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There’s a myriad of slang terms to describe cannabis.

Weed, marijuana, pot, ganja, 420 (four twenty), doobies, flowers, the herb, sensimilla — these are just a few words we’ve been able to randomly pick from our cannabis vocab.

When it comes to different ways to smoke marijuana, the weed language is just as rich.

Blunts, spliffs, joints… They all describe a rolled form of cannabis. Many new consumers are using these terms interchangeably, but they are actually a bit different from each other.

Although blunts, spliffs, and joints are equally cherished across the world, they involve different materials, rolling techniques, and additives.

For example, blunts are great for special occasions, such as b-day parties or larger celebrations.

Spliffs are particularly popular in Europe, where people tend to mix cannabis with tobacco or herbal blends.

And joints? Well, joints are definitely the most iconic way to smoke weed.

Let’s elaborate on those delicate nuances that help you distinguish between blunts, spliffs, and joints.

Blunts vs. Spliffs vs. Joints: What’s the Difference

As we said, it’s easy to confuse blunts, spliffs, and joints.

In essence, they’re all just cannabis rolled into some paper, but the difference lies in three significant aspects.

Becoming familiar with these three differences will help you determine whether you prefer an old-school joint or you’re more into the European style of smoking cannabis.

What is a Blunt

1. What is a Blunt?

A blunt is most commonly confused with a joint.

A good old-fashioned blunt packs ground marijuana buds which are then enveloped in a special rolling paper.

But this isn’t your regular rolling paper.

Blunts are made with special wraps that are made out of either tobacco leaf or by emptying a cigar from the tobacco and using the cigar leaf to roll the stuff.

Alternatively, blunts can be rolled with hemp blunt wraps, but these items are relatively new to the market.

Blunts are better for packing more cannabis and giving you more intense buzz than you get from smoking a joint or spliff.

The minimum quantity a blunt can hold is half-gram, but if you like to blaze fat sticks, you can increase the amount to gram or two.

However, for a weed purist, smoking a blunt may be a heavy sin because it involves smoking the tobacco leaf. But then again, the aforementioned hemp wraps will be a decent substitute if you want to keep things in the cannabis family.

How Do You Roll a Blunt?

The easiest way to prepare a blunt is to take an empty cigar tube. Pack the hollow leaf with marijuana, making an evenly spread stuffing.

Give your blunt wrap a liberal slobber on both sides. It’s not the most enjoyable experience, but you need to go through it if you don’t want your weed to spill all over the room.

Now, roll the blunt and run the flame of a lighter over its end, making sure you don’t ignite the tobacco leaf.

What is a Joint

2. What is a Joint?

Joints are the most widely smoked of the three formats.

When you smoke a joint, you only use weed — nothing else.

Cannabis is typically rolled in hemp or cellulose paper, although there are also companies that specialize in making rice paper.

The whole process requires you to grind up the weed, spread it evenly on the paper, add the tip, and roll the joint.

Joint are smaller than blunts, but they can take a plethora of different shapes and sizes, from tulips to roses, braids, airplanes, and more.

A standard joint contains about 0.3 grams of cannabis, which is perfect for casual sessions or small gatherings with friends.

How do I Roll a Joint?

Start by grinding up your cannabis flowers. Once your done, get some cardboard and make a tip out of it. The tip acts as a cigarette filter. Most pre-rolled joints come with tips attached to them.

Roll the tip into a zig-zag shape for improved airflow, place it on one end of your paper, and use as much weed as you need to get the desired volume.

Next, lick the glue on one side of the paper, roll the joint, and tie it at the very top, just as you would tie a homemade candy stick.

What is a Spliff

3. What is a Spliff?

Spliffs are similar to joints, with one exception — they typically use tobacco as an extra ingredient.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why on earth would anybody desecrate weed with tobacco? After all, commercially sold tobacco contains plenty of unhealthy additives, not to mention the carcinogenic smoke you inhale along with the weed.

The number one reason is that spliffs tend to burn slower and more evenly than joints or blunts, so you can actually avoid a canoeing spliff.

A canoeing spliff is when your creation starts burning unevenly, which may lead to wasting the beneficial compounds from weed.

Another argument used by spliff proponents is that spliffs give them a heavier high than a regular joint.

Finally, a spliff may be your last resort when you’re about to run out of cannabis but you feel the urge to spice up your day with a little bit of greens.

How do You Roll a Spliff?

It’s much like rolling a joint, but with added tobacco.

If you can roll a joint, then you’ll have no problems with rolling a spliff.

Just make sure you don’t go 50/50 with your weed and tobacco ratios. You just want your spliff to burn evenly, not to taste like burned tobacco.

How do You Roll a Spliff

Why Are Spliffs Called Inferior Joints?

There’s a good reason why spliffs are the least popular way to smoke cannabis.

Tobacco is a widely known carcinogen and a contributor to an array of modern diseases, from hypertension to stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and more.

Besides, a large share of commercially manufactured tobacco is just a mere excuse of what farmers would cultivate a few decades ago, so it’s actually the worst additive you can infuse your spliff with.

Some people like to mix cannabis with herbal blends such as yerba or chamomile to introduce new flavors to the spliff and add extra effects to the cannabis high without having to inhale nicotine.

What’s your go-to way to roll weed? Do you prefer joints over blunts, or the other way round? Do we have any spliff enthusiasts out there? Give us a shout in the comments and share your thoughts!

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