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Yoga has become one of the most popular alternative therapies for all kinds of ailments from anxiety to physical pain. It helps improve your flexibility, endurance, and even your mental state. Similarly, marijuana has become a popular alternative treatment for things like pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and sleep problems. As such, combining Marijuana and Yoga is a match made in heaven.

Marijuana and Yoga are both known to boost your mood and improve your mind-body connection. What’s more, both of them help with many of the same common issues and symptoms. While you might already do one or the other, combining the two can have impressive results. Here’s why Marijuana and Yoga are a match made in heaven.

Marijuana and Yoga Can Help You Deal With Stress

One of the main reasons that marijuana and yoga work so well together is that both provide unique ways to deal with stress. Whether you’re dealing with chronic stress due to work, relationships, or money, or even if you’re just having a bad day, smoking a joint and taking in some yoga can improve your mood significantly.

As many marijuana users know, smoking weed often puts you in a calm and peaceful state. Within a few hits of a joint or bowl, you’ll feel much more carefree and mentally relaxed. While indica strains are generally the best choice for relaxing and reducing stress, all marijuana strains can help to some extent.

Yoga helps with stress as it promotes serious relaxation. By increasing circulation, focusing on your breathing, and releasing some energy, yoga can be incredibly relaxing even if you only do it for 15 minutes or so. A study found that yoga even counteracts the body’s fight-or-flight stress response, making you feel calm and centered.

Marijuana and Yoga Can Help You Deal With Stress

Marijuana and Yoga Help Reduce Anxiety

Not only can marijuana and yoga both help with daily stress, but they can also help reduce anxiety. Both of these things have become popular alternative treatments for dealing with all kinds of anxiety due to their ability to help relax your mind and work through your problems.

One study found that marijuana was incredibly helpful at counteracting anxiety. Even just a couple of puffs of weed helped users significantly reduce personal ratings of anxiety, as well as helping with depression and stress. With that said, you should avoid high doses of marijuana as using too much can increase anxiety in some cases.

There have also been many studies showing that yoga can help with anxiety. Studies suggest that yoga helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression swiftly and effectively. Doing a quick yoga routine in the workout can work wonders, and you might even want to smoke some weed after. However, keep in mind that these things should be used as complementary treatments and shouldn’t completely replace traditional anxiety treatments.

Marijuana and Yoga Can Relieve Chronic Pain

As well as having a range of mental benefits, marijuana and yoga can also benefit you physically in various ways. Another reason that marijuana and yoga go so well together is that they can both help with various painful conditions.

Yoga naturally involves movements that improve circulation and flexibility- both of which can help with joint pain. One study found that practicing yoga significantly helped patients with osteoarthritis of the hands. These physical benefits are also helpful for relieving chronic pain and aches throughout the body.

Marijuana can be just as helpful for pain. One of the most common medical uses of marijuana is to relieve all kinds of chronic pain and inflammation. The cannabinoids in marijuana such as THC and CBD work together to provide a soothing and relieving effect throughout your body, swiftly removing all forms of physical tension. 

Marijuana And Yoga Could Help You Lose Weight

If you’re having a hard time losing weight and want a routine that’s fun, rewarding, and effective, then you might want to try combining marijuana and yoga. While it’s clear that yoga helps you sweat off excess calories and boost your metabolism, marijuana also appears to help users maintain healthy body weight.

Any physical activity that increases blood flow and makes you sweat can help with weight loss. As such, even a quick yoga session in the morning can help you with your weight loss goals. Doing it regularly will help even more. Studies show that many people experience significant weight loss from regular yoga.

Users often think that marijuana will make them gain weight due to its ability to increase your appetite. However, research suggests that the opposite is true. Various studies have shown that marijuana is linked to lower BMI, lower fat mass, and healthier bodies overall. Researchers suggest that marijuana likely helps with weight management by boosting your metabolism and reducing energy intake- just don’t eat too much when you get the munchies.

Marijuana And Yoga Could Help Boost Your Mind

Marijuana And Yoga Could Help Boost Your Mind

As well as helping you feel healthier both physically and mentally, marijuana and yoga can even help with your cognitive performance. You’ll notice that after any kind of workout, you feel much more mentally alert and focused. Marijuana can often have the same effect, depending on which strain you use.

Yoga helps circulation, which includes circulation to the brain. This is why you’ll often feel much more alert and focused throughout the day after a yoga session. One study even found that yoga helped subjects improve their visual, verbal, and spatial memory.

While some marijuana strains leave you feeling mentally hazy and sedated, some do a great job of perking up your mind. Sativa strains are known to give users a burst of mental energy, helping to boost their creativity and mental focus. You might even find that you perform better on some cognitive tasks after smoking.


Marijuana and Yoga are a match made in heaven for many reasons. Both of these can help you relax, reduce your stress levels, help with anxiety, improve your physical health, and even improve your mental alertness and focus.

There are many approaches you can take for this. Some users might enjoy smoking after getting home from a yoga class whereas others might prefer getting high before carrying out a yoga session at home. Whichever way, try it out and see how it benefits you. You can get all the marijuana you need online at BuyMyWeedOnline.

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