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In the world of cannabis, silicone and glass water pipes are arguably the most popular for seasoned smokers. This article focuses on the benefits of both and how one of them might be best suited for your smoking style. Hit, size, flavour, and consistency are major determinants, as well as durability and cost-effectiveness. 

Differences Between Glass and Silicone Pipes

After researching many types of silicone and glass bongs, here is a comprehensive look at both of them. When you understand the difference in materials, you can easily decide which type of water pipe fits your smoking style and preferences. 

Quality Factors

According to the most popular opinion of veteran cannabis heads, water pipes made from glass material beat out the rest of the competition when it comes to the quality of the hit. 

However, aficionados in this field say that their silicone counterparts might have a longer lifespan. Yet, as they are frequently used, they say that the smoke quality from them tends to deteriorate over time. This is largely attributed to aging and usage of the bong.

It is worth noting that top-quality silicone water pipes do not experience this effect. Some of these high-quality bongs come equipped with accessorizing options that can work with glass parts. Consequently, this leads to better performance and high-quality hits over time.

The Durability Factor

It is a known fact that glass water pipes are prone to easily breaking. This is especially true if you do not properly invest in glass bongs that are made from extra thick glass. Consider how you intend to use your water pipe before investing in one. Also, you should consider innovative products that aid in enhancing the protection of the glass that makes up your water pipe.

On the other hand, cannabis buffs attest to the better longevity of silicone water pipes in comparison to their glass counterparts. Depending on your durability needs, you can make a decision on which one you prefer. 

Cleaning Factors

Cleaning Factors

It goes without mentioning that all water pipes need thorough and regular cleaning. This is true, regardless of the material they are made from. However, when it comes to glass versus silicone, glass takes first place. 

According to staunch water pipe users, silicone versions require more care than glass ones. Glass water pipes can better withstand abrasive cleaning techniques that silicone bongs cannot. For this reason, you should factor in how much you intend to use your bong. For instance, if you intend to use it daily, a silicone water pipe will not be suitable for you. This is because seasoned stoners recommend cleaning your piece each time you are done with it. For this reason, the constant abrasions to your silicone water pipe might deteriorate its quality. But if you will be using it occasionally, it is a viable choice.

On the other hand, whether you intend to use your glass piece a few times a day or once in a blue moon, glass bongs are ideal in regards to cleaning them. They are pretty resilient to the wear and tear they go through while being cleaned. Even so, cleaning solutions that help alleviate abrasions are available for both silicone and glass water pipes.

For both newbies and weathered stoners, it is advisable to have both if they are within your reach. If you prefer a glass bong but also fear breaking it while traveling, a silicone version works perfectly as a backup piece

Why Glass Water Pipes?

Among stoning connoisseurs, glass water pipes are quite popular. According to them, they give off smooth and clean hits that are easily maintained with an excellent water pipe. Here are a few reasons why glass water pipes are ideal:

  • Stain Resistance and Smoother Smoke Quality – From time immemorial, glass smoking devices have set a precedent for the future. Most of them come with percolators that give you the best tasting and smoothest hits. Due to its resistance to stains, a well-cleaned glass pipe gives you fresh hits every time.
  • Easy to Carry and Use – Even though glass is fragile, a smaller-sized glass bong with super thick glass is perfect for the best hit while on the go. If you value the quality of your favorite cannabis strain, this is the best option for you.
  • Intricate and Efficient Design for Percolation – For many veteran stoners, the design of their water pipe is an art that is integral to their smoking experience. Glass bongs offer the opportunity to create designs that are not only intricate but also customizable to everyone’s needs. Most materials do not offer this option.

Why Glass Water Pipes

Why Silicone Water Pipes?

If you are the clumsy type or just prone to accidents, silicone bongs are perfect for you. In the recent past, companies have used silicone to make awesome products for stoners around the world. The greatest advantage is that they do not break as easily as glass bongs. If you have gone through several glass bongs due to breakage, it is time you try the silicone versions.

If you are worried about the transition, don’t be. Silicone pipes work similarly to their glass counterparts. Additionally, some have water filtration features that are identical to those in glass pipes. They take a little more time to get dirty, and due to their opaqueness, there will not be any discoloration. However, this might lead to a lesser quality hit.

The Final Hit

That being said, the choice of using glass or silicone water pipes entirely relies on you. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for either one of them. They are both viable options that are well recognized among aficionado stoners. Using the information above, you can make an informed decision about which one of them best suits you.

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