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Cannabis and food are like Popeye and his spinach — an inseparable combo that cannot be compared to any other experience on Earth.

But when you see a strain whose name speaks of chocolate, you know you’re in for a real treat.

There’s a saying that people who don’t like chocolate can’t be trusted. We don’t know if you can say the same with cannabis, but we’d tweak it the other way round:

If you like cannabis and still dislike chocolate — then you definitely can’t be trusted.

But fear not! There’s still hope for you.

Once you try the Chocolate Kush marijuana strain, you’ll forget about all your prejudices with the first hit of this blissfully delicious flower.

Just like the real chocolate, Chocolate Kush melts both the mind and the body. Read our review to learn more about the creation of 00 Seeds.

Chocolate Kush: Overview

Chocolate Kush is a pure indica strain with a unique set of fragrances of flavors, and a well-rounded high suitable for both new and experienced users alike.

In this section, we’ll cover the basic information about the Chocolate Kush marijuana strain. If you want to get a detailed description of each feature, scroll down through the table.

Genetic Lineage Afghani x Mazar I Sharif
Indica/Sativa 100% indica
THC Content 14–28%
Appearance Small to medium-sized mossy green buds, popcorn-like proportions, heavy structure, curly orange pistils, visible patches of blue and purple
Aromas Coffee, earth, wood, fresh herbs and spices
Flavors Sweet, tangy, pungent, blueberry, lemon, pine, wood, berry
Effects Creative, euphoric, relaxed, sleepy, uplifted
Medical Uses Inflammation, insomnia, muscle spasms, pain, stress
Potential Side Effects Dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness
Yield 12–14 ounces
Growth Difficulty Easy

Who Created Chocolate Kush

Who Created Chocolate Kush?

Chocolate Kush was born and bred in Spain. Often mistaken for Chocolope Kush, this marijuana flower has an earthy terpene profile redolent of sunny villages and freshly roasted coffee.

The strain was created by 00 Seeds, a company that’s fairly unique in the cannabis industry. First of all, there’s not much info about the company out there — it looks like they prefer staying in the dark. Another interesting fact about 00 Seeds is that it specializes in making 100% indicas — you won’t find other varieties in their product lineup.

The breeders at 00 Seeds had a wide range of choices to pick from, ultimately selecting Afghani and Mazar I Sharif as parent strains. The former is responsible for the plant’s height and above-average resin production, whereas the latter is known for giving strong body high.

How Much THC is in the Chocolate Kush Strain?

There’s a large disparity in THC levels of certain phenotypes of Chocolate Kush. Its potency has been measured at between 14% and 28% THC, so always ask your budtender about the THC content of your batch. Chocolate Kush is also low in CBD, so it’s best to keep its intake in moderation if you want to avoid unwanted effects.

Chocolate Kush: Appearance, Fragrance & Flavors

Chocolate Kush grows small to medium-sized flowers that cling together in dense, popcorn-like structure. The buds look very solid and heavy despite their modest size, which is typical of most indica strains.

There’s plenty of fiery pistils threading through the tightly-curled mossy green leaves. As mentioned, Chocolate Kush is a very resinous strain, indicative of its potency. Occasionally, some phenotypes of Chocolate Kush also exhibit shades of blue and purple throughout the buds.

Properly cured buds of Chocolate Kush smell like dark chocolate spiced up with fresh herbs like rosemary and notes of wood. Upon breaking up the nuggets, it also smells of wet soil.

The flavors of Chocolate Kush are as pleasurable as its aroma. On the exhale, you can feel notes of wood complemented by gentle undertones of herbal spices and the aforementioned wet soil. The rich aftertaste of roasted coffee washes over the mouth for a few minutes once you’re done smoking.

What Effects Does Chocolate Kush Produce?

Chocolate Kush is a stereotypical indica that creeps up on its users with a delicate burst of euphoria at the early stage of the high. As the psychoactive effects build up, the euphoria transforms into blissful physical relaxation, soothing the body like no other strain.

That warm sense of euphoria stays with the user for the whole duration of effects, wrapping around the mind and igniting creativity. 

Later on, Chocolate Kush leaves the same uplifting buzz, making you want to take one more puff from its resin-coated flowers. Beware, though, as one hit too many may lead you to the nearest couch, where you’ll become a sitting definition of “body melt.”

All in all, we consider this strain a better choice for evening use — unless you have no serious plans the day you want to smoke it.

Medical Uses for Chocolate Kush

Medical Uses for Chocolate Kush

Chocolate Kush has immense therapeutic value. Its happy high takes the mental burden off your shoulders, relieving stress and staving off anxious thoughts. Many cannabis patients use it to manage symptoms of PTSD, depression, or chronic stress.

In high levels, this delicious indica turns into a potent painkiller. It can alleviate a range of aches and pains, from mild to severe.

Meanwhile, the anti-inflammatory properties of Chocolate Kush reduce redness and swelling, bringing relief to cramped and contracted areas.

Last but not least, Chocolate Kush is an invaluable sleep aid with its sedative effects at high doses.

Potential Side Effects

High doses of Chocolate Kush induce sleepiness. They tend to make users dizzy — especially those who pick it as their first-time strain. 

Although rare, sensations of anxiety may also heighten. However, most of the time, you will only experience a slight headache that leaves on its own after a few hours.

Still, it’s better to consume Chocolate Kush in moderation and avoid these reactions.

Responsibility first — always!

Is Chocolate Kush Easy to Grow?

Chocolate Kush is available in feminized form. This makes the process easier and it ensures that the grower ends up with a full batch of female plants.

As a 100% indica strain, Chocolate Kush has a very sturdy structure. Its branches can hold plenty of heavy buds, adapting to various environments and fluctuations in weather.

When grown indoors, this strain takes about 8 to 9 weeks to fully bloom. Once mature, the plant typically yields 12–14 ounces of flowers per square meter.

Have you ever smoked Chocolate Kush? Let us know what you think about this unique variety!

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