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If you’re looking to enjoy the excellent effects of marijuana, then you should buy weed online. Not only does this allow you to get convenient home delivery without any hassle, but you can also finetune your order to get exactly what you want. As well as having the ability to choose the exact type and strain of weed you want, you’ll also notice there’s plenty of selection when it comes to weed measurements.

Marijuana is usually sold in certain fixed quantities and users can pick and choose exactly how much they need. For instance, users who are only looking to roll a couple of joints might be fine with a single gram whereas other users may prefer to stock up on an ounce or two to keep them going for a while. Quantities will also vary when it comes to other types of products such as Concentrates and Tinctures.

On top of all that, the price you pay for your marijuana will often depend on the quantity and weight you buy. While buying the smallest quantity will naturally result in the cheapest price, you can often get much better per-gram savings when you buy marijuana in bulk. Here’s a weed measurements guide to explain the different marijuana quantities, weights, and prices.

What Quantity Of Weed Can You Buy?

Before deciding how much weed to buy, it helps to know exactly how much you can buy. In most provinces and territories in Canada, anyone aged 19 or over can buy weed legally (except for Alberta where the legal age is 18, and Quebec where the legal age is 21). However, there are certain limits to how much you can publicly possess.

The current possession limits set by the Canada Cannabis Act are as follows:

  • 30 grams of dried cannabis
  • 150 grams of fresh cannabis
  • 450 grams of edibles
  • 2250 grams of liquids
  • 7.5 grams of cannabis concentrates (solid or liquid)
  • 30 cannabis seeds

But while you can’t carry over 30 grams of cannabis publicly, there are certain exceptions to these limits. Medical marijuana patients can legally possess up to 150 grams of dried cannabis or a 30-day supply. You can also keep as much weed as you want at home- although you must keep it stored securely out of vision and away from children.

As such, the best way to get your supply of marijuana is to buy it online. That way, you can buy as much weed as you want and you won’t need to worry about carrying it publicly. It’s also quicker, more convenient, and makes the whole process of finding what you need and ordering it much smoother.

What Quantity Of Weed Can You Buy

1 Gram

Whether you’re looking for the cheapest option or you don’t need much marijuana to suit your needs, you might want to buy a gram. A gram is usually the smallest quantity stores will sell and, while it’s not ideal if you’re planning on smoking regularly, it’s useful for those who just want enough for a smoking session or two.

A gram of weed is usually enough to make a single joint- or sometimes two joints depending on your tolerance and how much you want to spread it out. It’s also enough to give you a couple of good smoking sessions if you’re smoking from a Bong or Pipe.

Usually, if you’re looking to use such a small quantity of weed, the best way to do so is to buy Pre-Rolls. These will give you a small quantity of marijuana that’s already rolled into a joint so you don’t have to waste time grinding your weed and rolling it yourself. 

There are also various options to choose from. For instance, you can buy 10 Regular Pre-Rolls with 0.5 grams of weed each or even opt for Indica Kingsize Joints or Sativa Kingsize Joints if you want a specific type of weed with a gram in each joint.

3.5 Grams (An Eighth)

If you want enough weed to last you a few smoking sessions but don’t want to stock up on too much, 3.5 grams is probably the best quantity for you. It’s one of the most common quantities buyers choose when buying weed and is also referred to as an eighth- referring to the fact that it’s an eighth of an ounce.

An eighth of weed is around the size of a small kiwi and will probably last you around a week if you use it sparingly. For instance, some users will get at least 4 joints out of an eighth of weed or use it to fill up the bowl of their Bong or Pipe various times.

Naturally, this is a good amount to buy for general purposes as it’ll last you a good few smoking sessions. However, it’s also a good amount to buy if you want to try new strains of weed. That way, you don’t have to spend too much and you’ll still have plenty of weed to try.

The cost of an eighth can vary from around $25.50 to around $44.50 depending on the quality, type, and strain of weed you’re buying. Whichever way, you’ll usually get a decent per-gram price when you buy an eighth.

7 Grams Quarter

7 Grams (Quarter)

If an eighth of weed isn’t quite enough for you and you want to bolster your stash of weed, then buying 7 grams (or a quarter-ounce) is the perfect option for you. Although buying an eighth of weed makes it easy to try a new strain out a few times, it can go quickly if you’re a frequent smoker whereas a quarter can last for a while.

How long a quarter will last depends on how frequently you smoke. However, whether you prefer to roll joints or smoke from a Bong or Pipe, many users will still be able to get a solid couple of weeks or even more from a quarter.

Buying a quarter is also a good idea if you’re planning to smoke with friends. That way, you’ll have plenty of weed to go around and you can have a long-lasting and enjoyable smoking session. Although it’ll cost you more than an eighth, you’ll get more than enough value for your money.

