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Getting high-quality weed these days is surprisingly simple. Marijuana is now legal for adults all over Canada and, while there are many local dispensaries across the country, it’s even easier to buy weed online for direct delivery right to your doorstep. However, even if you have no problem getting it, you might still want to hide your cannabis stash while storing it in the house.

While household items like Mason Jars or other glass containers can make for good storage containers, you might want to find a secret hiding spot to stash your supply. Maybe you need to hide your marijuana away from your parents or roommates or maybe you just prefer keeping your weed hidden. Whichever way, you have plenty of options.

Since marijuana has only recently become legal, many stoners have years of experience in hiding their weed in convenient spots around the house. Some common household objects can swiftly turn into makeshift cannabis containers while still keeping your stash completely concealed and safe from the elements.

Some of these options are better than others, but all of them can work well when you need a hiding spot for your weed. Here are some of the best secret spots to hide your cannabis stash.

1. Stash Book

One of the best, tried-and-tested ways to stash your marijuana is in a hollowed-out book. After all, this option is cheap, effective, and is unlikely to raise any suspicion unless someone decides to go through your entire bookshelf. Plus, having a secret stash book makes pulling your stash out feel a lot more fun.

To do this, all you need is a book that you don’t plan on reading and a knife. It’s best to use a thick book with plenty of pages to give you plenty of space for your stash. Open the book a few pages in and cut out a large square hole in the middle. Push the pages out and you now have a large hole to store your weed and maybe even a few accessories.

Many people use a textbook for this, but any large book with a lot of pages will work well. Once you’ve made your special stash book, you can hide your weed inside and place the book on your bookshelf. No one will suspect a thing.

2. In An Old PlayStation 2

Another genius method to hide your weed is in an old games console. Many old games consoles have generously large hidden spaces, usually designed for attachable extensions. Fortunately, one of the best consoles to use is also the highest-selling of all time – the PlayStation 2.

If you have an old PlayStation 2 lying around, you also have the perfect secret spot to hide your cannabis stash. Turn it around to the back and unclip the large rectangle next to the fan. You now have a generous storage compartment for your weed. Once you’ve stashed it inside, simply clip the cover back on.

The cool thing about this is that it won’t impact the functionality of your PS2 whatsoever. With that said, you might want to avoid playing it as you don’t want your weed stash to be exposed to excess heat.

In An Old PlayStation 2

3. In A GameCube

Your PlayStation 2 isn’t the only old games console that can make for a perfect cannabis hiding spot. The Nintendo GameCube also has plenty of space to hide your stash of marijuana and maybe even an accessory or two.

Simply turn your GameCube upside down and unclip the two covers on the bottom. These spaces were initially designed for attachments such as the GameCube Ethernet adapter, but these empty spots can instead give you plenty of space to store your weed before clipping the covers back on.

If you want even more space, open the disc tray and you have some extra space inside. You might want to use this for your lighter and rolling papers if you don’t plan on using your GameCube anytime soon. Other consoles such as the original PlayStation and SEGA Dreamcast can be similarly useful.

4. Behind Your Phone Case

Nowadays, a phone case is always a good investment to protect your phone from getting scratched or damaged if you happen to drop it. However, some cases can also give you a little extra storage space. Some give you just enough space to hide some credit cards, but some can even give you enough to stash your cannabis supply.

You can now find stash cases for your phone on sites like Amazon that give you enough space to put a small bag of weed or maybe even a few Pre-Rolls. This is especially useful if you need somewhere to stash your weed while on the go but still want to keep your stash fairly inconspicuous.

5. Coffee Canister

Ever seen the canisters people keep in their kitchen to store coffee, tea, or sugar? These containers are designed to keep these products in a cool, dry environment away from excess heat, light, and oxygen. Funnily enough, this also makes them perfect to use as a secret cannabis stash spot.

Coffee canisters can come in many protective materials such as porcelain, glass, and even stainless steel. As long as you can find one with a sealed lid and an opaque exterior, you have the perfect inconspicuous spot to hide your weed. These canisters even look similar to regular cannabis stash containers, the only difference is they say “Coffee” on the front.

6. Cannabis Humidor

A Cannabis Humidor is arguably the ideal way to store your cannabis. Even though it’s designed for storing cannabis, a humidor usually comes in the form of a sealable wooden box, meaning you won’t see or smell your weed. What’s more, it’ll keep your marijuana at the perfect level of humidity to maintain its potency and flavor.

It’s important to get a dedicated Cannabis Humidor as opposed to a regular Cigar Humidor. Cigars and cannabis require different levels of humidity, so buying the wrong one can end up impacting the potency of your product. A good Cannabis Humidor will give you more than enough space to hide plenty of weed and keep it perfectly fresh.

