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There are many classic combinations which are famous all over the world. Examples include peanut butter and jelly, burger and fries, bacon and eggs etc. 

However, we feel that 2020 might be remembered for a new combination. With more than half the world forced into quarantine and lockdown due to the Coronavirus, people have been super bummed out.

In times like these, Cannabis has come to the rescue, accompanied by video games!

Even though this combination of Cannabis and video games has been around for some time, it’s importance and significance has only been highlighted in recent times.

But why do people love cannabis and video games so much? What does this combination signify? What games go best with cannabis?

All of these are great questions, and ones which we will be answering in this article, as well as telling you about some great games to play while high. 

So let’s begin.

Why do people love cannabis and video games so much?

If you are a true stoner, and someone who has been using recreational cannabis for a long time, you must have at some point helped Link conquer shrines in Gerudo Highlands, or waged epic battles in Doom Eternal.

Or, if you are a sports fan, you might just have played the wildest matches ever, guiding your favorite teams to new heights. 

Now if you have been doing this for some time, you must be well aware of the many ways in which cannabis can make the gaming experience so much better. And if you haven’t, you can rest assured that once you’re through with this article, you’ll be dying to try this out.

Why? Because being stoned can really change your gaming experience. It can really improve the ability to focus for people who play massive, multiplayer action games, and even help you regulate your emotions, in case you get stuck in a crappy team.

Additionally, cannabis can make every game seem upto 10 times more interesting, and a hundred times funnier. As a result, you can enjoy cannabis and video games even if you only play games on your phone.

However, Cannabis is best suited for adventure games, and the best strains will literally transport you to the magical or fantasy land of your choosing. You will feel the exhilaration, the fear, the excitement, and the rush of energy as your character rushes into the battle, or is ambushed by enemies.

And don’t just take our word for it, this is a research backed fact.

The two main active compounds in cannabis, i.e. THC and CBD, are able to react with the body’s endocannabinoid system. This in turn, can take your ability to concentrate and focus to completely new levels – pun intended.

This, combined with the euphoric and mood lifting effects of cannabis, not only ensures that you will enjoy playing your favorite video games, but also helps you relieve stress and depression.

What do cannabis and video games signify?

As we’ve said before, cannabis and video games may well be the combination of 2020, and even the decade.

Because both of these things are among some of the most important ones in a person’s life, especially in this decade. In fact, some theorists and experts have even considered them as cultures, since both of them play an important part in people’s feelings, actions, and beliefs.

As a result, cannabis and video games go beyond being just a moment of leisure, and instead today, signify a lifestyle choice. And this has only been encouraged by the legalization of weed across so many states and countries.

That being said, we do have to warn you that cannabis does remain a banned substance for many sports and gaming leagues, especially because of its concentration and focus-improving qualities.

Best games to play while high

So now that you know the benefits of playing video games while high, let’s talk about the games. While cannabis can make every game seem a lot more interesting, exhilarating and funnier than it usually is, there are some games you might enjoy more.

Let’s look each of them in turn

1. Animal Crossing

One of the most famous games of the year, or rather the quarantine. In fact, animal crossing is one of the games which you never stop playing, and yet is not too heavy on the brain.

And while the game is enjoyable on it’s own, with a never ending list of activities, the fun doubles if you are high. Everything falls into focus, and even simple tasks are thrown into a new perspective.

2. Super Mario Bros

No one can ever be a true gamer if they don’t enjoy and appreciate this nintendo classic. A friendly timeless classic which might look like a casual game, but in reality can be quite intense and frustrating to play.

But don’t worry, because cannabis is here to help. Now you can face the many obstacles with improved focus, hand eye coordination, and concentration levels you have never experienced before. So happy gaming.

3. The Last of Us (series)

One of the most famous games ever created, especially from a storyline point of view. Believe us, it doesn’t get better than this so you need to get a hold of this game.

The story itself is a bit depressing, so be prepared to go through a series of emotional ups and downs, accompanied by some truly thrilling and action packed scenes as well. 

4. Doom Eternal

This one deserves to be on this list, for it fulfills all your action needs and more. With a thrilling storyline and more action and guns than any other Doom game, Doom Eternal will have you hooked and caught in a playing frenzy within minutes.

5. The Legend of Zelda

If you love adventure games, then you surely must know that it doesn’t get better than this. The Legend of Zelda is a breathtaking game, with an engaging storyline  and interactive characters. It’s no wonder the game has won so many awards.

We’re sure that you probably have played this game before, but why not experience it from a different perspective?  It will blow your mind.

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