Top 5 Strains to Enjoy During the Holidays

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2020 is nearing its end at last, and what a year it has been. There is no doubt at all that it is in fact gonna go down in history as one of the worst ones our modern society has ever faced. 

Covid-19 has claimed many of our loved ones, and many of our favorite celebrities as well. It’s taken away our jobs and our freedoms. But with vaccine research showing promise, and an end to this pandemic finally in sight, it is now time to end 2020 by kicking it in the back with some festive holiday cheer. And what better way to be joyous and festive than with weed.

So if you are looking for the best holiday strains, you’re in the right place. Read on to find our in depth review of the top 5 strains to enjoy at home with friends and family. So let’s begin.

1. Super Lemon Haze

If you’re truly planning on ending this year with a bang, and have consecutive (socially distant, or even virtual!) parties planned from Christmas eve to New Year’s day, believe us, this is the strain you want. Nothing spells parties better than Super Lemon Haze.

This award winning, sativa dominant strain is famous all over the world, but is especially revered in British Columbia and along the US West Coast. Containing THC levels well over 21%, the strain delivers a zesty, citrusy flavor which is extremely refreshing, delicious, and surprisingly festive.

But that’s not all, because with the flavor comes an unforgettable, cerebral high, which is extremely energizing and uplifting. It’s euphoric effects are bound to leave you feeling inexplicably happy, giggly, and content. It’ll keep you partying even when you think you’re done, and will help you keep the festivities going late into the night. What better way to end the year, am I right?

2. OG Kush

Who are we kidding. The holidays are not gonna be the same this year. Lockdowns and restrictions will make sure that not many people come to your party. But while your friend and family are out of reach, OG Kush is still here for you.

A truly timeless classic, the OG Kush strain has stood out from all the others over decades. It’s physical and mental highs are legendary, and guaranteed to turn the most boring moments fun and entertaining. So don’t worry if you can’t meet up with your friends physically over the holidays. Light up your strain and give them a call. Or if you don’t feel like it, you could always relax and watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas again, while curled up in a blanket and a bowl of marshmallows by your side. 

But that’s not all, since the strain also is extremely sedative. So if you want to spend your holidays relaxing at your own home, this is the perfect strain for you.

3. White Widow

For those of you who live somewhere where it doesn’t snow, White Widow is here to bring some snow in your life.

This classic sativa dominant strain is perfect for you if you have to spend the holidays with your family, especially if you’d rather be out there somewhere with your friends. Mentally stimulating and relaxing, the strain enables you to properly unwind, while still retaining your consciousness. In other words, it makes everything seem more fun and bearable than it actually is.

But wait, there’s more. Since White Widow is all but guaranteed to give you the most epic munchies, it’s best to smoke it before the annual feast, and thoroughly devour the treats on your table.

White Widow is in fact, one of the most potent strains in the market right now, with THC levels well above 15%. As a result, the strain is not recommended for beginners, and even experienced users should watch their dosages.

4. Jack Herer

We get it, not everyone wants to party late in the night. Instead, many people want to enjoy the holidays during the daytime, with their family and loved ones. In any case, we bring you Jack Herer, the perfect wake and bake strain for the holidays.

Named after the famous cannabis activist, this sativa dominant strain can be smoked at any and all times of the day. Containing more than 21% THC, combined with 1% CBN, the strain delivers a high which is energizing, motivating, and incredibly social. Believe us, it can make even the most mundane tasks entertaining and fun as hell, and is just what you need to enjoy a holiday get-together with your family and loved ones.

At the same time, Jack Herer also has a surprisingly festive aroma, which is extremely piney and spicy. It goes well with almost everything, including eggnog, hot chocolate, and even a cup of coffee.

5. Sour Diesel

A true classic, Sour Diesel is among one of the most well known strains in the whole wide world. A predominantly sativa dominant hybrid, Sour Diesel is perfect for any setting, and its magic increases tenfold during the winters.

The strain is loved for many reasons, but especially because of it’s unique and powerful terpene profile. The strain contains an interesting combination, with around 26% THC combined with 2% CBD and 4% CBN content. As a result, sour diesel is strictly not recommended for beginners, though it is a favorite of many medicinal and recreational users.

So if you feel like partying hard this holiday season, you know which strain to turn to. Sour Diesel’s energizing effects will energize you, lift your mood, and take you to a special dreamy place no other strain can take you to. 

Happy Holidays

Now that you know some of the best strains for the holidays, all that’s left to do is thoroughly enjoy them, and make the festivities so much more fun. But remember, cannabis is only fun as long as you consume responsibly, and watch your dosages carefully.

Roast some potatoes, make yourself hot cocoa, bake some pies, and most importantly, smoke some good cannabis this holiday season and end 2020 with a bang. Oh, and don’t forget to leave out some weed brownies for Santa!  

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