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When you have a stash of potent, pungent weed but need a way to smoke it, most people’s number one choice is to roll a joint. Smoking a joint is a convenient way to smoke either on your own or with friends, plus, once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to roll from anywhere at any time. But first of all, you’re going to need some rolling papers.

Rolling papers are the thin papers used for rolling joints, spliffs, and anything else you might smoke. They’re designed to burn easily without giving you the harsh taste and effects of regular paper. Many also use materials such as hemp or rice to ensure they’re devoid of any chemicals, making them safe for your health.

Some users might not put much thought into the rolling papers you use, but they can come in many varieties. Rolling papers come in different levels of thickness, different materials, and even different flavors. Using a different brand or type of rolling paper could enhance your smoking experience or simply make smoking a joint better. Here’s our ultimate guide to rolling papers with everything you need to know.

What Are Rolling Papers?

Behind every good joint, there’s a quality rolling paper used to make it. Rolling papers are the thin papers used to make any kind of roll-up, especially joints and spliffs. These easy-to-use papers are specially designed to burn easily and give you nice, tight joints without any harsh chemicals that’ll affect your health when you burn them.

It’s easy to find rolling papers, they’re often sold in convenience stores, but you can also find a wide selection of rolling papers online or in cannabis stores. They generally come in multipacks, giving you plenty of rolling papers to last you for a while. They also come in various types, so whether you want thicker rolling papers, longer rolling papers or even flavored rolling papers, there’s a suitable option for you.

When you need a quick and convenient way to smoke, rolling papers always come in handy. With some ground weed, it doesn’t take long to pack a nice, tight joint and start smoking instantly. Smoking a joint is also a great way to enjoy weed with friends. Plus, once you get the hang of using rolling papers, you can even make advanced joints such as a cross joint or a double barrel joint.

Why Do You Need Rolling Papers

Why Do You Need Rolling Papers?

Rolling papers are useful for many reasons. Although there are many viable ways to smoke without rolling papers, they come in handy for users who want to roll their weed swiftly and start smoking. Not to mention that they’re easy to find and barely cost anything. It’s always a good idea to have some rolling papers on hand if you enjoy smoking weed.

If you like smoking joints (or any other kind of weed or tobacco roll-up) it’s important to use rolling papers. Other kinds of paper are not designed for smoking- these will make it hard to burn your products and, even worse, can damage your health. Rolling papers are thin, easy to roll around herbs, and they’re made with safe materials such as hemp, rice or flax for safe smoking.

One of the great things about rolling papers is how widely available they are. Rolling papers can be found in many smoke shops, cannabis stores, and even convenience stores. You can also buy rolling papers online if you want to select from a wide range and have them delivered directly to your door. Rolling papers often come in packs of 30 or more so even one pack can cover all of your smoking needs for a while

Rolling papers are also convenient. Whenever you need a quick way to smoke, it’ll only take a couple of minutes to roll a tightly-packed joint and enjoy the results. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy weed with friends, although joints can also come in handy when you’re smoking on your own.

Sizes Of Rolling Papers

One of the main distinctions between different types of rolling papers is their size. You’ll notice when you buy rolling papers that various sizes are available, and they vary by both their length and their width. The type you should use depends on how long you want your joint to be and how much weed you want to pack in it. Here are the most common sizes of rolling papers.

Single Wide – Single Wide rolling papers are the smallest size that’s commonly available. These rolling papers measure around 68-70mm (2.75”) long and 34-36mm (1.4”) wide, although they can vary by brand. Due to their small size, these rolling papers only make very small joints, although you can pack a fair bit of weed into them. They can be useful for users who only want to smoke a little each time.

1 ¼” – These rolling papers are generally considered to be the most common rolling paper. As the name suggests, they’re 76-78mm (3.1”) long and 45-48mm (1.8”) wide, allowing you to pack about 25% more weed than you would in single wide rolling papers. If you’re not sure what size of rolling papers to go for, it’s best to opt for these- they’ll give you a nicely packed joint without being too long or thick.

1 ½” – If you want a slightly fatter joint, then 1 ½” size rolling papers are ideal for you. They’re no longer than 1 ¼” papers, but they are slightly wider, allowing you to pack more weed and get bigger hits with each toke. They’re 76-78mm (3.1”) long and 45-48mm (2.4”) wide and can pack about 50% more weed than Single Wide papers.

Double Wide – Double Wide rolling papers are twice as wide as Single Wide rolling papers, giving you plenty of room to pack a nice, thick joint. Although they’re just as long as 1 ¼” and 1 ½” papers, the extra width allows you to pack more weed into each joint. At 76-78mm (3.1”) long and up to 88mm (3.5”) wide, these are great for smokers who want powerful puffs from their joints.

