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A weed grinder is a common accessory for many seasoned cannabis smokers. It is however not a must since you can still use your fingers to break up your weed buds. Weed grinders make this activity easier. There are two divisions of weed grinders: manual and electric. You operate a manual grinder like the Grind Master by twisting its lid or top with your hands. Electric weed grinders need power from batteries or electricity. 

A good electric weed grinder helps break down cannabis herbs into fine particles. If you are using a vaporizer, the fine particles easily turn into vapor due to their fine quality. You should put the same energy into choosing an electric grinder as when you selected your vaporizer. Your ideal electric grinder can grind approximately three grams of marijuana at a go.

Why Use a Weed Grinder?

Using any other method to break down your weed into small pieces may lead to a lot of waste. This is because those other methods do not produce the ideal bud-air-fire ratio. This ratio is important if you aim to achieve a perfect burn. Using an electric weed grinder ensures that you get a uniform grind every time. The small particles allow air to flow freely and evenly whenever you take a hit of the drug in any form. 

An electric weed grinder is not difficult to operate. It is ideal for persons with arthritis or if you prefer not to have to hustle when hitting the weed. The process with electric weed grinders is convenient but different depending on the design. But if you want to simplify your marijuana routine, there is some information concerning grinding that may help you. 

What to Look for When Looking for Electric Weed Grinders

If you are looking for an electric weed grinder, there are several things to consider. All of the factors depend on what you prefer out of the experience. The ideal electric grinders help unlock the potential of THC in the herb. This helps you improve the experience making it better than other grinding options. Herein are some of the options to consider.

What to Look for When Looking for Electric Weed Grinders


The amount you grind depends on how much you can safely partake. Whether it is for medical or recreational purposes, the size of the grinder counts. As a start, you need to know the amount of cannabis that you need. Find out about the products that you need to help you in your path to discovery. Your choice heavily depends on your lifestyle. If you prefer to use it while on the go, there are options ideal for you, like a medium or large portable electric weed grinder. 

If you only prefer to use marijuana at home, a medium or large electric grinder may also be good for you. However, if you are a heavy user, a large or extra-large electric weed grinder may be the one for you. Such electric grinders work best for those who like smoking large quantities of marijuana at a go. Be careful when selecting the size of electric weed grinders. This is because size relates to circumference and depth.

Grinder Teeth

The kind and number of teeth in the grinder dictate how the electric grinder breaks down your weed. Keep in mind that the level of grinding is how you will receive the effects of marijuana. 

More teeth in an electric weed grinder, the better the outcome. The finer the weed particles, the better combustion when vaping. If you can find one with teeth relative to the right diameter, it is good. Also, consider the shape of teeth along with the number of teeth. If possible, choose an electric weed grinder with diamond teeth. This is best if you are particular about your ground weed.

Grinder Teeth

Type of Material

 The type of material that makes up the electric grinder heavily influences the potency and purity of weed. Some materials may break during the grinding, thus tainting your weed. For this reason, it is best to avoid plastic electric weed grinders. If your weed is course, it can chip the paint or some small pieces from the grinder, which will affect your weed.

Choice of material also affects the price of the electric grinder. An expensive electric grinder is not a guarantee of better quality. But generally speaking, quality and cost go hand-in-hand. 


Using marijuana either for medical reasons or as a recreational drug comes down to how you like it. Grinding it depends on how you prefer to use it. This means vaping, smoking, or another way of consumption. Any option that you choose depends on your level of experience in cannabis usage and your level of need. 

If you are new to cannabis, you can start by breaking it into pieces using your hand. With time you may opt for a more convenient way of consuming it. Do not hurry when it comes to choosing what you need. Test and re-test to confirm what works best with you. Consumption of marijuana has no one-size-fits-all kind of usage. What may seem good for others may be different for you. Take time to weigh the odds against the evens when choosing. For instance, weigh the cost against what you may prefer. 

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