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Update: Since this article was originally posted in 2015, there have been many updates in the field of marijuana studies and cannabis education. While Kwantlen Polytechnic University was the first institution to roll out a cannabis course to the public, there are now many options people can choose from throughout Canada. In fact, Toronto now officially has its own cannabis-college. In addition to the traditional colleges, people who want to work in the medical marijuana industry can also pursue their education in cannabis online, with many institutions offering online classes. To get a full list of the different cannabis courses available throughout Canada, check out this article from the Growth Hop for more information.

If you’re looking to get into the legal aspect of all things medical marijuana-related, Kwantlen Polytechnic University in British Columbia might be where you want to be headed come fall. Starting September 8, 2015, the university will begin offering a course entitled “Introduction to Professional Management for Medical Marijuana Purposes in Canada.” The course is offered online, which means no matter where you are in Canada you’ll be able to enroll as long as you have an internet connection.

Plant Production and Facility Management

The first part of the 14-week class is the first of its kind and is open to anyone interested in gaining the knowledge it takes to really make it in the legal marijuana industry. With only 25 federally licensed grow ops in the entire country (with 13 in Ontario and 6 in BC) this will open the door to many more people looking to gain access to growing, supplying, and selling legal medical marijuana.

The course is split into two different modules that take place September 8- October 23, 2015. The first called “Plant Production and Facility Management Theory” will help students learn to identify the fundamental differences of plant characteristics. Growing mediums will be introduced and students will also be instructed on how to identify healthy vs. unhealthy root systems. They will also learn how to best enhance the growing environment for healthy root production.

Also included in the first module will be information offered on different irrigation options and techniques, hydroponic growing systems, pest management, crop cycles, and drying, storing, and curing cannabis. Health Canada’s regulations will also be introduced in the first part of course instruction.

The second module is known as “Legalities and Legislations: Becoming a Licensed Producer in the MMPR Business.” If there’s anything we all know for sure about legal medical marijuana is that the laws and legislations seem to be constantly changing. This part of the course will cover the history of government regulations in Canada’s medical marijuana business, as well as the history of international government regulations when it comes to legal cannabis.

Current legal challenges will also be presented in the part of the course with a better understanding of local bylaws. Students will become familiar with the legal challenges associated with developing an MMRP (Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulation) application.

Marketing, Sales, and Drug Development

The second half of this course is offered October 26- December 11, 2015. Also split into two different modules, it covers marketing and sales strategies as well as the role of health professionals when it comes to medical marijuana. The first module “Marketing, Sales, and Patient Acquisition Strategies” will include a review of Health Canada’s marketing regulations, help you build branding strategies, and learn who your target audience is.

The second module of the course, “Medical Conditions and Drug Development Processes” will cover what conditions cannabis treats and the role of health professionals in the medical marijuana industry. It will offer an exploration into Vancouver’s dispensaries, the drug development process, and look at alternatives to smoking medical marijuana.

Necessary Education for a Growing Industry

The course, offered by Tegan Adams, a business development manager at Experchem Laboratories Inc. was created to allow professionals to (legally) get into the industry. He believes that if people want to get into the medical marijuana industry, they need to know the rules and how to properly follow them. As stated by Adams:

“If you want to do it illegally, I’m sure there are many ways to look into that, but if you want to comply by federal guidelines and be a part of the growing industry, that’s more of the audience we are looking at.”

Although the first course of its kind offered in Canada, you can bet that it will serve as a guideline for many educational opportunities relating to medical marijuana to come. We’ve only just begun as far as the legality of marijuana as medicine. As more and more people get on board, there is going to be more and more opportunity creating the need for real knowledge concerning the wide world of legal cannabis cultivation and the best practices for marijuana business management.

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