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Smoking weed with a joint and bong has evolved into vaping with a blow torch or electricity. The next step after smoking pot is vaping hash. Cannabis extracts have had a boom recently with its market exploding thanks to countries like Canada and States like California legalizing it. You have probably heard of dabs and are wondering, what is dabbing? Taking a dab is a method to vaporize cannabis concentrates, the effects are felt instantly with a much higher intensity than smoking weed. This process has gained a great deal of traction in the past few years amongst longtime cannabis users due to its sheer effectiveness. The required dabbing equipment includes a dab rig, blow torch or enail. Continue reading to learn more about what is dabbing and its benefits over smoking weed.

What Does Dab Mean?

The answer to what is a dab is that it’s merely a slang term used to describe cannabis concentrates. This word has been derived from the original use of the phrase dab which depicts a small amount of something. This refers to the small amount of cannabis oil or marijuana concentrate that it usually takes for people to feel the effects. About a tenth of a gram or twice this much is adequate for one dosage. It is possible to overdose on a dab drug, however, the effects will not be serious. The most common side effects of THC overdose is throwing up and going to sleep.

But exactly what’s a dab? Well, the actual act of dabbing involves vaporizing a small amount (a ‘dab’) of cannabis concentrate. What makes this an effective, yet highly intimidating method is the sheer number of dab tools required. Dabbers tend to bring with them a dab nail, blow torch, carb cap, dab tool to pick up the hash and glass dab rig just to reach the full potential of vaporizing the cannabis concentrates. A bong that is only used during dabbing is often called a ‘dab rig’. Rather than having to carry a blow torch around with you there are other products that you can purchase which do the job just as effectively such as a wax pen.

What is a Dab Pen?

what is a dab pen

A dab pen is a product vaporizes cannabis concentrates without forcing the user to utilize a blow torch, which can risky for burns, regardless of whether you’re high or not. A standard dab pen usually comes with coils, atomizers (heating element for wax), and a mouthpiece in which the vapor is eventually inhaled. These wax pens vary in quality between brands and different models, so you should take some time to research which ones will vape the best type of cannabis extract you want. A wax/dab pen is perfect for vaping while traveling. It also offers a lot of portability and a discreet method of getting high.

What is Dabbing Wax?

If you are still asking “what is dabbing weed?”, dab wax, or THC oil, there is a lot to learn about its several different forms that vary in color and consistency. Dab wax can range from a butter like consistency to being very thick oil. This is why there are many different names for dabs. These terms usually refer to the method used when extracting the concentrate from the cannabis plant, but some terms are named after the product’s consistency. Similarly, the type of cannabis that has been used has an impact on how the concentrate looks and what it is labeled as.

Different Types of Dabs

Different types of cannabis wax

One of the most common forms of dab on the market is Butane Hash Oil. Butane has long been used as an effective solvent when extracting cannabis oil. It’s no wonder why it is used so frequently nowadays to create dab wax/oil. Butane allows manufacturers to extract the cannabis oils in large quantities, bringing much higher yields.

Another popular form of dab is the CO2 oil. This oil is yielded when CO2 is used as the extracting solvent. CO2 oil tends to be a little less viscous than the oil extracted via Butane. CO2 oils are often used in weed cartridges for wax pens as they require no cutting agents to be used. CO2 oils are also often used in conjunction with high levels of Terpenes and THC.

A type of dab that is not based on any solvent used in extraction is the Rosin. This type of dab is named after the technique used in extraction, the Rosin technique, in which no solvents are used to extract cannabis oils. The Rosin technique requires either a heat press or hair straightener to be used to heat the cannabis until oil is naturally extracted. This process is much safer than using solvents such as Butane or CO2.

Sauce is one of the most recent crazes in the dabbing world. This type of dab derives its name from the consistency of the oil that is extracted from the cannabis plant. The Sauce is a crystalline product, meaning that it has taken the form of a solid, crystal-shaped substance that is surrounded by a liquid of various Terpene extracts. Terpenes are reintroduced into the oil compound after extraction has finished. We recommend distillate oil with terpenes added for those after good taste and strength. Distillate THC oil is the most potent before crystalline. The crystal version of THC is known as crystalline and test at 99% THC.

