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As the integration of legalized cannabis continues to proceed, the types and forms of weed products are directly expanding in selection, extending beyond just traditional bud form. This brings us to weed resin. Chances are, if you’ve smoked marijuana a handful of times, you’ve already smoked it indirectly. But, what is weed resin exactly? And what’s the difference between resin, live weed resin and rosin? Find out the similarities and difference between these forms of cannabis that are growing in popularity, the effects of weed resin, and then decide if you want to buy resin for yourself.

What is Weed Resin?

When weed resin comes up in conversation, it is usually referring to the actual part of the cannabis plant or the byproduct of a cannabis product when it is smoked.

Resin itself is the trichomes that collect on top of marijuana flowers and leaves of female cannabis plants. These trichomes are the main component of cannabis that are responsible for producing psychoactive and medicinal effects experienced when weed is consumed. Resin helps protect marijuana plants as they mature, acting as a shield from UV light damage. It is the major source of the cannabinoids and terpenes which are chemical compounds that induce certain effects and express different flavors and aromas. During the cultivation process, resin also deters pests and animals from eating the flowers.

When resin is being discussed in a consumption context, it is usually referring to the black or brown tar that tends to build up in smoking devices like pipes and bongs. Then, there are different types of resin based on how it is extracted and processed. The three main types are weed resin, live weed resin and rosin—all of which are very potent forms of marijuana.

Effects of Weed Resin

In general, the effects of weed resin will depend on the original cannabis product it was made from. The concentration of THC and CBD compounds will generally dictate the type of body and cerebral effects experienced. Due to the nature of how resin is produced (via burning and combustion), it will naturally have a lower cannabinoid and terpene concentration, causing less potent effects.

Resin, Live Resin and Rosin: The Differences

So, now that you have a basic understanding of weed resin within the context of cultivation and as a consumer product, it’s essential to understand the different types of resin, which are weed resin, live resin and rosin. Knowing the differences will help you become a more informed cannabis user and get the right type of resin for your needs.


As mentioned, weed resin is a byproduct of marijuana ash, tar and carbon. It is formed through the process of combustion and has a sticky brown or black characteristic. This type of cannabis product builds up in bongs and pipes. It is typically collected by scraping burned resin from these smoking devices and reusing it. This weed resin can then be used in joints, vaporizers or pipes. When smoked in a joint, expect it to burn slower than it would if it was a traditional joint with dried bud. For those who want to vape, it’s good to note that resin requires a higher temperature to burn, making it less ideal for low-temperature vaping devices. Using a pipe to smoke resin can lower the harsher effects caused by resin smoke.

Live Resin

Live resin is a form of weed resin that has become very popular as the legalization of marijuana continues to become the standard in many parts of the world. It is a cannabis concentrate that is produced by cryogenically freezing a freshly-harvested marijuana plant. The entire plant is used during the process, that means flowers, leaves, branches and stalk are all included. This is a viable product for cannabis users that would like to preserve the terpene profile of the plant. In contrast to weed resin that has been combusted, burned and depleted of terpenes and cannabinoids, the process used to make live resin helps keep these chemical compounds intact to create more potent effects. As a result, live resin produces a full-bodied aroma and is generally more medicinally


Rosin is a cannabis concentrate that is produced by pressing dried or cured flowers of a marijuana plant, and uses a combination of heat and pressure during the process to release the weed resin. It doesn’t require BHO or CO2 like many traditional extraction processes, which allows consumers to make rosin at home, safely. What makes rosin appealing is that it does not use any harmful extraction solvents. You can produce rosin easily with a heating and pressing device like a hair straightener, parchment paper and bud.

Pros and Cons of Using Weed Resin

When it comes to weed resin as a byproduct of smoking, there are pros and cons to weigh out. Resin itself is technically safe, but where it gets hairy is when it comes to the actual tar content. Tar, in general, in considered unhealthy. On the bright side, resin can be a great economical alternative to bud. It makes the most out of your cannabis product because you can continue to use it as a weed product in and of itself. Its effects are less potent than if you were to smoke the original flower bud due to the fact that it has had its terpenes and cannabinoids burned a few times over. This can be a good thing for those looking for a less potent effect and a negative for those looking for a highly potent cannabis product. The actual taste and effects of smoking resin are often what make it less appealing. It can produce a less than desirable taste and harsher odors and effects on the respiratory system.

Live weed resin and rosin products, on the other hand, are the type of weed resin that provides very favorable benefits and effects. The way these two resin concentrates are processed allows them to maintain potency and less harsh chemicals when consumed.

How to Consume Weed Resin

There are various ways to use resin. The simplest way to use weed resin is to dry hit a pipe. Alternatively, you can scrape the resin into a ball and place it in a bowl to smoke. It can be also rolled into a joint. A water bong is another ideal way to smoke resin because the water can help filter out some of the carcinogens in it. To consume live resin, you need an oil (dab) rig or vaporizer made for concentrates. Rosin can be smoked with flower bud, dabbed, eaten in an edible or vaped.

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