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From rap songs and pop culture references, to mountain ranges, the word Kush can be found in almost all places. And it’s got a pretty good reason too – it represents perhaps the largest family of cannabis strains ever.

But where does the word Kush come from? What unique  characteristics do Kush strains have? What does their high feel like? And finally, what are the most popular Kush strains?

If you are an enthusiast expanding your knowledge of the wide world of marijuana, these are just some of the questions which might have come to your mind. But worry not, for you are in the right place, and we’ll be answering all of these and more in this blog. 

Where does the word “Kush” come from?

While the true origins of the word “Kush” are disputed, and there are a number of theories regarding this, nearly everyone agrees that the term first began to be used in the Netherlands in the 70s. However, in the last two decades or so, “Kush” has become synonymous with premium cannabis strains, and is now the go to term for high quality cannabis all over the world.

But the first ever strain to have the word “kush” in its name was the Hindu Kush strain. A pure indica strain which originally hails from the historical mountain range which runs along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. In fact, this is one of the few regions in the world where cannabis grows naturally and natively, and the Hindu Kush is among the first ever widely used medicinal cannabis strains ever.

Today, there are a lot of Kush strains in the market. Let’s look at what makes them different. 

What Characterizes Kush Cannabis

While the original Kush strains descend from the Hindu Kush mountain range, today those strains have been crossbred with others to create so many newer, more potent and flavorful strains. 

Since nearly all of them have inherited kush genetics, they will all have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Appearance: Nearly all Kush strains exhibit deep green colored buds, with light hints of purple also present in the leaves. A large number of pistils (hairs) are also present, which can either be orange, brown or rust colored. The buds are nearly always dense and chunky, and come from short, chunky flowers.
  • Aroma: There really is no one aroma for kush strains, for many have been crossbred with sweet smelling hybrids. Hence, the aromas can include earthy, floral, pungent, piney, fruity, herbal and hashy spice scents.
  • Flavor: Just like the aroma, kush does not have a standardized set of flavors. Instead, the smoke or vapor is mostly smooth and herbaceous and contain notes of flowers, grape, diesel, citrus, and herbs.

It must also be mentioned that these attributes may vary from strain to strain. In fact, different phenotypes of the same strain can also be very different. It all depends on how they were grown and what their genetic composition is. 

But knowing what kush strains look, smell and taste like isn’t enough. The million dollar question on everyone’s mind is simply this, what makes them special. And the answer to that is simple, it’s effects.

What does the Kush high feel like?

Typically, Kush strains are well known for their heavy and sedative effects, and are widely acknowledged as the perfect relaxing strains. Most kush strains are also quite euphoric, and ensure that your mind wanders off to a state of pure bliss, while the body relaxes in a heavy couch lock.

At the same time, introspection and internal reflection is also a common effect of kush strains. Especially due to the fact that most kush strains in the market today are balanced hybrids, and not the heavy indica they used to be. However, there are still pure and heavy indica strains present in the market as well. 

In any case, due to it’s highly relaxing and sedative properties, Kush strains are quite effective  as medicinal strains. In addition to treating most common and severe forms of pains and aches, they can also be used for insomnia, depression, anxiety, and many other medical conditions.

What are the most popular Kush strains?

While there are more than a hundred strains in the market with the word kush, and many more which have been created by crossbreeding a kush strain, we feel that you deserve the best of the best. Lets look at 5 of the top ones.

1. Hindu Kush

The original kush strain, this strain originates from the 500 mile long mountain range which spans between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It was first brought to Canada and the US by the travellers of the infamous “Hippie Trail” in the early 70s. Half a century later, the strain is still popular, and one of the most potent strains in the whole world. It’s heavy sedative effects are guaranteed to leave the user in a couch locked state for a long long time, complete with a foggy mind and immeasurable laziness.

2. OG Kush

Perhaps the most famous Kush strain, OG Kush is widely considered to be the perfect cannabis strain. Only slightly indica dominant, the strain has a comfortable, yet potent and sedative high, coupled with uplifting and euphoric feelings as well. No matter what the occasion is, OG Kush is the strain you need.

3. Bubba Kush

A pure indica strain, Bubba Kush is an extremely sedative and stoney strain. It’s tranquilizing effects, coupled with a sweet and flavorful, hashish style aroma have made the strain one of the most popular kush strains in the market, both for medicinal and recreational uses.

4. Purple Kush

A 100% indica and true afghani strain, the Purple Kush was created by crossing Hindu Kush with the Purple Aghghani strains. Users all over the world love it for it’s extremely quick setting effects, which are insanely euphoric and numbing all over the body and nearly always leave the user in a dreamy, blissful couch locked state.

5. Master Kush

A direct descendant of Hindu Kush, Master Kush is a two time award winner and a personal favorite of our favorite celebrity, Snoop Dogg! With a sweet but pungent aroma and a dominating high, it is one of the most popular medical strains in the whole world.

These are just a few of the hundreds of kush strains which are present in the market right now. Let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments section below!

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