Rizla is sold in more than 120 countries globally and has more than 200 years of expertise making top quality rolling papers. They have been a revolutionary brand in the cannabis industry for pushing the limits of what is possible when it comes to papers. Their innovations have helped pave the way for many other brands.

About Rizla

Rizla is arguably the best-known brand on Earth. Around the globe, Rizla is well thought of for its rolling paper; many users associate the name with quality and appreciate that all Rizla products are made with consistently high standards year after year. Rizla is also known for its clean flavor, which enables the smoker to enjoy the taste of weed above all else.

The Rizla brand is responsible for many groundbreaking innovations in the rolling paper industry. They first introduced papers for rolling cigarettes in 1660. In 1799, the Lacroix family patented a new process of rolling papers by hand.
By 1906, Rizla was offering flavoured rolling papers and introduced menthol and strawberry, two entirely new flavour options. They also started introducing gummed papers in 1942 and became the brand that pioneered king size papers in 1977.

Today, Rizla is a name that everyone even remotely associated with smoking is familiar with. Rizla papers can be found everywhere from block convenience stores to online dispensaries like ours!

Rizla products

Today, in 2021, Rizla papers is one of the largest manufacturers of Roll Your Own papers, and sells over three billion papers each year. They provide retailers across the world and Rizla products are sold in more than 120 countries.

While Rizla is notable for producing many different kinds of rolling paper for weed, they also produce other accessories, such as filters and tubes. The Rizla brand is well recognised globally because of their heritage in the smoking and cannabis industry. In fact, in a lot of countries and even Canada, Rizla is often used synonymously for rolling papers, which shows how popular it is there.

To date, the company has sold billions of papers around the world. In fact, Rizla claims that if all of the papers they had sold were to be laid out end to end, they would cover the entire Earth a massive 52 times! Those are some impressive stats!

Rizla quality

Rizla is arguably the biggest rolling paper brand of rolling papers in the world. Their distribution network spans more than 120 countries. The brand’s reputation has been growing strong and steady since the 200 years they’ve been making papers. Today, they have one of the largest fanbases as a brand in the cannabis industry.

Rizla’s paper paper quality lives up to the brand’s great reputation. It has to, otherwise the brand wouldn’t be going so strong today.

Rizla offers a variety of paper widths, thicknesses, and flavours to meet the customer expectations. They take their business seriously and are extremely consistent with their quality. At BMWO, we definitely recommend Rizla Rolling Papers to cannabis enthusiasts across Canada.