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Just like in other aspects of life, the people who talk the biggest game oftentimes are the least knowledgeable about that certain topic. That’s typically the case with people who believe they’re cannabis connoisseurs versus those who are. 

So how would you spot the difference? 

When it comes to really knowing about cannabis and marijuana, there are a few key points to listen to and look for and a few things a true cannabis connoisseur would never say. 

What They Won’t Say

A true cannabis connoisseur will never call marijuana or cannabis “weed.” That word seems rather synonymous these days with the 1970’s drug culture. The more we place the drug back in those days, the slower the legalization process becomes. The word of the culture these days is cannabis. 

When it comes to spotting someone who truly knows what’s going on in the world of cannabis, they likely won’t put too much emphasis on finding a pure indica or sativa strain. That’s because real cannabis lovers know there are almost no pure indica or sativa strains out there. If you can find one, you’re going to likely pay a pretty penny. Almost every cannabis product available today is some form of a hybrid strain featuring both indica and sativa. 

True cannabis aficionados don’t talk about how cannabis is a drug or how it’s illegal or scandalous to use. A real expert likely believes in the recreational and medicinal benefits of using cannabis and all of its parts. 

What They Will Say

What They Will Say

If you ever come across someone dropping knowledge as you see in the previous section, you now know you can just walk away. Here’s a look at the top eight ways you can spot a cannabis connoisseur. 

  1. Knowing a cannabis plant has so much more to offer than THC and a recreational high is a true sign of someone who knows what they’re talking about. Cannabis plants are incredibly little, and in some cases, huge treasure troves of compounds. There are more than 100 compounds in a cannabis plant, and true experts know that THC and CBD are only two of those parts. They may be the two we hear about most, but that’s only because they’re the most widely used. THC is the compound that gets you high, and CBD does not. CBD is often used by people who believe it offers physical relief from a multitude of medical problems.
  2. Aside from knowing about all of those different compounds, a cannabis connoisseur will know about the existence of terpenes and what function they serve. Terpenes are the part of the cannabis plant that gives each different strain their own flavour and aroma. Similar to the cannabinoid compounds, there are hundreds of terpenes. They are often linked to CBD products and frequently used in products geared toward medicinal marijuana users. 
  3. These people won’t have any concern about the stigma surrounding cannabis use. If they are somewhere they can legally use cannabis products, which a true cannabis connoisseur always will be, they won’t care if anyone around them is judging. They will respect the people around them, but they won’t be shoved out of a spot they’re legally allowed to occupy. They won’t be rude or brazen, but they will also hold their ground when the opportunity presents itself. 
  4. Whether you’re in Canada, the United States, or somewhere else entirely, they will always know the rules and laws. Even in places where cannabis may be legal for medicinal purposes, it may not be legal for recreational use. Not only that, there are strict laws, even in different cities in the same province or U.S. state, that can prevent you from using cannabis in certain places. Cannabis connoisseurs know exactly what to do and when to do it, no matter where they are. 
  5. Concentrates are huge these days, and these people will know all about them, including which ones are solvent-based and non-solvent based. Concentrates can be confusing for people who are new to this genre of cannabis. Experts not only know that there are dry shake concentrates like kief and waxy concentrates like shatter, but they also know what makes them different. They also know the best methods for using these two types of concentrates and probably how much you should pay for a typical product in this category. 
  6. Not only will a cannabis connoisseur know about concentrates and likely used them at some point, but they will also probably still be a true lover of the old-fashioned method of smoking cannabis flower. There are dozens of ways to use dozens of different cannabis products out there today, but most cannabis experts are going to be old school. So, even if they’ve tried all types of methods and maybe even own different apparatus for different products, they’ll probably walk around with a pen, one-hitter, or ready to roll a joint at any moment. 
  7. They are brand conscious in this modern age of in-person and online dispensaries, where hundreds of thousands of brands are available. There are so many options not just when it comes to concentrates and oils, but even among cannabis flowers. They will usually have a brand that they’re loyal to for one reason or another. 
  8. Even more so than being brand conscious, cannabis connoisseurs may even grow their buds right at home. If someone has become somewhat of an expert on the subject, they know well enough how to grow their own cannabis and which conditions are necessary for each different strain and plant. If it’s been grown just right, and you’ve decided you trust their opinion, you will probably enjoy their home-grown product. 

What They Won’t Say

Closing Thoughts

Just remember, if someone seems to be using quite a few buzz words, they probably don’t really know what they’re talking about. Look for and listen to those keywords, such as someone using “cannabis” in place of “weed,” and you’ll be sure to always know when you’ve spotted a true cannabis connoisseur. 

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