When you buy cannabis strains online, you’ll find that a quarter varies from $42 to $86.50. Buying a quarter is often a more cost-effective approach than buying smaller quantities as, although you’ll pay more, you’ll get a better per-gram price. As such, this is a good idea if you want to try plenty of a new strain or simply want enough of your favorite strain to last a while.

14 Grams (Half Ounce)

Generally, the most common choices when it comes to quantities are an eighth or quarter-ounce of weed- especially as these can give you enough to last you plenty of smoking sessions without being too expensive. With that said, frequent marijuana users might want to keep an even larger stash of weed and, in these cases, it’s best to buy a half-ounce.

Half an ounce of weed is more than enough marijuana for anyone who wants to get high frequently. You’ll get more than enough in each half-ounce bag to fill up your palm and, no matter how you choose to use it, it’ll be a long time before you run out of weed.

While consumers who want to roll a couple of joints or simply want to try a new strain will probably be better sticking to lower quantities, half an ounce is worth buying in many cases. Users who want to ensure they have plenty of weed for whenever they’re looking to smoke will get tons of use out of a half-ounce bag and it’s a perfect way to stock up on your favorite strain.

The cost of 14 grams will vary depending on which strain you choose, but you can find some great prices online. For example, 14 grams of A-Grade Holy Grail costs $79 whereas those who want to spend more for higher-quality buds can get 14 grams of Gelato for $113.50 or 14 grams of God Bud for $157.50. 

28 Grams Full Ounce

28 Grams (Full Ounce)

Users who want to stock up on their favorite strains and have enough weed to last them for weeks can buy a whole ounce of weed. An ounce is 28 grams, and you can easily get 28 or even twice as many joints depending on how much weed you put in each joint. Of course, you can also use an ounce for practically endless smoking sessions with a Pipe or Bong.

Buying an ounce of weed isn’t just a good idea for convenience, but it can also save you a lot of money. Although it’ll cost more than other quantities, buying an ounce will give you the best per-gram savings, meaning that buying in bulk is a much more cost-effective option if you don’t mind spending the money.

With that said, buying an ounce can still be expensive, especially if you don’t necessarily need that much weed or if you simply want to try one or two new strains. Buying multiple ounces can cost hundreds and, in many cases, it’s weed retailers who need to buy such a large quantity. Still, if you want a huge stash of weed at home, you can buy an ounce of your favorite strain.

Like with other quantities, the cost of an ounce can vary greatly depending on the type and quality of the strain you buy. For example, an ounce of Pink Gas costs $194.50 whereas an ounce of Jungle Diamonds costs $236.50. While it might seem like a lot, this works out to around $6.94 to $8.45 per gram.

Measurements Of Other Marijuana Products

While it helps to know about weed measurements, there are also other types of marijuana products that come in various quantities. If you’re planning on buying one of these, it helps to know how they’re measured and how to determine your dose when using them.

Concentrates – Marijuana Concentrates are products that have been extracted from weed using various extraction processes. Some examples include Shatter, Hash, and Wax. These can also be bought at a gram to an ounce, but since they’re so high in THC, even a single gram can last you many sessions.

Edibles – Marijuana Edibles are THC-infused food products that can give you phenomenal effects. These come in various forms from THC Gummies to Marijuana Cookies and even a small dose of around 10mg can give you a long-lasting high, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to get high.

Vapes – Marijuana Vape Products are a good option for those who enjoy the experience of vaping. You can use flavored Vape Cartridges with a Vape Pen, add Vape Oils to a compatible vaporizer, or even use a Disposable Vape Pen. These will usually come with a fixed amount of THC measured in mg, and a few puffs can give you enough THC for a powerful high.

Tinctures – Tinctures are liquid marijuana products that you can absorb under your tongue or even add a dose to foods or drinks for an easy dose of THC. Tinctures usually contain a specific dose of THC in each drop, and a dose of 10-20mg should be enough to give you an enjoyable high.

Measurements Of Other Marijuana Products


Weed is sold in various quantities to suit every type of user. Casual users who simply want a quick high will be fine with a gram, whereas most users will prefer buying around 3.5 – 7 grams to suit their weed smoking needs for a week or two. Frequent users may even want to buy 14 – 28 grams to ensure they’re stocked up for a long time.

Whichever quantity or type of weed you want to buy, you can find what you need at Buy My Weed Online. No matter whether you prefer indica, sativa, or hybrid Cannabis Strains, you can find a wide range of all of them to suit your purposes. You can also find Concentrates, Edibles, Vapes, Topicals, and more, all available for convenient home delivery.

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