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Phyto Extractions

Phyto Extractions prove just how dedicated they are to the industry of cannabis concentrates when you see their history of award-winning extracts. They didn’t just join the bandwagon of the cannabis industry when it was legalized; they’ve been the passionate advocates of the Canadian cannabis industry since 2015.

About Phyto Extractions

Phyto Extractions understand how important customer experience is because they are passionate customers themselves. They believe in what they do, and that’s why they’re good at it.

The people behind this company are some of the best industry experts. Adastra has recruited a team that is individually unique and collectively compatible. You’ll see new companies popping up in the industry every day, but this team has been working the business activities or invested in from afar for several years now. Their experience remains unmatched.

Phyto Extractions products

Their menu is categorized into their 2.0 products that you definitely want to know all about.

Phyto Extraction has an incredibly popular line of Vape products, catering to your personal preferences and liking. Products range from vape cartridges and disposable vape pens to the complete vape kit.

Live Resin
Live Resin tends to be a stronger-hitting concentrate, so beginners are recommended to try it in controlled, careful doses using a handheld vaporizer. A small dose should be enough. It’s best to store the concentrate in a cool, dark place to preserve its content.

Phyto Extractions carefully craft their live resin in a regulated environment using hydrocarbon extraction techniques. Under strict safety protocols, the freshly harvested flowers are flash-frozen to preserve the highest number of fresh terpenes and cannabinoids. They have to make sure the concentrate is as close to purity as possible. The volatile terpenes are extracted using hydrocarbon blends.

Terp sauce
CO2 Terpsauce or HTFSE is made using advanced CO2 extraction techniques, resulting in a full-spectrum oil, 0.5g cartridge. The flower’s terpene profile is almost fully preserved in this method and is sure to give you the kick you’re looking for.

Phyto Extractions quality

Everything Phyto Extractions do is based on one very important factor‒ quality. They know that their product’s success hinges on the fact that it’s made of the very best sources. Deeply in touch with their Canadian roots, they know all about their customers’ needs when it comes to cannabis production.

To manufacture good quality and safe products, Phyto Extractions implements their years of knowledge onto careful testing procedures, all in-tune with the Health Canada Regulations. All their products are developed, sourced, and stocked in retail stores under legal law, using organic ingredients.