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There are tons of great marijuana strains out there worth trying, but whether you’re looking for a mental boost or something to relax your entire body, Death Bubba is one that you shouldn’t miss. This hybrid strain hails out of British Columbia and has become a popular choice worldwide thanks to its tempting taste and sensational effects.

As an indica-dominant hybrid strain, Death Bubba is an especially good choice for users who want a relaxing strain with some uplifting sativa effects. It’s also a solid pick for medical users, especially as it can help with a variety of physical and mental symptoms. So what kind of high should you expect from Death Bubba, how does it taste, and where should you get it? Here’s our strain review of Death Bubba.

Effects of Death Bubba

Death Bubba is a hybrid strain created by crossing Death Star with Bubba Kush- two notable strains in their own right. These strains combine to make a phenomenal indica-dominant hybrid with a genetic ratio of around 70% indica to 30% sativa. As such, the high is largely relaxing and body-focused, albeit can still provide an enjoyable cerebral burst.

This strain contains exceptionally high THC levels (25-27% on average) and, as such, you’ll feel it as soon as you take a hit. Initially, the uplifting mental effects will hit you, making you feel joyous, mentally alert, and motivated while washing away any worries on your mind. Soon, the physical effects will become much more noticeable.

As the effects progress, you’ll feel yourself drift further into a state of deep relaxation. Your body will be soothed throughout and you’ll be relieved of any physical tension. Meanwhile, your mind will also become more relaxed and you’ll find yourself feeling mentally hazy and introspective.

It’s best to use Death Bubba during the evening or at night when you no longer have any responsibilities. Although it can provide a burst of energy and motivation at first, it’s much more sedating once its indica genetics kick in. It’s great for chilling on the couch and enjoying some music or Netflix.

Medical Benefits of Death Bubba

Medical Benefits of Death Bubba

Since it provides a blend of uplifting sativa effects and soothing indica effects, Death Bubba can also be an incredibly useful medical marijuana strain. Whether you’re looking to counteract mental health issues or need something to relieve physical pain and inflammation, this strain is a solid choice.

Users dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression will find Death Bubba useful. Within a couple of hits, it can quickly take away negative thoughts and enhance your mood. What’s more, by relieving your stress and anxiety, Death Bubba will also make it much easier to get a deep and restful night of sleep.

The physical effects can be even more beneficial. Death Bubba can put you in a state of pure, physical bliss. Whether you’re trying to manage chronic pain, inflammation, headaches, migraines, or other painful conditions, Death Bubba can help relieve your symptoms and put you in a happy and relaxed physical state.

Death Bubba can also help relieve headaches, migraines, and ADHD/ADD. It’ll also give you the munchies, which can be useful for those who suffer from a loss of appetite. You might experience some minor side effects, such as dry eyes and dry mouth, but these are easy to manage.

How Does Death Bubba Taste?

As well as providing a bevy of enjoyable effects, Death Bubba also has an alluring aroma and taste that makes it enjoyable to smoke or vape. Straight out of the bag, you’ll notice that this strain carries a pungent scent with hints of zesty lemons and musky pine.

The taste is very similar to the smell. When you smoke Death Bubba, you’ll catch a citrusy yet earthy flavor with each inhale you take. Vaping can bring out even more of the flavor. Whichever way, the sweet and earthy flavor makes this strain even more enjoyable.

Where Can You Buy Death Bubba?

Death Bubba is a highly popular marijuana strain and you might find it in your local cannabis store or dispensary. However, the easiest and most convenient way to get your hands on high-quality Death Bubba buds is to buy it online.

You can buy Death Bubba online right here at BuyMyWeedOnline. We offer premium AAAAA-grade Death Bubba in various quantities. 3.5 grams of top-shelf Death Bubba costs $44.50, but you can go as high as 28 grams for $273.

Alternatively, if you want something a little more hard-hitting, you might want to try Death Bubba Live Resin. This potent cannabis concentrate will give you the same taste and effects as you’d get from Death Bubba weed, only in the form of a THC-packed Live Resin extract. This is perfect for vaping or dabbing.

Alternative Strains To Death Bubba

Alternative Strains To Death Bubba

While there are many things to love about Death Bubba, you might want to check out some other strains as well. Whether you’re looking for a strain to complement Death Bubba or something different, here are some of the best alternative strains to buy.

Snowball – Snowball is another indica-dominant strain that has amazing bag appeal. If you’re looking for dense, fluffy, trichome-filled nugs, then this strain is perfect for you. It also provides a happy, hazy high and an interesting sweet and sour taste.

Black Diamond – Black Diamond is one of the best strains to use when you want deep relaxation. With a wine-like taste and indica-dominant genetics, this is an excellent evening or nighttime strain that’ll leave you feeling soothed and peaceful throughout.

Mimosa – If you want something more uplifting and stimulating, Mimosa is a great choice. This sweet sativa-dominant strain will feel you with happiness, motivation, and a surge of creativity, making it great for socializing or taking on creative tasks.


Death Bubba is an indica-dominant strain that’ll give you a burst of mental energy before soothing you into a state of deep relaxation. Whether you need a relaxing evening strain or something to help counteract pain, aches, and stress, it’s a stellar choice. You can buy Death Bubba online along with many other top strains at BuyMyWeedOnline.

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