6 Ways to Properly Store Marijuana for Freshness

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It’s now incredibly easy to get all the weed you need. Whether you buy it in stores, buy weed online, or even grow weed at home, you can easily end up with a large stash of marijuana before long. While marijuana usually comes in childproof containers, if you want it to maintain its freshness and potency long-term, you’ll need to learn how to properly store marijuana for freshness.

Marijuana can maintain its quality for a while, but it’s important to take some measures to avoid it degrading. Elements such as excessive light, heat, moisture, and oxygen can degrade the cannabinoids and terpenes in weed quickly, resulting in weed that’s dry and brittle with less THC and less flavor. Fortunately, it isn’t too tough to store your weed properly.

If you’re going to be keeping some of your weed around for a while, you’ll want to take a few basic measures to store it properly. While there are many ways to store weed, you’ll want to choose an effective method that’s going to keep it away from any degrading elements and maintain its freshness. So how should you store your weed for maximum quality? Here are some ways to properly store marijuana for freshness.

1. Store Your Marijuana In Glass Jars

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on getting high-quality cannabis containers. On the contrary, one of the best and most cost-effective ways to store your weed is by simply using glass containers. Mason Jars are especially useful in this regard, but any sealable glass container works well.

Glass is a great material for storing your weed. It can keep out moisture and you can see how fresh your buds look without opening the container. Sealable containers keep any oxygen or water out so you can keep your weed nice and fresh for a long time.

There are some drawbacks to using glass containers. It’s easy for light and heat to penetrate glass, so it’s especially important to keep your containers somewhere cool and dry such as a drawer or cabinet. Avoid leaving your glass containers on the side or anywhere near light and heat.

Before you store your marijuana in a glass jar, make sure the jar is nice and clean. If you’ve used it for storing food or other items before, clean it thoroughly. It’s also important to dry it thoroughly to ensure there’s no excess moisture. Fill your glass jars with weed until it nearly reaches the top. You might also want to crack open the jars occasionally to let excess oxygen out.

Store Your Marijuana In Glass Jars

2. Store Your Marijuana In A Cannabis Humidor

Another one of the prime ways to store your marijuana for maximum freshness is by using a Cannabis Humidor. Cannabis Humidors are fancy containers usually made of wood that have small glass containers inside. You can open them up, put your weed in the small containers, and keep it shut to avoid any elements ruining your cannabis.

The great thing about Cannabis Humidors is that they give your weed the perfect conditions to maintain flavor and potency for a very long time. Your weed will get the exact temperature and humidity it needs, so it’ll take even longer for your weed to degrade. Whether you’re storing your weed short-term or long-term, using a Cannabis Humidor is a great solution.

However, there are also a couple of drawbacks. For one, Cannabis Humidors can be quite expensive. Many users will find this method much less cost-effective than simply using glass containers. What’s more, many humidors only contain a small amount of space for storing your weed. If you have a big stash, it might not be ideal.

With that said, if you have some money to spend and want a stylish and effective way to store some weed, Cannabis Humidors are great. Just make sure you buy a Cannabis Humidor and not a regular Cigar Humidor- these aren’t optimized for storing your weed and can degrade your products faster if you use them for weed storage.

3. Store Your Marijuana In A Smell Proof Stash Bag

If you want a quick and easy way to stash your marijuana, you might want to use a Smell Proof Stash Bag. These are small pouches or cases that can conceal the smell of your weed as well as keeping it fresh. Many look quite unassuming and make for a great way to keep your weed safe and potent.

Smell Proof Stash Bags come in many shapes and sizes, but you can easily find one that’s apt for storing your stash. While it’s usually best to store your weed away from anything else, many Stash Bags come with multiple compartments. allowing you to store other things such as your smoking accessories without affecting your weed.

These bags are especially useful for users who want to carry their weed along with everything else they need while on-the-go. If you’re traveling elsewhere or visiting a friend, you can have all your weed in a safe pouch along with everything you need for a quality smoking session.

One of the drawbacks of using a Smell Proof Stash Bag is that many are made from fabric, which can potentially let more heat and moisture in than other materials. However, a good way to counteract this is to place your weed in Mylar bags before zipping it up in your pouch. That way, your weed has two levels of protection.

Store Your Marijuana In An Aluminum Container

4. Store Your Marijuana In An Aluminum Container

Glass containers are usually the best choice for storing your weed. However, there are other effective options. If you need a good alternative, you might want to get a sealable aluminum container for storing your weed.

