Best Places to Smoke Weed in Canada

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Ever since recreational marijuana was legalized in Canada, the country has become increasingly greener. More establishments than ever have allowed the consumption of marijuana in their premises, and so have many public places. 

Which means that the days of searching for secluded spots like bathroom stalls and storage rooms are over, and weed lovers all over the country can finally enjoy their weed out in the open after more than a hundred years of prohibition.

With winter just around the corner, this is great news for everyone. Now, marijuana enthusiasts can enjoy the snow even more, with their favorite strains warming them up. That being said, be sure to follow the local smoking policies and consume responsibly in public areas.

Looking forward to it? We’re sure that you are. Which is why today we will be discussing the best places to smoke weed in Canada this winter. So let’s begin.

1. Kensington Market, Toronto, Ontario

If you live in Canada’s most weed friendly city, then you must surely know about this unique, Bohemian market which has had a positive attitude towards cannabis for decades now.

You read that right, this particular market has been a hub for weed lovers and enthusiasts since even before it was legalized. So if you are planning to visit Toronto anytime soon, be sure to take a stroll down the streets and visit this fabled neighborhood.

To the west of Chinatown, this neighborhood offers a variety of unique and hip restaurants, cafes and shops. However, the area used to be best loved for its many cannabis vape lounges and dispensaries, both of which were responsible for creating a delicious aroma all over the neighborhood.

But while many of these lounges are now closed, you can still check out the local scene, and enjoy your favorite strains at Hotbox P0tio, a weed and vape friendly cafe and patio.

If you start feeling the munchies, Kensington Market is home to many unique grocers, bakeries and cheese shops. Or you can simply visit one of the hip bars, vintage boutiques or even the area’s famous indie shops.

2. Hotel Zed, Kelowna British Columbia

If you know any weed enthusiasts from British Columbia, then you must have probably heard about Hotel Zed, and it’s fabled weed walks.

Yep, in addition to offering all the traditional activities and fun services like ping pong, free cycles, discos, roller skating and bars, this swanky hotel in Kelowna BC, also offers weed walks.

And weed walks are just what they sound like. The hotel guide takes you on a walking, or even driving tour around the area, showing you the Galloping Goose Trail, a petting zoo, many local stores in case you’re running short, and of course, numerous food trucks and cafes in case any munchies arise

If you feel like it, they’ll even take you to a library and show you the best reading and creativity inspiring spots in the city.

In short, a weed walk includes everything and anything you might want to do while high. Or if you are looking for a quiet, relaxing vacation, they have a number of designated cannabis friendly smoking areas and lounges on their premises.

3. Street Art Tours in Montreal, Quebec

The streets of Montreal are famous for their cool, hop graffiti and urban art. Local artists have had their fun, and nearly converted the whole area into a city wide art festival, featuring everything from abstract art to motivational quotes designed in vibrant colors.

Which is why the city is one of the best places to take a stroll in, with your joint in your hand and check out the art. Infact, being high throws it all into a new and unique perspective, which makes us think that some of the artists might also have been on weed or something even stronger.

However, there is a lot more to do in Montreal as well. The city is home to a number of vintage shops and hip eateries, and there are several touring services, who tell people about the city’s rich, cultural history, underground art scene and the most famous artists.

4. Cottage Getaways, anywhere in Canada

With winter just around the corner and the weather just beginning to turn, this is the perfect time to plan the perfect holiday.

Going away to live in and explore the great outdoors is always exciting, but something about weed makes it even more exhilarating. The fresh air, clear skies, and wide open spaces paired with a rich and powerful strain can help you appreciate nature on a completely different level.

Just imagine yourself sitting around the fire with a group of friends, chatting and laughing,  fighting off the cold night with a well rolled joint in one hand and a smore in the other. Doesn’t it make you long for it.

And it doesn’t even matter which province or city you live in, cause nearly all of them have great holiday parks and adventure spots. So plan your vacation and don’t forget to pack your favorite strains before leaving.

5. Your own home

There really is no place like home, especially if you really want to enjoy a special and unique strain.

Because, let’s face it, no other place in the world would ever be half as comfortable as your own couch or bed. And that really is all that you need after a long and stressful week isn’t it?.

Or you could throw a party and invite some friends over. We don’t need to tell you that parties and marijuana are as good a combination as French fries and ketchup.

Even if you are using marijuana for medicinal reasons, it is always best to do so in a familiar and comforting place.

So simply kick back on your couch and watch a movie with your favorite strain and a delicious plate of your favorite food.

Always consume responsibly

Listed above are just some of the places you can enjoy weed in Canada, but now that it is legal, there is so much more that you can do. 

That being said, we must remind you it is always best to consume responsibly while in public. So make sure that you are following all local rules and regulations before lighting up anywhere. 

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