Inside Old Clothes

7. Inside Old Clothes

Chances are you have a lot of old shirts, jackets, jeans, and other clothes in the back of your closet. So if you’re looking for a cool, dry place to keep your weed, why not make use of them? Your old clothing can become the perfect hiding spot to keep a secret stash of weed or even some smoking accessories.

While slipping your weed into the pockets of an old hoodie or shirt can work well, it isn’t the most inconspicuous hiding spot. Instead, look inside your clothes for interior pockets or even unintentional pockets between the seams. Just remember which pieces of old clothing you stored your weed so you don’t end up accidentally washing them.

8. In A Battery Chamber

Most people have tons of old electronics lying around the house. Whether it’s an old clock, a portable games console, or a toy, you might want to make use of these items by stashing your weed in the battery compartment.

This is an excellent way to stash your weed as it’ll keep it cool and dry as well as perfectly hidden. Just pop the battery cover off, remove any batteries, stash your bag of weed in the battery chamber, and cover it again. After that, you can leave your old gadget in the back of your drawer and take it out whenever you need a little extra cannabis.

9. Inside Your Computer

Much like old games consoles and electronics, the chances are that your computer will have tons of little hiding spots to keep your weed. Many people now use computer cases that are easy to open that allow them to easily slip some weed inside. Otherwise, you might want to keep your weed in one of the compartments usually reserved for a disc tray or extra hard drive.

Although this is a novel way to keep your weed hidden, keep in mind that you shouldn’t keep your weed stored inside your computer for long if you actively use it. Computers can reach high temperatures that are likely to impact the quality of your weed. However, if you have an old computer lying around with plenty of space inside, it could become a nice stash spot.

10. Drawer With A False Bottom

Usually, a drawer is a good place to keep your weed as it’ll keep it cool and dry as well as easy to access. However, popping your cannabis stash at the top of your drawer where anyone can see it isn’t the best approach if you’re trying to keep it hidden. As such, you might want to create a false bottom for your drawer.

A false bottom is usually a piece of wood that’s the same width and length as the interior of your drawer. Add a hole to pull it out and you can easily hide your weed under here. This isn’t necessarily the easiest option unless you already have a drawer with a hidden compartment, but it does make for a great way to hide your weed and anything else you want to stash.

Inside A Ring Box

11. Inside A Ring Box

If you only have a small quantity of cannabis you need to hide, a Ring Box can be the perfect place to hide it. Of course, you won’t want to hide your weed right on the top where anyone can find it. Instead, simply pull out the fabric ring stand and you’ll have a nice hidden space underneath to put your stash.

This can work exceptionally well for hiding your weed as, even if someone looks inside the box, they’re unlikely to pull out the interior and check underneath. With that said, this only works if you have a small amount of weed and depends on what kind of Ring Box you have.

12. Old Film Canisters

Before digital cameras took over, many people ended up with plenty of plastic film canisters lying around the house. The great thing about these small containers is that they can provide a cool, dry, and inconspicuous place to hide your weed.

Hiding your weed in an old film canister is easy. Just pop the top off, stash your weed inside, and put the top back on. You can then store the canister in a drawer or cabinet to keep it cool and dry before taking it out when you need it.

13. Inside A Grinder

While storing your weed in a regular 2-piece grinder isn’t the best approach, many grinders come with extra storage compartments that are perfect for stashing your weed. Although it’s best to only use these for short-term storage, they can be great for keeping your weed out of sight.

For example, the Grind Master can automatically stash your weed and even give you a separate compartment for Kief. Although it’s not the most inconspicuous hiding spot, you can always hide your Grinder in a drawer or one of the hidden storage options above and have multiple layers of protection for your stash.

14. In A Deodorant Stick

One of the most creative ways to stash your weed and even hide the smell is with a hollowed-out deodorant stick. All it takes is any stick of deodorant that protracts out of the container.

Start by twisting your deodorant stick until around half is sticking out. You can then cut this half off and twist the rest of the stick back inside. This will give you enough space to hide a small stash of weed, although you might want to get rid of even more deodorant to hide more.

In A Deodorant Stick

15. A Dedicated Stash Container

While there are many cheap household items that you can use to hide your weed, you might want to buy a dedicated cannabis stash container instead. You can find many of these in head shops or even on Amazon and they include features that make it easy to hide your weed.

Stash containers are designed to keep your weed cool, dry, and hidden. Some are even disguised as other objects such as flashlights or food containers to avoid raising suspicion. Many of these containers are also surprisingly cheap and can fit a hefty stash of cannabis.

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