Mota Edibles

When it comes to cannabis products of the highest medicinal quality, MOTA is where you should be. The Mota team has spent years of hard work and dedication, perfecting their infused products and making sure the customers get exactly what they’re looking for. Find out more about their story, their brand, and their products right here on this page!

About Mota Edibles

Mota Edibles started with only a small group – friends, and family that needed medicinal quality strains.

Over the years they slowly worked their way up in maintaining Vancouver Island standards of hands-on quality and conscientious patient care with the highest quality cannabis edibles.

Mota Edibles grow their own cannabis plants, or source them, in optimum conditions as is required and then nurtured with the utmost care.

The results? Premium quality cannabis products that tend to your unique needs and are sure to satisfy.

Mota Edibles products

Mota offers an interesting range of products you can choose from! These include

Cannabis Flower
Their beautiful flower strains are freshly picked at the perfect moment to suit your personal preferences.
Mota combines quality derivatives with delectable taste to present their line of cannabis edibles that should definitely tickle your fancy.
Mota provides an array of daily beverages infused with precise dosages to make it that much easier to take cannabis medication. Soothing hot tea or a delicious hot chocolate, you can satiate your cravings for whatever the mood!
The best concentrates all have one thing in common‒ 100% pure cannabis. And Mota offers just that, perfectly prepared and highest in quality, their customers will always get the best concentrates possible.
The philosophy that started Mota providing services to their friends and daily still carries on today for their topical products‒ careful preparation and dedication to quality control.
There wouldn’t have been a prestigious reputation to maintain if Mota didn’t put extra care into their process of producing the best cannabis tinctures.
These cannabis capsules are all the rage when it comes to easy and precise dosages that last a long time.
The CBD-only cannabis products are gaining popularity recently, especially for their absence of psychoactive THC. You can get yours at Mota, with the assurance of the best quality possible.

And there’s so much more to choose from!

Mota Edibles quality

At Mota, all cannabis products are made with pride, with a distinct focus on purity, quality, and consistency. To produce strains that are medically benefitting, Mota carefully selects their strains and works with patients to perfect their techniques for growing, refining, and infusing their edibles.

This meticulous process of producing only the best quality cannabis products has rightfully earned them a reputation across the island of Vancouver, Canada.