How Do you Dab?

Dabs are easy to do if you have the right dabbing equipment. Avoid high-temperature dabs to avoid damaging the lungs. The most popular type of dabbing are low temp dabs, these are the most enjoyable type and safest. A good rule to have is to use a timer on your phone to count down from 30 seconds after the dab nail has turned red. Back in the slightly more recent days of dabbing, before dab rigs were invented, the original (and only) way to dab was by using a hot knife. The method involved taking a knife and heating it until it was visibly red.

The first type of dabs done was the same concept as today’s but not as safe. Before people where dabbing on a dab rig they used a knife and a stove. A dab was then dropped onto the knife and the user would inhale the vapor that was released from the dab. Thanks to recent scientific strides and new dabbing tools, dabbing has never been easier. Here a just a few of the methods commonly used to dab.


The natural next step in the evolution of dabbing came in the form of the swing skillet. The very first dab rigs came fitted with glass stems that extended down towards a flat metal dish that was at the bottom of the rig. This metal dish was heated, and a dab would be dropped onto the hot dish. The vapor from the dab would naturally flow up the glass stem where it could be inhaled, making sure that no vapor is left to flow out into the air.

Dome and Nail

dome dab rig

Swing skillets were quickly replaced by smaller size dab rigs with a dome and quartz nail. The dome protects the vapor from escaping and prevents the cannabis extract from making a mess. Once the nail has reached a high enough temperature, drop a dab of cannabis concentrate directly on to the nail and inhale. We recommend purchasing a carb cab to trap the vapor inside the dome and vape more from less cannabis concentrate.

Domeless Dabbing

domeless dab nail

This is a very wasteful method because a lot of the vapor will escape. Domeless dabbing involves the use of a nail without the dome. These Domeless nails have little holes present on them where the vapor can immediately flow into the bong without the use of a dome, eliminating a tedious step of the process. The nails used in this set-up require less replacements as they are usually made from quartz.

Low-Temperature Dabbing

Low-temperature dabbing is the most efficient method to dab. Many veteran dabbers have adopted this trend as their go-to staple option. This method requires an additional carb cap and requires the user to have a lot of patience and willingness to wait as this method takes a lot longer than high-temperature dabbing does. Terpenes and cannabinoids that have a high-potency are likely to vaporize at a low temperature. This means that during a high-temperature dab many ingredients of the strain are entirely lost due to immediate combustion. High-temperature dabbing may also cause harmful chemicals to be released from the dab. Low-temperature dabs unlock the most healing benefits possible from cannabis extracts.

Carb Caps and Quartz Bangers

carb cab and quartz banger

The carb cap was designed to keep the vapor and heat from escaping. Using a carb cap will allow you to get more from your dabs. Following on from the low-temperature dabbing trend, most users now utilize a quartz banger as well as a carb cap when dabbing at low temperatures. A carb cap reduces the airflow of the rig which in turn lowers the overall pressure within both the rig and the nail. This allows for more vaporization to take place. Due to this low pressure the boiling point of the ingredients inside the rig are now much lower meaning that the clouds of smoke that are produced last longer.

How Do You Do a Low-Temperature Dab?

The question, what is dabbing wax,  has now lead to what’s the best temperature for dabs. The first step to a low-temperature dab is simple, the walls of the dab rig’s nail must be heated for around a minute. The nail must then be allowed to cool down, but remain warm. This cooldown time varies quite a bit depending on the type of dab nail you are using and your specific preferences. A good low temp dabbing rule is to put a timer of 20-30 seconds after heating the dab nail red. drop a dab onto the nail and let it melt. Add the carb cap once the dab has melted and the rig should fill with vapor quite quickly.

An optional addition to this process is a directional airflow carb cap. This would allow you to spread the oil out evenly, giving you a vapor that is more consistent in quality and potency. A perfectly timed and executed dab can be very flavourful and will vaporize completely, leaving very little mess behind.

Quartz Banger Insert

quartz banger insert

Quartz inserts have been recently used to elevate the experience of low-temperature dabbing. These quartz inserts serve to protect the quartz banger as well as providing a new way to perform a low-temperature dab in the form of the insert drop technique.

