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Many Canadians love weed, and would go to great lengths to find the perfect strain for themselves.

Unfortunately, the cannabis market is not perfect, and many people have to settle for less than what they want. The biggest reason for this – the price of their desired strain.

Weed prices vary, and do so because of many reasons.

How popular the strain is, how rare it is, it’s availability in certain regions, the amount of THC or CBD content it has, and even the season, all matter a lot when it comes to pricing marijuana.

However, the biggest determining factor is the quality of the strain.

It goes without saying that the higher the quality, the more expensive the cannabis strain is going to be.

Which is why today some of the top online dispensaries have developed the AAAAA grading standard, which lets people know what quality weed to expect at what prices.

If you are a die hard weed lover, at some point you must have wondered about the most expensive cannabis strains in the world.

Well you’re in luck, because today we will be looking at some of the best cannabis strains which money can buy.

1.  Pebbles

Price per ounce: $1500+

Incredibly expensive and extremely rare in the market, the Fruity Pebbles strain is an Indica Dominant hybrid which was created by Allan Genetics in 2012 (for only a limited time).

Though its true parentage is unknown, many experts think that it was created by crossing the Granddaddy Purple, Tahoe Alien and Green Ribbon strains together.

As a result, the strain consists of perhaps the most vibrant and colorful buds the world has ever seen.

Not to mention a sweet, tropical aroma and a taste just like the famous Fruity Pebbles Cereal which we all love.

But while the strain does have a beautiful appearance and is one of the most delicious ones on the market, it unfortunately isn’t the most potent one.

At most, Fruity Pebbles can only boast up to 22% of THC content, and less than a modest 1% CBD.

As a result, the strain is a good choice for when you want to reduce stress or induce sleep, and might offer limited pain relief.

But for recreational purposes, this is not a great option.

2. Godfather OG

Price per ounce: $350 – $375

Also known as the Godfather, or the Don of all OGs, the Godfather OG strain is one of the most potent strains in the market.

Originating from Southern California, this strain is popular for medicinal uses, and was created by crossing the popular XXX OG with the classic Alpha OG.

As a result, the strain is one of the most potent strains in the market, with between 28% and 34% THC content.

It offers an unforgettably intense high, which sets in almost immediately and will leave you feeling relaxed, sedated and happy for hours on end.

The strain has a powerful taste of grapes induced with tropical spices, and gives off a strong, relaxing aroma.

As a medicinal strain, the Godfather OG has proven itself useful against a large number of conditions, including insomnia, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and even PTSD and ADHD.

3. Loud Dream

Price per ounce: $500 – $525

One of the most rare and potent strains in the market, Loud Dream is one of the few sativa dominant hybrids which act like indicas because of their sedative and couch locking abilities.

An award winning strain, Loud Dream was created by inbreeding the globally famous hybrid: Blue Dream.

An incredibly potent strain, Loud Dream contains between 28% and 32% THC content, and offers a unique mind numbing and relaxing high.

Users can expect the effects to kick in within minutes of smoking, and last for hours on end.

Loud Dream has a pleasant minty taste, and a strong earthy aroma with heavy undertones of mint and pine.

Due to it’s high potency, the strain is commonly used for both recreational and medicinal purposes, and is effective against a large number of conditions including insomnia, PTSD, OCD, anxiety, stress and even seizures.

4. Death Bubba

Price per ounce: $273

An indica dominant hybrid and one of the most potent and popular strains in Canada, Death Bubba is nearly always in high demand.

First introduced in Vancouver BC, it  was first created by crossing the Death Star and Bubba kush strains.

As a result, the strain is widely available in many dispensaries all over the country, and is one of the most loved strains in Canada.

Extremely potent and containing between 27% and 30% of THC content, the strain packs a powerful punch which it delivers almost immediately upon smoking.

The high starts with a rush of energy which will leave you feeling happy and motivated, and lead on to a body wide buzz which leaves the user totally relaxed and hopelessly couch locked.

Thus, this powerful indica based strain is perfect for both medicinal and recreational uses, and can be used to treat insomnia, muscular tensions and chronic pain.

5. Gelato

Price per ounce: $273

This hybrid is one of the rare evenly balanced strains in the market. Also known as Larry Bird, Gelato was created by crossing the famous Sunset Sherbet with the classic and tasty Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

As a result, Gelato strains give off a pungent, citrusy and minty aroma, and have thick and lung expanding smoke which leaves behind a creamy aftertaste which can last for hours on end.

The strain is also beautiful to look at, with a lush green color which is accented by bright orange pistils and hues of a deep purple.

Created by crossing two highly potent strains together, Gelato has a THC composition ranging between 20% and 25%, and delivers a powerful cerebral high within minutes of smoking.

Users can expect a rush of positive feeling, and an unexplained boast in creativity and motivation, and a calming sense of relaxation which helps them get rid of anxiety, stress and depression.

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