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Cannabis products are becoming more popular as people of all backgrounds try them. Even seniors are beginning to use marijuana in hopes of helping with conditions like arthritis. As the marijuana market continues to grow, it will become even more popular. Even though marijuana is legal in Canada, there are still quite a few restrictions when it comes to traveling with it. If you want to enjoy a relaxing smoke while you’re on vacation, you will want to make sure that you are following all the relevant rules.

Avoid Travelling Internationally With Marijuana 

It is fine to consume and possess marijuana in Canada. But you still may not go over an international border with the herb, whether you are driving or flying. You cannot take even a little bit to a country where it is legal.

This rule is important to follow. If you do not and you get caught, the consequences are not going to be minuscule. According to the Canadian government, you will face strong criminal penalties, either at home or abroad.

For example, if federal authorities in the United States find that you have cannabis, you might be banned from entering the country for the rest of your life. That is true even if the U.S. state in question has legalized marijuana, such as Washington state. This is because even though some U.S. states have legalized cannabis, the federal government still controls it.

If you have cannabis, you will want to be careful to avoid entering the United States in your car. Even if it just an accident, you may face a “zero-tolerance fine.” This is around $500, and you will be considered inadmissible to the country because you had a controlled substance.

Another thing you will want to be careful of is diverted flights. The original plan might be to stay completely in Canada, but unexpected circumstances might require that the flight be diverted to U.S. airspace. If you are refused entry to one country because you have marijuana, you will be responsible. That includes paying for a trip to go home.

Do Not Bring Cannabis to Canada

Do Not Bring Cannabis to Canada

It is also against the law to bring cannabis to Canada. That even includes medical marijuana. If you are at the border and you have a bit in your car or luggage, you have to declare it to the customs officers. If you do not do this and you get caught, you might have your weed confiscated. Besides that, you can get charged with a crime.

If you find that you accidentally have the substance on an airplane, one option may be to dispose of your stash on the plane. However, airlines may not be allowed to let you do this.

Marijuana Limits on Flights

When you are flying within Canada, you can bring marijuana on the airplane. But you can only take the limit for personal possession — 30 grams. You may carry this personal cannabis in either your checked or carry-on baggage. 

However, remember that it might be harder if you have cannabis oil. There is a 100-milliliter limit for all of your liquids when it comes to carry-on bags. You should make sure that you follow this limit carefully. If security officials at the airport find that you have more than 30 grams, they will need to call the police. That might lead to charges against you and even cause you to be prosecuted. 

However, that limit is only for recreational cannabis. You can carry more if you are using it for medicinal purposes. If the security staff find that you have more than 30 grams, you will need to show your medical documentation. You will need to follow the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations for the amount of marijuana and documentation.

Be Careful While on Road Trips

Marijuana is legal everywhere in Canada. But every territory and province has unique laws about how you can and can’t transport it. For example, if you will be traveling through Ontario, you will need to keep the cannabis in its original packaging, unopened. It must be placed where the passengers and driver can’t access it, such as in the trunk.

In Ontario, you can smoke your marijuana in outdoor places and on sidewalks, but in other provinces, such as New Brunswick, it is not legal to use in public. Map out your road trip and make a list of every province or territory you will be visiting. Read up on each one’s laws, so you don’t find yourself in legal trouble.

Be Careful While on Road Trips

Never Drive While Using Cannabis

No matter what the province, it is illegal to use the herb while you are driving. Using cannabis might affect the coverage of your travel insurance. It’s a good idea to read up on the policy before you go anywhere. Once you have reached your destination, you will want to make sure that you have a designated driver, the same as if you had a drink.

Products Containing Marijuana 

When you are at the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), they will ask you if you have any products that have any level of cannabis with you. That isn’t just your dried flower. It also includes products such as vape cartridges and facial scrubs with CBD in them. It is smart to declare everything from capsules to flowers to edibles. That way, you will be less likely to get in trouble for anything. 

If you declare your cannabis products and one of them is not legal to have, the officers at the CBSA will use their discretion when determining if law enforcement must be contacted. That can put you at the mercy of the agent.

Closing Thoughts

If you are thinking about using cannabis products on your next vacation, you will want to read up on the laws closely. The laws for medicinal and recreational cannabis differ significantly. Ultimately, it is your own responsibility to know what the legal repercussions can be. Taking precautions can help keep you and your traveling companions safe on your trip.

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