The Complete Guide to Trichomes

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When it comes to growing, assessing, and using marijuana, trichomes are arguably the most important part of the plant. Many people assess how good their weed is based on the pungency of its aroma, the thickness of the resin, and the potency of the THC levels. All of these factors come down to the strain’s trichomes.

Trichomes are the small, crystal-like bulbs that grow on the ends of the pistils or hairs of marijuana buds. Many people simply see trichomes as an indicator of how strong or fresh their weed is, but trichomes have many important functions. Trichomes are where the wealth of cannabinoids and terpenes in marijuana are grown. They also help protect marijuana plants from various problems such as pests and excessive sun.

The more you learn about trichomes, the more fascinating you are. For example, growers often examine the trichomes of their plants to determine when it’s ready to harvest. Trichomes can also be dried and extracted to convert into cannabis concentrates such as Hash and Shatter. They also contribute to the scent, aroma, and effects of each strain of weed.

Whether you plan to grow marijuana, want to make cannabis concentrates or simply want to assess how good your weed is, it helps to know more about trichomes. Here’s a complete guide to trichomes with everything you need to know.

What Are Trichomes?

Trichomes are small outgrowths that grow various plants. When it comes to cannabis, you’ll notice a range of trichomes growing from the hairs or pistils of marijuana buds. These are generally small and look like bulbous crystals. However, they can vary in size and color. These trichomes are the most important part of cannabis plants for many reasons.

These trichomes can tell you a lot about the plant. For example, marijuana growers often use trichomes to determine when they’re ready to harvest. They change color during different stages of the growing process and can show how much the cannabinoids of the plant have developed.

The main reason users take an interest in trichomes is that they’re the part of the plant where cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBN, and more are developed. These are the chemical compounds that impact your body when consumed. They also contain a range of terpenes that contribute to the aroma of the plant as well as its effects.

There are three main types of trichomes. Capitate-stalked trichomes are the biggest kind. These can be seen with the naked eye and most of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes are developed here. When you see a wealth of thick, resinous crystals growing on the buds of a marijuana plant, these are capitate-stalked trichomes.

Capitate sessile trichomes are a smaller type of trichome. While they’re relatively abundant, they’re also small and can be hard to see with the naked eye. There are also Bulbous trichomes. These are even smaller- usually around 10-15 micrometers. They grow on the surface of the plant but need a microscope to be seen.

What Are Trichomes

Why Are Trichomes Important?

There are many reasons why trichomes are considered the most important part of the plant. They’re the part where most of the chemical compounds are developed, but as well as contributing to the effects of the plant, they also have various practical functions for both the plant itself and the user.

Trichomes are important to marijuana users as they’re where the cannabinoids of the plant are developed. That means that, when you smoke weed, it’s the trichomes of your buds that give you the wealth of the effects. Marijuana trichomes develop high amounts of THCA, the raw chemical which is converted to the psychoactive THC. They also produce other compounds such as CBN, CBDA, CBG, and more.

They also produce terpenes. Terpenes are essential oils that can be found in any plant. When it comes to cannabis, they’re the components that give each strain its unique aroma and taste. For example, strains with a distinct citrus scent often have high levels of limonene. Not only do terpenes contribute to the aroma of the plant, but they can also provide extra benefits when consumed.

Growers often rely on trichomes to tell them when their plants are ready to harvest. Trichomes change color as they mature and, by examining them, you can tell whether your buds have high levels of THC or need to mature more. Some growers even wait for the trichomes to change color more so they know their buds are packed with CBD.

Trichomes aren’t only useful to growers and smokers, though. They also help protect the plant itself. Trichomes have an evolutionary function as they help ward off pests that might try to eat or damage the plant. They also protect the plant from harmful UV rays that can also damage the growth of the plant.

Examining Trichomes For Growers

One of the great things about trichomes is that they can indicate when a plant is ready to harvest. As a cannabis plant continues to grow, the trichomes will change slightly in color. Growers can use this to determine the levels of cannabinoids in their buds. They can also choose when to harvest their plants based on what the trichomes tell them.

As trichomes begin to develop, they look watery and translucent. At this point in the growing stage, the trichomes will not have produced many cannabinoids and it’s not a good time to harvest. After some time, they’ll begin to turn milky white. The pistils of the plant will also begin to darken. This is a good indicator that the trichomes are developing cannabinoids and, although they’re not ready to harvest yet, they will be soon.

Next, the trichomes will go from being milky white to looking cloudy. This is a good time to harvest plants if you want your weed to have stimulating effects. However, you may want to wait longer if you prefer soothing and relaxing effects. You’ll know when the trichomes have developed more THC when they turn amber.

