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REWARDS that are truly rewarding!

Earning some extra cash is so easy here at BMWO! Just send a screen shot of your posts or reviews to our email or live chat and get rewarded!

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Terms and Conditions:

Nothing makes us happier than rewarding our loyal customers for their valuable reviews. However, to maintain a fair and transparent reward system, we request you to please make sure the reviews you post for us are in harmony with the guidelines below.

General Guidelines:
  • Products under $5 are not subject to review credits.
  • Each order can be reviewed on a maximum of 2 review platforms

Reddit Review ($5 per review)

  • Please write a review (at least two paragraphs) describing what you liked about our products/services and how you think we can improve. We always welcome honest feedback.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the rules of this community before posting your review. If your review gets removed by the community mods, we won’t be able to entertain your request for reward.
  • Make sure to post your review in the “Review and Picture Megathread”.
  • You can only post one review per week and per order.

Reddit Review ($2 per review)

  • Get $2 for every picture you post of our products on the MOMpics subreddit.
  • Make sure to follow the title format when posting pictures. Example title: Death Bubba – BMWO or BuyMyWeedOnline – December 2019
  • Only 1 picture per strain, per month will be awarded.

Twitter Follow and Like ($5 per review)

  • Get $5 by giving us a “like” and “retweet” on Twitter. Easy peasy!
  • Repeated follow and unfollowed accounts will not be rewarded.

Instagram Post ($2 per review)

  • Post a photo/video of our products on Instagram.
  • Tag and mention us in the post description.
  • 1 picture/video per strain, per week allowed.

YouTube Video ($20 per review)

  • Earn $20 for making a video review of our products and posting it on YouTube. Your video MUST include the unboxing of package you received from us.
  • You can post one video review per order.
  • Please write a 1-2 paragraph description of the video and include our website’s link.
  • The title of your video must be one of the following:
    – Buymyweedonline Review
    – BMWO Review
    – Buymyweedoline – Buy Weed Online
    – Buy My Weed Online Dispensary
    – Buymyweedonline Mail Order
  • The video must be at least 3 minutes long. You can talk about the different aspects of the products you received such as packaging, price, smell, appearance, taste etc.

Trustpilot Review ($5 per review)

  • Write a 3-4 paragraphs review about our products and post it on Trustpilot.
  • You can post 1 review per order, per month.
  • Your account will be credited one week after you post the review and let us know about it.

CanadianMOM Forum Review ($10 per review)

  • Write a review and post it on the CanadianMOM forum.
  • Make sure to follow their rules for posting reviews. If your review gets removed because of non-compliance, we won’t be able to reward the review.
  • You can post 1 review per order by following this template.

Review on BMWO’s Website ($1 per review)

  • You can leave as many reviews as the number of products you order from us. So if you ordered 5 strains in an order, you can post 5 reviews for those products on our website and earn $5 worth of points.
  • Reviews will only be approved if they are honest and neutral. What that means is that you take your tolerance and personal preferences into consideration when reviewing our products. For example, someone with high tolerance is surely going to find the Grade A or AA “lacking potency”.
  • Reviews will only be backtracked to September 17th, the date that we started this program. If you review a product you’ve bought in May, it won’t be approved.
  • Please do not review the same product on different grade if you’ve only bought it from one of the grades. For example, if you’ve bought Nuken 4A, please do not try posting review on Nuken 3A and Nuken 5A as well as those will not be approved.
  • Please do not review the same product on multiple SKU’s. For example, if you’ve bought a mix and match of 4 strains, please review the strains and not the mix and match as well.
  • Reviews with emojis or not having at least 30 words will not be approved.