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Bad luck can happen to even the most seasoned consumers, and there’s nothing more irritating than losing a grinder or breaking its teeth when you have plenty of herbs to grind.

So, if you’ve been caught by that kind of bad luck, this guide has everything you need to help yourself out. We’ll cover the most common methods of grinding weed without a grinder, both at home and on the go alike.

8 Ways to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

While a grinder is an invaluable tool for breaking up the buds, there are other methods you can use for the job.

For example, if you have a grater, coffee grinder, or even a knife and chopping board, you should have no problems grinding your weed.

In the worst-case scenario, you can even break up your weed by hand, so even if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere — just your greens, rolling papers, and a lighter — you will manage to roll one up.

Grinding Weed Without a Grinder at Home

Most smoking sessions take place at home, so below we share our tips on how to grind weed without a grinder when you plan to smoke your weed inside.

1. Mortar and Pestle

Our ancestors would grind their herbs and spices this way, so why not use the old-school tool yourself? Do it like the ancients and embrace the sweet fragrances of your freshly ground weed. The advantage of using this method is that you have full control over the consistency of your buds.

2. Knife and Chopping Board

This method requires using two basic kitchen tools. You don’t need to be a pro chef to have a knife and a chopping board, so if you have some sense of hand-eye coordination, then grinding weed this way may be a good option to consider. If you want to achieve a fine chop, use a non-serrated blade. Due to being much smaller than fruits and vegetables, cannabis calls for some patience and delicacy during the process.

Knife and Chopping Board

3. Grater

Having a greater at home can help you easily grind your weed without a grinder. A high-quality grater, preferably one with microplanes, can help you break up even the toughest nuggets. The whole process is very easy because all you need to do is take a bud in your hand and grate it against the cutting edge of your grate into a glass container.

But before you grind your weed this way, you want to make sure that the greater has been thoroughly cleaned. Otherwise, some unwanted food waste might get into your joint with the herb.

4. Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder comes in handy when you want to grind large quantities of weed at home. In fact, many seasoned consumers prefer coffee grinders to weed grinders when it comes to breaking up dense buds with precision. How do you use a coffee grinder for grinding weed? It’s simple — you just put your nuggets into the machine and process them as you would coffee beans. If any resin from the weed builds up inside the grinder, you can use a credit card or a key to remove it from there.

Grinding Weed without a Grinder on the Go

Don’t panic if you’re up and about in town and you suddenly realize that you have no grinder. Here’s what you can do if you don’t want to buy a new grinder:

5. Break It By Hand

As mentioned, in the darkest scenario, you can break up the buds using bare hands. It may not have the best consistency, but it’s still a good way to grind your weed without a grinder when you’re on the go. The only downside of breaking up the buds this way is that the resin, which carries lots of THC and other cannabinoids, will build up around your fingers. You can scrape it with a credit card and at that resin to your joint.

6. Make a DIY Shaker

If you have a coin and tub with a lid that has enough space to fit the coin inside, then you’re safe.

Take an old film container or a pill bottle and put the coin inside along with a few small buds. Close the lid and shake the content of your bottle. As the coin moves around, it will grind the weed with its sharp edges.

Grinding Weed Without a Grinder at a House Party

Grinding Weed Without a Grinder at a House Party

So, you’ve just found yourself at a party with plenty of weed but nobody has a grinder? Here are your options:

7. Shots and Scissors

Glass shots are readily available at most parties, and scissors are basic home utensils, so you should have no problem finding these. Fill the shot glass with two small nuggets and chop them down with the scissors. The glass will serve as a container for your weed.

8. Cocktail Blender

Parties and cocktails are like Jack and Rose from Titanic. But did you know you can use a cocktail blender to grind your weed when you don’t have a grinder at hand? Just place a few buds inside the container, put the lid on, and press the “start” button. Once the weed has reached the desired consistency, you can empty the blender and roll a few joints or pack several bowls. However, while this method looks fancy, the results vary between different blender models and the amount of weed you’re putting in the container. Honestly, a cocktail blender should never be your first option.

Final Thoughts on Grinding Your Weed Without a Grinder

Most people can’t imagine grinding their weed in ways other than using their favorite grinder. However, when you find yourself in a hopeless situation — either due to losing a grinder or by breaking its teeth — you have to abandon your favorite method and turn to more, say, rustic solutions.

We hope that this guide has helped you learn a few tricks and that you’ll always be able to enjoy your weed in virtually any conditions. How do you grind your weed without a grinder? Let us know in the comments!

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