RAW Rolling Papers

Anyone who’s ever even thought about smoking marijuana knows what RAW is. They are probably the biggest and most popular rolling paper companies in the world and have been aiming to be the leader of the pack in the rolling paper industry.

About RAW

In the early 17th to 18th century, rolling paper was supplied in large sheets that needed to be individually cut. The game changed when the first rolling paper booklet was invented in the Alcoy region of Spain in the 1800s. That’s exactly where RAW makes their own rolling paper.

RAW made themselves known in the industry when they revolutionized high-grade rolling paper made from all-natural, all-organic plant material. They pride themselves on their promise of making rolling papers with zero additives, zero GMOs, zero added chalks or dyes, and other burn additives. This ingenious manufacture of great quality, Earth-friendly paper enhances the smoking experience and lets you taste the true flavor of your concentrate.

The RAW foundation

That’s not all to RAW’s charm, though. They truly give back in their efforts towards the RAW Foundation, where they have helped improve the lives of over 25,000 people, and counting! Their resources have made a great impact on helping the Sisters of Mother Theresa in Ethiopia, building clean water wells for communities in Peru, funding orphanages in Indonesia, or donating to hurricane relief efforts.

RAW Products

What’s now known as RAW is the product of a decade-long effort to produce the most natural rolling papers in the world. What drove RAW was to replace the previous smoking papers, which were bleached white to produce the ashy clouds of smoke and glued with animal or chemical materials. The Founder, Josh Kesselman, realized that drive.

RAW rolling paper is made with 100% organic Acacia gum, sustainably harvested in the Ethiopia/Senegal region. The resin is tapped from the trees in a similar fashion to maple syrup, then filtered and pasteurized, and applied to the paper.

RAW paper is unbleached and unrefined. The paper contains no genetically modified organisms or animal-based products, making it vegan friendly. This way, it can cater to a wide array of customers.

It’s important to keep in mind what the customer is looking for, and so is delivering that in a way that’s harmless. When you smoke a joint rolled in RAW paper, you won’t taste any of the nasty chemicals affecting your smoke because they’re not there!