King Slim – If you don’t want as much width but want some extra length, you might want to try King Slim papers. They’re about as wide as 1 ¼” papers but longer, meaning the puffs won’t be as potent but your joint will last longer. King Slim papers are around 105-110mm (4.3”) long and 42-46mm (1.8”) wide.

King Size – While they’re not as wide as Double Wide rolling papers, King Size rolling papers are the longest rolling papers you can get. If you want long-lasting joints that can pack plenty of wide, King Size rolling papers are perfect. They’re usually around 100-110mm (4.3”) long and 55-60mm (2.4”) wide, making King Size joints a fair bit thicker than King Slim joints.

Types Of Rolling Papers

Types Of Rolling Papers

Rolling papers don’t just come in different sizes- there are various other differences between rolling papers that might affect your decision. You might want to choose a certain brand or type of rolling paper based on the material it comes from, and rolling papers can even come in different flavors. Here are some of the most popular types of rolling papers.

Wood Pulp Papers – Wood Pulp is the most commonly used material for rolling papers. These papers are a little thicker than other types, but they’re the traditional papers used for rolling joints. They’re easy-to-handle and burn well, making them great for rolling, although you might want to check out some other types.

Rice Papers – Many rolling papers nowadays are made using rice. These papers are perfect for users who want to roll with all-natural ingredients. They’re great for your health and are also extra-thin, meaning they can make some incredibly tight joints. However, they do have some drawbacks. They burn slowly, which can be an advantage or disadvantage. Plus, due to their thin structure, they can be tough to handle for beginners and can also fall apart in the rain.

Hemp Papers – More recently, many users have started to use hemp wraps or hemp rolling papers. These are thick, brown papers made using hemp, making them healthy and natural as well as being good for smoking. They burn well, are easy to handle, and will add a unique aftertaste to your joints or blunts.

Novelty Papers – Regardless of material, rolling papers can also come in novelty designs. For instance, you might find rolling papers with unique prints. Flavored rolling papers have also become popular- you can now find rolling papers that add a sweet aftertaste to your joints. How well these work for burning and smoking can vary, but they can be fun to use.

How To Roll The Perfect Joint

Once you have your rolling papers, it’s time to roll a joint. You’ll need to grind your weed first- using a grinder is the best way to grind weed, although you can also use scissors, a knife or even just your hands if you have no other options. Rolling perfect joints can take some practice, but it’s fairly easy to get the hang of.

First of all, lay your rolling paper out and lay your ground weed across it. How much weed you should use depends on how big your rolling papers are and how much you want to smoke, but make sure you use enough weed to pack the joint tightly.

Before you roll your joint, it’s best to make a filter tip. This is the part of the joint where you inhale from. You can buy filter tips online or simply make one out of a piece of thick paper or cardboard. Take a long, thin piece of paper or card, bend one end of the paper into a small zig-zag shape and roll the rest of the paper around it.

Now, place your filter at one end of the joint and pick up both ends of the joint. Cradle the ends of the paper and rock the weed back and forth until it’s spread out evenly. You can then roll one end of the paper around the filter and over the top until your weed is all tightly packed inside. Lick the edge of the paper to stick it down.

Finally, use a pen or similar object to press the weed down through the top of the joint to make it as tight as possible and twist the end. When you smoke your joint, simply light the end until it burns down to the weed and inhale the smoke through the filter.

How To Roll The Perfect Joint

Best Rolling Papers To Buy

If you’re looking for rolling papers, you can buy them online from BuyMyWeedOnline. We offer rolling papers in various sizes, types, and brands, so there’s something to suit every user. Here are some of the best rolling papers you can buy online right now.

RAW Classic 1 ¼ – If you’re looking for regular, no-nonsense rolling papers, it doesn’t get much better than these. RAW creates rolling papers using natural, unbleached fibers with no additives, making them healthy and prime for smoking. 1 ¼” size rolling papers are the preferred size for most users and these quality rolling papers make for some amazing joints. Plus, with 50 leaves in each pack, they’ll last you a while.

Juicy Jay Maple Syrup – Juicy Jay is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to flavored rolling papers, and these papers are a prime example of why. Each of these 1 ¼ papers will give you a tightly packed joint along with a delicious aftertaste of maple syrup.

Kingpin Hemp Wraps – Hemp wraps are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a thick and durable alternative to regular rolling papers. These hemp wraps are perfect for rolling blunts and also come in Grape and Mango flavors to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Other sizes, brands, and types of rolling papers are also available and you can check out the full range of rolling papers in our online store.


Along with lighters and grinders, rolling papers are one of the must-have accessories for weed users. They come in handy whenever you need to roll a joint, and there are various kinds of rolling papers you can use. Whether you want extra length, extra thickness or even extra flavor, there’s a rolling paper suitable for you. You can find rolling papers, weed, and everything else you need at

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