When the trichomes of the plant begin to turn amber, this is generally the peak of their cannabinoid production. Harvesting at this point will ensure you get buds that are packed with THC and prime for giving you a potent and relaxing high. Alternatively, some growers prefer to harvest their trichomes when they’re between cloudy and amber. At this stage, the buds they harvest will produce a mix of stimulating and relaxing effects.

Trichomes can be hard to examine with the naked eye, so it’s best to use a magnifying glass to determine their color and how far along the growing process they are.

How To Extract Trichomes

How To Extract Trichomes

Once marijuana buds have been dried and harvested, many users smoke them to enjoy the effects of the trichomes. However, for even stronger effects, some users prefer to extract the trichomes from weed, resulting in an even more potent product. Dried and extracted trichomes are known as kief, and there are many ways to extract kief from weed.

Many users collect kief simply by grinding weed. When you grind weed using a simple two-piece hand grinder, dried trichome particles will often fall off the buds and accumulate at the bottom of your grinder. After enough use, you’ll end up with a decent stash of kief in your grinder which you can then use as you please.

To collect even more kief, some users use a four-piece grinder with a separate kief chamber. These grinders separate your kief from your ground weed with a mesh screen. That way, you’ll end up with a chamber full of kief. While some users use their kief instantly, others let it build up over time so they have enough to make cannabis concentrates.

You can also use sifting materials to collect kief. For example, Pollen Boxes are often used for sifting kief from marijuana buds. You simply put your weed in the top of the box and shake it until the kief trichomes fall off. However, while using a Pollen Box can be effective, it’s also time-consuming and not the best way to collect kief.

Alternatively, you can also run marijuana buds over a silkscreen to sift the kief away. You’ll need a flat surface or container underneath to collect the kief without losing it. However, like using a Pollen Box, this method can be time-consuming.

One of the best ways to collect high-quality kief is by using dry ice. When subjected to freezing temperatures, dry trichomes break away from weed, making it easy to collect high quantities of kief. The best way to do this is by combining high quantities of weed with dry ice in a mesh bag over a container. The trichomes will separate from the buds and fall through the mesh into the container. Using bags with progressively bigger mesh holes will allow you to collect even more kief. It’s best to use heavy gloves if you plan to handle dry ice.

How Can You Use Kief?

Once you have a good stash of kief, there are various ways you can use it. Kief is often used to create cannabis concentrates such as Hash and Rosin since it contains high amounts of THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes. Due to its potency, kief is also considered a kind of cannabis concentrate and can be used for a potent high.

One of the most common ways to use kief is to add it to a joint. Since it’s made from the trichomes of weed, kief contains potent levels of THC and can make the effects of your joint much stronger. Simply roll a joint of weed the way you usually would and sprinkle some kief over the top.

Similarly, you can also smoke kief in the bowl of a Bong or Pipe. Again, it’s best to sprinkle it on top of weed to ensure it burns effectively. Kief will enhance the effects of your hits and it usually won’t take long to get a powerful high. You may even want to combine different strains of weed and kief for a unique high.

Kief can also be vaporized, provided that you have a vaporizer designed for vaping dry herbs. Again, you may want to combine it with weed for the best effects. However, kief can also be vaporized on its own if you have a big enough stash.

Some people even add kief to foods and drinks. It can be infused with butter or oil and used in all kinds of potent THC edibles. Alternatively, you can add it to hot drinks such as coffee. The heat of the drink will naturally decarboxylate the cannabinoids and activate the THC, making for a drink packed with potent psychoactive effects.

You can also turn Kief into other cannabis concentrates using various methods. For instance, you can wrap kief in a piece of parchment paper and roll a glass jar full of hot water to turn it into a block of Hash. Alternatively, you can compress it using a Pollen Press for around 8 hours to make small Hash coins. You can also apply heat and pressure to a stash of kief wrapped in parchment paper using a hair straightener to collect Rosin.

Where To Buy Kief

Where To Buy Kief

When dried trichome particles break away from your marijuana buds, you end up with a nice stash of kief. Kief can be used for enhancing the strength of your joints or bowls. It can also be infused into marijuana edibles, beverages, and other products for a stronger high. It can even be converted into other cannabis concentrates.

While you can collect Kief using a grinder, silkscreens or dry ice, you can also simply buy Kief online. BuyMyWeedOnline offers high-quality Kief that’s available to buy in various quantities. Instead of going through the effort of collecting it yourself, you can simply buy a stash of Kief to use however you want. 


Trichomes are the bulbous growths found on marijuana buds where most of the cannabinoids and terpenes are produced. They also help protect cannabis plants from pests and UV rays and can even help growers determine when to harvest their plants. What’s more, trichomes are often extracted to create cannabis concentrates.

Many marijuana users are interested in trichomes as they can indicate how potent your buds are. Dried trichomes can also become kief- a concentrate with high levels of THC. If you’re looking to buy kief, cannabis concentrates or even regular strains of weed, you can find them online at

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