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Although last year was a tough time for many industries, the legal cannabis market is still booming. Interestingly, 2020 was a record year for cannabis sales showing that there’s always a high demand for marijuana and CBD no matter what the circumstances. As such, those looking for exciting career opportunities might want to get involved in the industry and check out some of the best cannabis companies to work for.

Working in the cannabis industry isn’t just about selling marijuana. There are now all kinds of cannabis businesses focusing on various aspects. For instance, as well as medical dispensaries and recreational stores, there are also cannabis producers, testing facilities, packaging companies, and even ancillary businesses such as marketing, PR, and law firms tailored to the cannabis industry.

Having the opportunity to get involved in a fascinating and fast-growing industry isn’t the only perk of working for these companies, either. Some offer incredible workplaces and attractive employee benefits. Some offer flexibility and plenty of opportunities for career progression. Overall, there’s a fitting opportunity for pretty much every cannabis professional. Here’s a guide to some of the best cannabis companies to work for in 2021.


If you’re a cannabis fan in California, you’ve likely seen some Canndescent products around. They offer a range of products for the cannabis market, including high-quality strains of Cannabis Flower and Pre-Rolls. They also have a strong brand name and identity, making their products stand out in a competitive market.

As well as being one of California’s top cannabis brands, Canndescent is also one of the best cannabis companies to work for. Employees are treated well, with many receiving promotions within their first 6 months as well as valuable educational opportunities and equity in the company. If you’re looking for a stable cannabis job with plenty of perks, this is one of the best companies to check out.

Canndescent currently advertises open career opportunities via their website. With roles currently available in Cultivation, Marketing, Operations, and Sales, there are many valuable opportunities for those who want to get involved in the cannabis industry. All of these roles are in California- mainly in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.



OGEN by Bloom Cannabis is a cannabis cultivation company based out of Calgary, Alberta. On top of boasting a unique and interesting brand image, the company also provides itself on producing premium small-batch, hand-trimmed Cannabis Flower. The company continues to expand with improved facilities and a growing workforce, meaning that it also offers valuable job opportunities for professionals in the cannabis industry.

The company was ranked the top Cannabis Cultivation Company to work for in 2020 by Cannabis Business Times due to its strong company culture, generous salaries, and impressive employee benefits. What’s more, the company’s main facility is located just outside of downtown Calgary, making it an attractive option compared to cultivators located in remote rural locations.

OGEN hires a diverse range of people, both in terms of background and experience. As well as bringing on experienced cannabis professionals the company also offers opportunities for people to work their way up from entry-level positions. They currently have a small team but the company is growing fast, so Canadian cannabis professionals should look out for open roles.

Aphria, Inc.

Anyone looking to work for one of Canada’s top cannabis companies should consider Aphria. The company is headquartered in Leamington, Ontario, and is one of the biggest licensed producers of cannabis in the country, offering a wide range of products for both the medical and recreational markets.

Some of Aphria’s most notable brands include Good Supply, Solei, RIFF, and Broken Coast. Not only that, but it also has operations in various countries outside Canada. The company will soon merge with Tilray, Inc., which will also expand its reach in the U.S. as well as various countries in Europe. As such, this cannabis giant is only getting bigger.

Current Aphria jobs available include roles such as Encapsulation Associate, Oil Packing Manager, Manufacturing Associate, Associate Brand Manager, Packing Associate, and Customer Service Rep roles, so there are plenty of opportunities for cannabis professionals to work for this major cannabis company or its brands.

Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients is a company that offers plant nutrients for hydroponic growing. In other words, this is the best brand for anyone who wants to grow high-yielding and fast-growing marijuana plants via hydroponic growing. Their nutrient mixes can be added to hydroponic water tanks to make cannabis plants grow quickly and successfully.

Naturally, Advanced Nutrients is a fascinating company to work for if you’re interested in cannabis growing. But that’s not all. With an inviting team environment, flexible work opportunities, opportunities for growth and development (including paid education), and even a pet-friendly workplace, there are many reasons to work for this company.

The company currently hires over 100 employees, although it still has many roles available. Advanced Nutrients is looking for everything from General Laborers and Forklift Drivers to Accountants and Financial Analysts. As such, there are interesting opportunities here whether you’re looking for an entry-level position or something to suit your professional skill set.

Baker Technologies

Baker Technologies

Baker Technologies is another one of the best cannabis companies to work for in 2021 for a variety of reasons. The company offers Blackbird, the leading CRM platform tailored to cannabis dispensaries. Their platform gives cannabis companies the data and resources they need to track revenue, build customer engagement, and improve their business overall.

The company is eager to hire a range of employees ranging from cannabis experts to retail and technology professionals. What’s more, the company is renowned for offering an incredible workplace with tax-free parking, plenty of employee benefits including fifteen days off a year, and a lively team environment where teamwork and collaboration are encouraged.

All of this makes it a particularly attractive company to work for, and Baker Technologies has even picked up multiple awards for its success in hiring talented individuals and providing a top-notch work environment. Whether you’re interested in the cannabis industry, the retail industry, the tech industry, or all three, this is a prime company to work for.

