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If you are a soda or coffee drinker, you may find you are dependent on the caffeine to give you the boost you need to get through the day. But the longer you make a morning cup of joe or an afternoon soda a part of your routine, the more you may find that you need more and more to get the same effects. This is because your body starts to build a tolerance to caffeine. The same can happen with almost anything that you use long-term, including using marijuana.

To combat this, some users turn to a weed tolerance break to reset their systems. We’ll dive into what that means and how often you should do it.

What is Weed Tolerance?

Weed tolerance, like any other kind of tolerance, refers to a product’s effects dissipating over time as your body acclimates. In other words, as your body gets used to cannabis’ effects, you’ll need to take more cannabis to get the same effects.

What is a Weed Tolerance Break?

Also called a t-break, a weed tolerance break is a short-term break from using cannabis. This is one popular method cannabis users use to reset their system and lower their tolerance levels back down to where they used to be.

There are two types of t-breaks:

  • A full-on break from marijuana where users do not use any product for a set amount of time.
  • A break from a specific use or changing their use. For example, if someone typically takes a hit in the morning and at night, they may skip their morning hit for a certain amount of time.

Whether you decide to abstain entirely from using marijuana or change up your cannabis routine will depend on your own preferences, what you think will work best, and why you are going on a tolerance break in the first place.

Why Take a Tolerance Break?

Marijuana users may decide a weed tolerance break is a good idea for many reasons, each person to the individual. Common reasons to take a t-break include:

  • To give their pocketbook a break. Having to take higher amounts of marijuana to overcome your tolerance threshold can get expensive. Taking a break to reset your system can help keep your marijuana spending down within a normal spending range.
  • You are travelling to a non-cannabis-friendly location. Though Canada has legalized weed, not all countries have. If you are planning to travel, you’ll need to see if cannabis is allowed. If not, you may need to take a forced t-break.
  • Preparing for a drug test. If you need to do a drug test, you may choose to abstain from using marijuana if that is something they are looking for. (We’ll cover how long marijuana stays in your system later).
  • To improve the marijuana experience. A break can also reset your system, which will improve the effects you experience when using cannabis.

How Long and How Often You Should Take a Weed Tolerance Break

Using marijuana is a very individual experience. The way you react to different marijuana strains, how often you use cannabis, and even how you consume marijuana will all impact the effects you experience. Because of this, your t-break frequency and length will vary.

THC and other compounds found in marijuana can remain in your system for more than 30 days. If you want to clear marijuana from your system completely, you will want your t-break to last a month or slightly longer.

However, if you are just taking a break to improve effects, some people will notice a difference after taking just a few days off from cannabis. For a more intense shakeup, some users will abstain from cannabis or change their routine for a week or two.

How often you choose to go on a t-break also depends on you. You can wait until you notice the effects diminishing or work these breaks into your regular routine. Some cannabis enthusiasts recommend taking a two-day break every month to help manage your tolerance levels. Again, you know what will work best for you.

Other Ways to Manage Your Weed Tolerance

T-breaks are but one way you can manage your weed tolerance and prevent becoming too dependent on marijuana. Other strategies you can work into your cannabis routine include:

Combining with occasional tolerance breaks, these tactics can help you keep a handle on your weed tolerance.

Tips for a Successful Weed Tolerance Break

Tips for a Successful Weed Tolerance Break

Ready to start your tolerance break? If you are going cold turkey for a while, you’ll want to be prepared. In addition to understanding what a t-break is and how to incorporate it into your lifestyle, you should be prepared to possibly feel some withdrawal effects; there are things you can do to help ensure your success:

  • Let others know so they don’t offer you any marijuana or invite you to events focused on using cannabis with friends
  • Stay active: Go on walks, hit up the gym, and find activities to keep active when you otherwise would typically use marijuana.
  • Find a new hobby: This can give you something else to focus on instead of the fact that you aren’t using marijuana right now.

Final Thoughts on Marijuana T-Breaks

Though science has not yet confirmed whether t-breaks are effective, many marijuana users feel they are. If you are starting to notice you need to increase your marijuana use or potency to feel the effects you want, a weed tolerance break may be a good idea.

A tolerance break, or t-break, can last a few days, a week, or even a month, depending on your usage and why you are taking the break in the first place. You can work regular t-breaks into your cannabis routine or just do them as you feel they are needed.

Set yourself up for success on your tolerance break by letting others, especially those you usually smoke with, know.

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