBN.

What this means is that the strain delivers a powerful and quick acting high, which leaves the users feeling energetic, motivated and surprisingly alert. However, most athletes love it for it’s pain management and stress relieving qualities, which makes it the perfect strain for recovery purposes. 

If you are actively involved in high intensity sports such as boxing, MMA, or even cycling, you’re gonna love Sour Diesel, and can even use it for pre workout motivation.

2. OG Kush

A legend in a cannabis community, and one of the most famous strains in the whole world, OG Kush holds a number of benefits not only for athletes, but simply everyone.

Originating from Northern California and Florida, the strain was created by crossing the Hindu Kush (one of the first cannabis strains known to man), with the extremely potent Emerald triangle.

As a result, the strain boasts a high THC concentration of about 23%, and has some of the most powerful pain relief qualities you will ever see. Which is why athletes mostly use this potent strain to push beyond their breaking point, and get that extra push they need to achieve their targets. OG Kush can also help people with severe inflammations, spasms and chronic muscle pain, and insomnia.

3. Citrus Haze

One of the most popular, potent and delicious sativa dominant strains, Citrus Haze is a popular choice among many athletes. Created by inbreeding two powerful and delicious strains, Citrus haze contains the highest THC concentration levels you will ever see, upto 30%, and has a delicious, mouth watering taste and aroma of lemons, and tangy tropical fruits.

For athletes and aspiring athletes looking for motivation, Citrus Haze is one of the best strains in the market. It fills the body up with an energizing and motivational buzz, and encourages the user to push further than they have ever done before. 

And if you don’t like smoking, you could always consume Citrus Haze through an edible like gummies or chocolates.

4. Harlequin

If you are looking for something to motivate you while you are down, look no further than Harlequin. This columbian sativa dominant hybrid contains the highest CBD concentration levels we have ever seen, between 12% and 15%. This, combined with a mild 7% THC content makes the strain one of the most potent ones in the world.

Many athletes, as well as blue and white collar athletes love Harlequin because of its ability to improve concentration levels and manage pain without any psychedelic or intoxicating effects. Due to its high CBD levels, the strain provides almost instant pain relief, making it one of the best strains for medicinal usage.

5. Blue Rhino

As a rare, perfectly balanced hybrid, Blue Rhino is one of the best strains in the world for athletic usage. Containing at least 22% THC and 3% CBD content, this strain offers a balanced high, which is relaxing and energizing at the same time. 

This strain is perfect for athletes, since its effects include a clear headed, energetic and recharging high, which motivates and enables the users to push through the most difficult tasks and exercises. Blue Rhino also has remarkable pain and inflammation management qualities, and can be effectively used to treat fatigue, stress and anxitey as well.

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