MJ Freeway

Cannabis companies often have to deal with a lot of confusing rules and restrictions and, as such, compliance is important every step of the way. MJ Freeway is a handy piece of seed-to-sale software that helps cannabis companies ensure that all their operations are legally compliant, helping them run much more smoothly and efficiently.

Not only is it an impressive platform for cannabis companies, but MJ Freeway is also one of the top cannabis companies to work for. The company has a strong team-based culture that makes employees feel welcomed and valued. It also offers attractive perks including 100% health coverage, unlimited paid time off, and the opportunity to work remotely.

The company currently has a relatively small team but offers numerous job openings for eager cannabis professionals. Roles available right now include Communications Manager, Bilingual Technical Support Specialist, and Sales Development Specialist. What’s more, this company will likely grow significantly in the future and have even more available roles for those looking to work in a top cannabis company.

Apeks Supercritical

Apeks Supercritical is another fascinating company that focuses on a particular niche of cannabis production. CO2 extraction is often used to make clean, high-quality cannabis concentrates, and Apeks Supercritical offers top-notch CO2 extraction systems and machines to make the job smoother and easier for producers of these cannabis extracts.

As well as offering some of the best equipment around for producing cannabis concentrates, Apeks Supercritical is also known as one of the best cannabis companies to work for. The Ohio-based company values transparency, employee health, and employee satisfaction in general.

Offering a workplace that features office dogs and a frisbee golf course, there’s no doubt that this is a fun and rewarding place to work. On top of that, employees benefit from paid time off, a 401k with 3% company contribution, and flexible working options. Currently, they’re only seeking a Service Technician, but you might want to look out for other roles in the future.



Boveda is easily another one of the best cannabis companies to work for right now. If you’ve ever dealt with cannabis storage, you’re probably familiar with this brand’s range of two-way humidity packs that keep Cannabis Flower, Concentrates, and other products at the perfect conditions for long-lasting quality and freshness.

The company is always focused on employee satisfaction and there are many reasons employees are proud to work for Boveda. For instance, they benefit from an attractive 401k program, paid education, attractive paid time off packages, health coverage and life insurance, and plenty of great opportunities to grow and develop within the company. Not to mention small bonuses such as free Boveda swag and Happy Hours.

Overall, this is an excellent place to work if you’re interested in the cannabis industry or even the hemp and tobacco industries. They also have opportunities available in various parts of the United States. Current open roles include Marketing Scrum Master, Sales Executives, and VP of Project Management, so you might want to check them out if you’re looking for a new job.

Golden Leaf Holdings

Golden Leaf Holdings is another one of the best companies to check out if you’re looking for work opportunities in the cannabis industry. Based out of Portland, Oregon, this company is a consumer-driven cannabis company covering everything from production to distribution to retail. The company has a wide portfolio of brands and, as such, offers various exciting career opportunities.

Working for Golden Leaf Holdings is an attractive prospect for various reasons. The company has a relaxed work environment with team Happy Hours, barbeques, and potlucks. Employees also get perks such as paid parental leave, memberships at certain gyms, and more. There’s also tons of opportunity for growth and employees can go from budtenders to managers within a couple of years.

Golden Leaf Holdings currently has operations in various parts of the United States and operates brands such as Chalice Farms, Elysium Fields, and RXO. As such, if you’re eager to work in the cannabis industry and want to work for a company that’s big on helping employees develop and grow, you might want to check this company out.

State Flower

State Flower is a California-based cannabis company with a strong brand image. The company focuses on small-batch, sustainably grown Cannabis Flower, and it produces various high-quality strains for the marijuana market. It’s also one of the best cannabis companies to work for due to the range of benefits it gives its employees.

Employees at State Flower won’t need to worry about paying to stay healthy. Employees benefit from extensive healthcare benefits covering medical, dental, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and even vision insurance. Other perks include healthy office snacks, staff lunches, and team-building events, making it a fun and rewarding place to work.

The company is also an excellent place for career development. Employees benefit from plenty of training and education opportunities and can advance their careers within the company. Professionals located in California or Nevada might want to look into career opportunities provided by State Flower if they want to work in the cannabis industry.

Greenhouse Wellness

Greenhouse Wellness

Last but not least, Greenhouse Wellness is another one of the most attractive cannabis companies to work for. Located in Ellicott City, Maryland, this is a prime medical marijuana dispensary that offers a range of high-quality cannabis products for patients within the state.

Greenhouse Wellness offers the highest wages of any dispensary in Maryland and also provides a range of attractive benefits for employees. With a tight-knit team environment, encouragement of work-life balance, plentiful opportunities for growth and development, and unlimited personal time off, there are many reasons employees enjoy working here.

Not only is it renowned as one of the top cannabis companies to work for, but it’s twice been named one of Baltimore Business Journal’s Best Places to Work. Whether you’re looking for an exciting job in the cannabis industry or one of the best jobs in Maryland, you’ll want to look this dispensary up.


If you’re looking for an exciting career opportunity in the cannabis industry, these are some of the best cannabis companies to work for right now. The industry is growing fast and, with new roles cropping up all the time, it’s a great time to get involved. 

Those looking to learn more about the cannabis industry or even just try out some of the best cannabis products can also check out BuyMyWeedOnline.

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