How to Store Cannabis Seeds

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As a cannabis lover, you want to grow and experience a good quality plant. However, you might not be aware of the various factors that affect your cannabis’ quality. One of the main things you should consider is the quality of the seeds you use.

You may buy the best quality of cannabis seeds but if you don’t store them properly, their quality fades. It’s crucial that you provide the seeds with the best conditions to maintain their genetics. This article takes a deeper look at how you can store cannabis seeds for years without losing their quality.

Storing Cannabis Seeds: Things to Consider

There are five main factors that matter when it comes to storing cannabis seeds; these include temperature, humidity, light, hygiene, and the storage containers used. These conditions hugely affect the rates at which your cannabis seeds germinate. Let’s take an in-depth look at these conditions and how they impact your seeds.


It’s vital to keep the temperature constant when storing cannabis seeds. However, temperatures change constantly depending on the weather at that time. Remember, your cannabis seeds are alive, and it’s best to keep them well until you plant them. It’s best to avoid high temperatures.

The ideal storage temperature for cannabis seeds ranges anywhere between 43 and 47-degrees Fahrenheit. Such low temperatures extend the seeds’ longevity by keeping the delicate tissues in the seeds alive for a longer period. It’s the same logic used to keep groceries fresh longer in a freezer.

If you’re using a freezer, make sure to first vacuum pack the cannabis seeds in a dark container. Ideally, you’ll germinate them immediately upon taking them out. Cannabis seeds have shown great germination rates when grown immediately after removal from the freezer. The only thing you need to avoid is temperature extremes which can damage the delicate parts.



Humidity levels are worth keeping in mind when storing cannabis seeds. Cannabis seeds germinate in moist, humid conditions. This is the same humidity level that you should maintain when storing your cannabis seeds. But what will happen to the seeds at different humidity levels? Let’s find out below:

  • Low humidity (0 percent to 25 percent): Extremely low humidity means the seeds will get too dry. This will make the delicate internal parts die.
  • Medium humidity (25 percent to 75 percent): According to experts, this is the ideal humidity level for cannabis seeds. It’s even better when you store the seeds in a sealed humidity-proof bag or container.
  • High humidity (75 percent to 100 percent) – The moisture content in high humidity is extreme, which is not suitable for cannabis seeds. The germination viability will be extremely low in such conditions.

You don’t need to measure the humidity in your freezer when storing the seeds. There are high chances that it’s out of the recommended level. As mentioned before, you only need to wrap the seeds in a sealed humidity-proof bag or container. This will keep the seeds in the same conditions, even if they’re in a freezer.


The genetic code of cannabis seeds is stored in delicate tissues, so it’s essential to protect these tissues from bright light to avoid damaging the genes. It’s the genetic code that determines the type and quality of expected cannabis plants.

Although the seed shell can help prevent light from reaching the delicate tissues, its design can’t handle intense light. Naturally, seeds fall and get covered in the soil, where they’ll wait to germinate. The soil and vegetation prevent direct sunlight from reaching them. So, these are the same light conditions that you must provide for a great cannabis harvest.

The storage location needs to be as dark as possible for the best results. Storing them in opaque containers is also an excellent way to keep your seeds away from light.


It’s vital to keep the storage environment as clean as possible. Cannabis seeds are like cereals: Pests can invade and destroy them, and damaging the seeds’ essential parts affects their germination viability.

A clean and hygienic environment can help keep pests away from your cannabis seeds. It also helps ensure that the seed shells remain in good condition for years. Damaged shells allow harmful elements into the cannabis seeds causing potential damage.


Storage Containers

You cannot use any random combination of containers to store cannabis seeds; you need to choose a container that’s made from one single material. For instance, if you choose a plastic container, ensure that it also has a plastic lid. Using different materials for the cover will cause temperature imbalances in the container.

Heat causes different materials to expand and contract at different rates. Expansion during high temperatures may leave space for moisture and other elements to get into the container. It’s highly advisable that you use glass containers instead of plastic ones. Glass is suitable for long-term storage and is easily accessible and reusable. Glass containers are also air-tight and help maintain a stable environment for your seeds.

Remember to label every container you use for the storage of cannabis seeds – especially if you are storing cannabis seeds of different strains in the same place. It also helps to label the containers even if you store the same strain. You can forget the names of the strain after storing the cannabis seeds for years. Labeling will help you know what strain and quality of cannabis you will harvest.

The Bottom Line

It’s possible to keep cannabis seeds for many years if you store them well. The tips mentioned above will help you do that effortlessly. However, you don’t have to follow these conditions strictly if you want to plant your seeds immediately. These tips are perfect for long-term storage, from several months to five-plus years.

However, it doesn’t hurt to provide the right conditions for short-term storage if you can. You will be delighted that you did after you harvest top-quality cannabis. Also, remember that there’s no strict formula for storing cannabis seeds. 

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