10 Products You Can Buy from an Online Marijuana Dispensary

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If you’re new to shopping at an online weed dispensary, you’re in for a treat. This particular type of e-commerce platform not only provides an efficient way to shop for all your marijuana needs, both for recreational purposes or medicinal purposes, but it also gives you flexibility, convenience and quality assurance. The best part is, instead of being restricted to a brick-and-mortar pot shop that may only have a few products in stock, an online dispensary alternatively offers a more extensive range of marijuana dispensary products. From personal care products to different strains and forms of weed, look out for the following marijuana dispensary products you buy weed online.


The Sativa strain of weed is one of the major strains you’ll find amongst the large selection of online marijuana dispensary products. The Sativa cannabis plant that is sold in different forms, be it dried flower buds for smoking or in an extracted form like oils for vaping, has distinct features that give it its various properties. These plants are taller and can grow up to 25 feet and they also have thinner leaves and take more time to cultivate. They are known to produce more of a cerebral high when consumed and act more like a stimulant. Other common effects experienced with sativa can be a sense of euphoria, creativity and more energy. For medicinal purposes, Sativa is often used to treat stress, anxiety and depression thanks to its uplifting benefits. It’s particularly ideal for daytime use.

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Next to Sativa strains you will most likely find its counterpart Indica strain when shopping for cannabis online. Indica holds many characteristics that contrast the Sativa strain. Indica strains are relatively smaller and usually grow to up to six feet. Its leaves are shorter, flatter and wider and more densely packed. Indica strains are known for producing a body high which makes it ideal for situations when you want to relax. This type of plant typically has a higher concentration of cannabinoids, which are the chemical compounds responsible for producing the different effects experienced when using cannabis. Because of this, the effects of Indica can often be more potent and thus, extremely effective in treating conditions like chronic pain, insomnia, muscle spasms and anxiety, as well as stimulating appetite. Indica-based cannabis products are often fit for nighttime use due to its ability to deeply relax the body. Discover other, common uses for indica on our blog today.


If you’re looking for a marijuana dispensary product that provides both benefits of Sativa and Indica strains, you are in luck. Online dispensaries often sell Hybrid weed blends of Sativa and Indica strains. These strains have been cultivated to mix properties from the two major strains of marijuana so you can experience the best of both worlds. Hybrids can be more dominant in one or the other, or have a 50/50 balance. When used, you can experience both uplifting and relaxing effects. Be sure to read the description that’s provided online for a particular product to make sure the strain is a fit for your cannabis needs.

Cannabis Oil

Outside of traditional dried marijuana flower buds, you’ll also find cannabis oil products on an online weed dispensary site. Cannabis oil, simply refers to cannabinoids that make up marijuana plants that have been extracted into oil form. The main cannabinoids you’ll stumble upon within the world of weed are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). THC is responsible for producing psychoactive effects when ingested while CBD does not have a psychoactive effect. Because of this, CBD cannabis oil is often used by those who want to experience the wide-ranging benefits of marijuana but don’t want the high that often comes along with using it. When you buy cannabis oil online, check the description for the ratio and concentration of these cannabinoids. That way you can know how potent the product is in producing its effects. Cannabis oil can be consumed in various ways including incorporated in edibles, in capsule form, smoked or vaped. Have you considered using cannabis oil? Discover a few reasons to use cannabis oil in your everyday cannabis consumption, too!


Another marijuana dispensary product you might find more often available online is shatter. Shatter is a cannabis concentrate that, similar to cannabis oil, is made by extracting the cannabinoids of THC and CBD. When you buy shatter online, expect to receive it in a glassy, transparent, sheet-like form. It can be broken into fragments and is then can be placed on top of dried buds to smoke or melted and inhaled via dabbing. This particular form of weed is known to be the most pure and potent of marijuana concentrates.

THC Vape Juice

For those who prefer to vape their cannabis, you can buy THC vape juice at an online marijuana dispensary. Vape juice usually comes in the form of water or alcohol, is flavored and has THC concentrate infused into it. When you vape this specific product, you can expect to experience the same effects as you would when smoking a strain of marijuana with high THC concentration. These effects commonly include, relaxation, euphoria and hunger, so be ready to chill out big time when you purchase THC vape.


Hash is another popular marijuana dispensary product you’ll come across. It is essentially the resin from cannabis plants and its name stems from the Arabic work “hashish” which means “grass.” There are different types of hash depending on plant and origin the resin has been collected from, and you’ll often see it in block form when you buy hash online. These blocks can range in texture and consistency, from soft and pliable to stiff and brittle. Hash also comes in an array of hues, from red and brown to greenish yellow. It can be incorporated into joints, vaped or smoked in pipes, or alternatively used in cooking. This is a very versatile product that has many different uses. Ready to hash it out? Take a peek at our recent blog to take a deeper dive into what is hash and how you can buy hash online.

Personal Care Products

Outside of cannabis products that are consumed via smoking, vaping or in edible forms, you might also find cannabis-related personal care products when shopping online. Marijuana dispensary products that focus on personal care include cannabis-infused topicals like lotion or lip balms to soothe symptoms of inflammation or soreness. Additionally, you might find THC bath bombs that take relaxation to the next level. Personal care products also include products like cannabis massage oils, bath salts and CBD cooling sticks for external use.

Cannabis Accessories

Online weed dispensaries not only have cannabis product, but also the devices you may need to pair them with. Choose from different smoking devices and tools like vape pens, pipes, grinders and papers based on the type of weed you buy. Shopping online for these cannabis accessories makes it easy to compare all the different options available.

Pet Health Products


Just when you thought you’d seen it all with cannabis-infused products, then there’s cannabis for pet health. One example of a pet health product you might come across when you buy weed online is CBD salmon oil which can treat anxiety or provide pain relief for beloved pets. Pet salve products are also a hit among marijuana dispensary products. This topical form of cannabis can treat any skin conditions your pet may be experiencing be it from environment, nutritional, parasitic, allergic, neurogenic or infectious causes. They can be extremely effective in providing aid in minor cuts, rashes, burns, backaches, arthritis, strains, aches and sprains. With cannabis, the possibilities are truly endless.

Marijuana Dispensary Products from Buy My Weed Online

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