The Insert Drop Technique

This technique is a prevalent one amongst contemporary dabbers as it provides a way for cannabis concentrates to be heated very quickly from a low temperature. To begin, pre-fill the quartz insert with an amount of concentrate that is specific to what you wish to consume. Then heat the walls of the nail or quartz banger inside of the rig. Once heated, wait for around thirty seconds before continuing as the nail needs to be cooled. You should then drop the insert whilst it still has a high temperature.

Light vapor will begin to fill the rig on the first couple of hits but the flavor of the vapor will be much more potent and pleasant than you’ll have ever experienced previously. After the first few initial hits the vapor clouds will become thicker and smoother, turning into a cloudy milk-like color. This method creates a mess in the form of a puddle after you have finished. A qtip is recommended to pick up the cannabis extract leftover.

Electronic Nail Dab Rigs

Frequent dabbers will go through butane fast if they use a blowtorch. It is possible to try dabbing without the use of a blowtorch, you just require other means of heat generated to vape the cannabis extracts. Dabbing without a torch is made possible because of electronic nails. These enails are heated from electricity and are the most precise temperatures for vaping. Enails are perfect for those who always want to keep a low temperature on for dabs on the ready.



What is dabbing without a blow torch? The answer Is n E-nail! It’s an easy-to-use product if you just intend on dabbing at home. An E-nail will replace a blowtorch as it is used to heat the nail on which the dabs are dropped. E-nails plug straight into a wall socket and electricity is then used to heat the device. Portable E-nails do exist, and these products also do not require the use of a blowtorch. These portable E-nails are replacing the dab rig because of how convenient they are to vape. Just press the button on the device to heat the nail within and drop a dab directly onto the E-nail.

Portable Vaporizers

portable dab vaporizer

Portable vaporizers are also available. These enail vaporizers make regular dab rigs seem entirely redundant due to their simplicity and ease-of-use. These portable vaporizers do precisely what you think they would do, they heat up the cannabis concentrates to a high enough temperature that a blowtorch or standard dab rig could be replaced entirely. You can even find several different models, and types of vaporizers on the market that are specifically designed to work with cannabis concentrates solely. This can be expensive though, so it may be more cost-effective to simply stick to the standard dab rig and blow torch combo if you’re tight on cash.

An Ever-Changing Pastime

Dabbing has a learning curve to it that doesn’t take too much time to learn. Dabbing can be highly therapeutic when done correctly. At this point, you should be able to answer the question “what are dabs?” It is important to acknowledge just how far we have come in the world of dabbing. We have come a long way from merely heating up a knife and snorting fumes off of it. Every day there are brand new innovations and inventions that improve the already-vast world of dabbing, so you can be sure that it will stick around for the long-term.

For example, the vast majority of dabs used to be primarily THC-based extracts, but now more and more concentrates have been innovated on, introducing elements such as cannabinoids and Terpenes. Similarly, the consistency of products is also getting better and better as the years go on, meaning that the top-shelf products in stores are only the finest products, ensuring that they are safe and well worth the money. We have grown as a community so much that we have become somewhat of connoisseurs of the trade within the last few years, offering advice wherever it is needed and only using the most high-quality products. We are far from the days of huffing from a scolding knife held inches away from our face.

Buy Dabs Online In Canada

buy dabs online canada

If you live in Canada you can order cannabis concentrate online from us with many different selections to choose from. We encourage you to take a look at our menu available on our website. We made the process to buy wax dabs online an easy one for those who reside in Canada. We strive to only carry clean pesticide free cannabis concentrate products that are lab tested. We encourage you to read the many reviews on our hash products to learn more. Get your mail in order today and we will send it out quick. Our menu includes many different types of hash and is frequently changing so recommend to check back often.

We have learned a great deal about Terpenes in recent years as well as understanding the many risks that high-temperature dabbing can cause. With the introduction of portable vaporizers and wax pens it is now easier than ever to get in on dabbing and take full advantage of the many benefits that it holds. Dabbing, unlike the ill-fated dance move, is not just a meaningless trend, it is a community. A living and breathing community that some have replaced smoking cannabis entirely with dabs.


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