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The relationship between cannabis and yoga goes back for thousands of years. In history, people who did yoga have used cannabis to make their practice better while enhancing their spiritual experience. Now that the use of cannabis is legal, more people are consuming weed before they do yoga. You might even be able to find some yoga studios that offer classes with cannabis.

Cannabis and Yoga: The History

The practice of yoga has always been linked to weed. The Lord of Yoga in Hindu practice is Lord Shiva, and he is also known as the Lord of Ganja, or cannabis. Their legend states that Lord Shiva gave the marijuana plant to humans. He often smoked cannabis to be enlightened and inspired, and he drank bhang, which was a beverage that was infused with cannabis. People still drink this beverage today to honour him. 

The Vedas is the earliest holy text, and it talks about cannabis and yoga. The Vedas caused Hinduism to be developed, as well as the philosophy of yoga. The Yoga Sutras also talks about marijuana. This text is the authority when it comes to the principles of yoga. The Yoga Sutras is the reason that so many people think of yoga as being essential.

Sadhus and Yoga

Yoga and weed are intertwined with Hinduism historically. Holy men in the religion, who were called Sadhus, tried to combine cannabis and yoga to find enlightenment. They based their system on the sacred texts the Yoga Sutras and the Vedas. The Sadhus encouraged the practice of combining yoga and cannabis, and they thought it was the best way to find inner inspiration and peace. These spiritual figures still exist today. 

Can Weed Improve your Yoga

Can Weed Improve your Yoga?

However, the use of cannabis is controversial in the yoga community. Many people believe that they can deepen their yoga when they smoke cannabis. But others think that since it can alter your mind, it can ruin your yoga experience. 

Some people believe that getting high can elevate their connection to the spiritual world while making them more self-aware. Some people who have ADHD or anxiety believe that they can slow down racing thoughts with THC, making it easier to do yoga. Others who have chronic pain like to use CBD since they believe it might make the pain more manageable during yoga. 

However, some people completely oppose combining weed and yoga. They think that using cannabis can harm their mental and physical practice. For instance, being high might distract you from focusing on your breathing and making important connections with your body and mind. The physical effects might include slowing down the time it takes you to react or making you feel dehydrated. 

Whether you decide to add cannabis to your yoga practice should be determined by your needs and preferences. Everyone is different, which means that even if one person experiences benefits by using a certain amount of a particular strain before doing a series of poses, you might experience very different effects even if you took the same dose of the same strain and did the same practice.

Pros of Weed and Yoga

If you take cannabis before doing yoga, you may see some advantages. There are several reasons that someone might combine yoga and cannabis:

  • Potentially lessening intrusive, anxious thoughts.
  • Enhancing spirituality.
  • Potentially reducing insecurities and boosting self-awareness.
  • Improving the mind-body connection.
  • Potentially easing inflammation.

Cannabis and Yoga Cons

Mixing the two is not for everyone. Depending on the state of your mind and your personal needs, you might want to avoid adding cannabis. The reasons for this can include:

  • Potentially creating a metal dependence. 
  • Dehydrating you.
  • Distracting your mind from doing poses properly. 

The Best Strains for Yoga

If you do not know the way that cannabis will affect your yoga practice, the best way to find out is to try it out. There are a few strains that can go with yoga perfectly. They are a great choice no matter what your level of experience.

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush

This indica strain is potent and powerful and might help your body and mind to relax. This strain could potentially help ease chronic pain or racing thoughts. The Hindu Kush strain might help you improve your techniques if it is hard for you to stay present. However, it might cause social anxiety, so you may want to try it out in a solo workout first.

Laughing Buddha

If you want to use a more uplifting strain, look for Laughing Buddha. This sativa strain might make you feel more enlightened and inspired. If you want to try to improve your energy and focus levels during your practice, this is the best strain for you. It can give you an active high, so you can use it before you attend a class that will require a lot of energy. 


This is a mellow, calming indica strain that is ideal if you want to have a more relaxed practice time. It might help you to do yin yoga poses while stretching more deeply. The Lavender strain is perfect if you want to try to find peace while meditating.

Deciding to Add Cannabis

Figuring out whether to add weed to your yoga techniques is a deeply personal choice. Your needs and individual experiences will be the main factors. Think about how you want your techniques to improve. For instance, do you need to relax your thoughts or want to connect to the spiritual world? It might be for you.

But if you have difficulties meeting the physical demands or can’t focus on the poses, you might not do as well with cannabis. This is especially true if you feel that you can’t maintain your poses. 

Closing Thoughts

The right way to decide if cannabis is right for you is to try it out for yourself. Try a strain such as Laughing Buddha or Lavender to see the results that it can give you. In the past, cannabis has been celebrated as a method of gaining enlightenment while improving yoga. If you want to become a yoga master yourself, you might want to give it a try before your next session.

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