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There’s nothing quite like opening a box of fresh cannabis buds. You open it and are greeted by vibrant colours and beautiful trichomes. Your nose gets a whiff of your favourite scent. You are excited to light up your new product and experience its effects.

It can be extremely disappointing to open your package and find yourself greeted with a sub-par weed product.

If this happens to you, you may have found yourself in possession of what is commonly called Reggie weed. Discover what this is, the dangers of smoking it, and how you can ensure you only purchase quality weed from a marijuana dispensary.

What Is Reggie Weed?

In the marijuana world, Reggie is slang for regular. It is considered a low-quality cannabis flower from the bottom of the barrel. You may also hear it called ditch weed, shake, or dirt brick bud.

The term “Reggie” does not necessarily refer to a specific strain of marijuana but rather the quality of marijuana you have purchased or received. Basically, Reggie weed is a term used to identify and refer to subpar weed.

Reggie weed does have a fascinating history. Before the use of weed was legalized, many people would grow their own and then sell to others in their area.

However, as more places began to legalize marijuana for use either medically or recreationally, the quality of weed being produced and sold has improved since professional growers were dedicating themselves to it. Thus, what we now consider to be Reggie weed was once considered standard cannabis.  

Even today, people who do not have access to a weed dispensary, either online or in person, or who live in a place where marijuana use is not yet legal, may only be able to get their hands on Reggie weed. This is because Reggie weed is also associated with the black market of cannabis.

How to Tell if Your Weed Is Reggie

How to Tell if Your Weed Is Reggie

Reggie weed will be an underwhelming experience from the moment it is taken out of its box. You may have Reggie weed if:

  • It has an unappealing colour. Most fresh buds are very colourful, bright green with hues of orange, purple, and other colours. Reggie weed is generally yellow and brown in colour, without the shine of trichomes that fresh buds have. 
  • It has an “off” or musty smell. Fresh cannabis strains will have strong smell that are appealing to the masses. A Reggie bud, however, will likely smell off to users. And it may even have the smell of mould and mildew. 
  • It has no taste, bland taste, or the wrong taste. Sometimes, users do not realize they have a Reggie bud until they’ve started smoking it. Users will likely feel the bud doesn’t have a taste or tastes off, indicating it is not a quality bud. 

Can Reggie Buds Get Your High?

Another hallmark of Reggie buds is that they have low potency. Users may be waiting for a high to come that never comes or is not as potent as they anticipated.

So, yes, Reggie weed can get you high, but it will take a while. Users will need to consume more marijuana than they usually do to get the effects they desire or any effects at all.

The Risks of Smoking Reggie Weed

Reggie weed is most often found on the “black market,” which can lead to increased risk for users who end up smoking it.”

Most growers who sell a product, like Reggie weed, on the black market are not as concerned with quality as professional growers for dispensaries are. That means smoking Reggie weed can sometimes expose users to harmful substances.

Plus, users increase the risk of inhaling things like mould. This can cause issues with your lungs and irritate those with underlying health conditions. Inhaling mould, in general, is not healthy, let alone inhaling it into your lungs.

Tips for Finding and Buying Quality Weed

Tips for Finding and Buying Quality Weed

Online marijuana dispensaries are becoming increasingly popular, making it much easier for people to access high-quality weed. But, ordering from an online dispensary can be scary. You don’t want to think you are ordering top-shelf, high-quality weed when, in fact, you are getting Reggie weed.

Before buying your weed online, you should:

  • Research the company selling the weed. Take a look at their about us page and any FAQ information on their website. This will give you a better idea of how they operate and their promises to their customers.
  • Read online reviews. By hearing from other customers, you can get a better sense of the type of products they provide.
  • Look for a guarantee. Many dispensaries will offer a product guarantee. Research the options available to you should you be unhappy with the product you have received in the mail.
  • Check to see if it is easy to find a way to get in contact with the company. Is it easy to message them? Do they have a chat option?

By doing research beforehand, you can get peace of mind before ordering any marijuana product, including cannabis flowers.  

In Summary

Reggie weed refers to not a particular marijuana strain but the quality of weed. Often used to describe marijuana that is sub-par, many people who get their product from local, home-growers may find themselves with this type of weed.

Reggie weed is often dry and dull in colour, typically yellow or brown instead of vibrant green with colourful hues. It will also have an underwhelming smell, often smelling “off” to users.

While Reggie weed can get users high, weed classified as Reggie typically has reduced potency. That means to get the high you are expecting from a high-quality bud of the same strain, and you will need to take more—not a good way to maximize your cannabis budget.

By purchasing your weed for a reputable online dispensary like ours, you can feel confident the product that will arrive at your door will not be Reggie weed but rather a high-quality product.

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