Aluminum containers can be great for many reasons. They keep your weed nice and cool as well as keeping out any light, heat, or moisture. As long as the top is sealable, you can easily keep out any excess oxygen and ensure that your weed stays fresh for a very long time.

With that said, it’s important to choose the right container. Many Cannabis Stash Cases are made from aluminum- these can be great for maintaining the quality of your marijuana. You can even find containers shaped like flasks for storing your weed and sealing in the freshness.

These containers are usually pretty affordable and cost-effective. They’re great at keeping your weed away from the elements, although it’s still best to keep them in a cool, dry place. You might also want to use some Mylar bags to give your weed an extra level of protection.

5. Use Cannabis Humidity Packs To Maintain Freshness

Using glass jars, aluminum containers, or stash bags are all great ways to keep your weed safe from heat, light, and moisture. However, it’s also important to keep your weed at the right level of humidity. Too much humidity can cause your weed to degrade faster, but if the humidity is too low, your weed will become dry and brittle.

Cannabis Humidors help keep your weed at the best level of humidity for long-term quality. However, if you’re using other types of containers, it’s best to buy some Cannabis Humidity Packs. Also known as humidipaks, these are small pouches that offer 2-way humidity control to keep your weed containers at the appropriate RH.

Humidipaks are very easy to use. Simply put one in your container along with your weed and it’ll keep your stash at the perfect level of relative humidity for long-lasting freshness. They usually come in multipacks so you can get enough to take care of your weed even if you have multiple containers.

Boost and Boveda are two of the most popular brands offering humidity packs for cannabis and these can be bought online or in smoke shops. Various types of packs are available, but the best for maintaining marijuana freshness is either 58% or 62% humidity packs.

Keep Your Containers In A Cool, Dry Place

6. Keep Your Containers In A Cool, Dry Place

While choosing the right kind of container to store your weed in is important, it’s equally as important to store your containers in the right place. Research shows that your cannabis will degrade much more quickly if exposed to heat, moisture, sunlight, and oxygen, and although glass containers or stash boxes can help keep these out, for the most part, storing your weed in a cool, dry place adds an extra level of protection.

There are plenty of places you can appropriately store your weed containers, provided they keep out light, heat, and moisture. Many people keep their glass jars of weed in a cupboard or closet. You can also simply put your container in a drawer or cabinet. Whichever way, make sure it’s not exposed to these elements.

This is more important for some types of containers than others. For instance, while glass jars can do a great job of keeping oxygen and moisture out, they can quickly be affected by heat and sunlight if left out in the open. Humidors do a better job of keeping the elements out, but it’s still a good idea to keep them somewhere cool and dry.

As well as ensuring your containers aren’t exposed to heat, light, moisture, and oxygen from the outside, you should also make sure none of these elements get inside your containers. It’s especially important to make sure that your containers are dry before using them- excess moisture can cause your weed to become moldy. It also helps to fill them up and let excess oxygen out.

What To Avoid When Storing Your Weed

These tips offer some of the best things to do to store your weed properly. However, there are also certain things you need to avoid. Keeping your weed away from any excess heat, sunlight, or moisture is especially important, but there are a few other things you should know when working on proper weed storage.

Avoid storing your weed in plastic containers. Although these can keep your weed fairly safe and fresh, plastic degrades quicker than other materials and can affect your weed negatively. What’s more, the static charge from plastic containers can attract the trichomes from your weed, causing it to lose its potency. Although weed often comes in a plastic container when bought, it’s best to move it to a better method of storage if you’re storing it for a longer period.

You should also avoid storing other items and accessories along with your weed. While some people might be tempted to put their Pipe, Grinder, and other smoking accessories in their containers along with their weed, this isn’t a good idea. Other materials can impact the quality of your weed, especially if it’s left with sticky burnt resin from Pipes or half-smoked joints. Stash bags with multiple compartments can help but it’s best to keep your weed away from other items as much as possible.

Some users try to store their weed in the fridge or freezer for long-term storage. This is never a good idea- the temperature and humidity fluctuations can degrade your weed quickly. Plus, having to defrost your weed after taking it out of the freezer is a delicate process that will likely ruin the quality of your weed. Stick with cool, dry places.

What To Avoid When Storing Your Weed


Once you know how to properly store your marijuana, you can keep as much around your home as you want. Some users are worried about buying too much weed in case they have to leave it lying around to degrade. However, once you have a good storage system, maintaining your weed for a long time is easy.

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